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N.A.Quel futur pour l'humanité (What a future for humanity)

This book is a multidisciplinary approach to economics in which motivation analysis plays a very important role. It also takes up most of the information available in the book "money, myths and reality" by adding a "discovery of the economy" with the help of a story allowing to discover the real bases - (23 x 15,5 cm, 608 pages)


35 €

N.A.L'argent, mythes et réalité (Money, myths and reality)

What is money, speculation, financial products. How money is created and distributed in the system. This book dispels the myths about money, including that of wage cuts as the only way to be competitive. It also addresses the problem of the relationship between pensions, money and population - (23 x 15,5 cm,192 pages)


25 €

N.A.Nouvelles dimensions (New dimensions)

It is a work of fiction to explain how the different layers of society live the current situation. We share the lives and efforts of a few families who are looking for an alternative way out, some moments of struggle for survival. - (23 x 15,5 cm, 233 pages)


20 €

N.A.A la découverte de l'économie (Discovering the economy)

What happens if the system collapses, and it is then necessary to live with the minimum resources available around you? This allows the reader to get an idea of the difficulties that any type of economic organisation will face in the event of a serious crisis. - (17,8 x 10,8 cm, 173 pages)


6 €

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