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From Ukraine to the Middle East: On the Brink of World War 3 --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-26)


The war and the long journey of displacement told by a little Palestinian kid. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Large-scale destruction in the Gaza Strip, after a month and a half of fighting. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-26)

Israeli October 7 posterchild was killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal --- (The Grayzone - 2023-11-26)

The Evidence Is In: The Covid Vax Is Causing Young People to Die of Cancer at Explosive Rates --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-26)

Florida Department of Health Reports Massive Adverse Effects of Covid “vaccine” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-26)

Inside The UN Plan To Control Speech Online --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-26)

TV channel "1+1" has announced the figure of missing and dead Ukrainian servicemen - 1,126,652 people. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Natalie Morris, presenter of Redacted, is absolutely shocked that pregnant women are being sent into the bloodbath in Ukraine. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

An Israeli-linked oil tanker has been seized off the coast of Yemen, Western media reported. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Zelensky’s Hidden Luxuries: Proxies, Yachts, and the $75M Scandal Rocking Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Escobar: The Eviction Notice Is Being Written, And Will Come In Four Languages --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-26)

What Are The Saudis Really Preparing For? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-26)

No, Don't Do It! --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-26)

Factbox: Palestinians tortured in Israeli jails, Israeli captives treated with humanity --- (PressTV - 2023-11-26)

Israeli forces arrested 3,200 Palestinians since October 7 in West Bank --- (PressTV - 2023-11-26)

The container ship "ZIM Luanda" (also known as "ZIM Haifa") was captured by the Houthis during yesterday's raid off the coast of Yemen. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-26)

The United States is already drinking champagne, because the Americans managed to eliminate the most serious competitor in Europe. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Gaza war inflicts ‘humiliating defeat’ on Israel, exposes nature of regime’s supporters: Iran Army chief --- (PressTV - 2023-11-26)

This is exactly the moment when the store doors open on Black Friday morning and a mad crowd sweeps away everything in its path. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-25)

The way of Ukraine without the USSR --- (ZandV - 2023-11-25)

Germany's Creative Accounting Finally Hits A Brick Wall --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-25)

Skyrocketing Governmental Debt Threatens Financial Collapse --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-25)

Erdogan blasts Israeli war crimes as Turkish lawyers refer evidence to ICC --- (PressTV - 2023-11-25)

Hamas delays release of captives over Israel’s violation of ceasefire --- (PressTV - 2023-11-25)

Ashkenazi (so-called Jews) never migrated from the Middle East! --- (Dr. Areilla Oppenheim from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem - 2023-11-25)

How the Democratic Party Faked an American Insurrection --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-25)

The European model proposed by Brussels is creating chaos... --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-25)

The Israeli army killed its own soldiers on October 7th to prevent them from being captured by Hamas --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-25)

An Israeli ship was attacked on Thursday evening (November 23), a few hours before the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip came into effect, as a result of which a fire broke out on it. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-25)

Crime In San Francisco Is So Bad, There's Now Actual Pirates In The Bay --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-25)

Tiny Fraction Of Global Elites Emit As Much Carbon As Bottom Two-Thirds Of Humanity --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-25)

Escobar: Gaza - A Pause Before The Storm --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-25)

US not seeking to leave Iraq, justifies presence under pretext of fighting Daesh: Iraqi resistance --- (PressTV - 2023-11-25)

Vanguard (which also participates in Blackrock and vice versa). It is not listed in the stock exchange, so you and I cannot buy into it. Their shareholders are 13 families --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-24)

Scientists Playing God Are Going to Wipe Out Human Life --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-24)

Lies Unravel About Hamas’ Attack on Music Festival --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-24)

The share of toxic currencies (dollar and euro) in the revenues of the largest Russian exporters fell to 17% in September.At the beginning of 2022, this figure was 96%. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-24)

Hannibal Directive: As Oct. 7 plot unfolds, it’s clear Zionists killed their own --- (PressTV - 2023-11-24)

Iraqi Government 'Vehemently' Condemns US Airstrikes As Violation Of Sovereignty --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-24)

Western brands hit hard by boycott campaign against Israeli goods --- (PressTV - 2023-11-24)

Spanish PM 'whitewashing war criminal Netanyahu,' outspoken ex-minister says --- (PressTV - 2023-11-24)

Bear witness (Video) --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-23)

MLRS "Grad" of the 36th Motorized Rifle Brigade hits the AFU with direct fire, located just a few kilometers away --- (ZandV - 2023-11-23)

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq claimed responsibility for the attack on the US military base in Syria --- (IRNA - 2023-11-23)

Polish carriers intend to block the border with Ukraine until February 1 --- (ZandV - 2023-11-23)

European Lawmakers Vote For Abolition Of Member-State Vetos In Latest Brussels Power-Grab --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-23)

Hezbollah targets Israeli military base with 48 Katyusha rocket --- (PressTV - 2023-11-23)

Rape, ISIS, Mein Kampf and Other Lies: How Israel Lost All Credibility --- (AntiWar - 2023-11-23)

Genocide by Covid “Vaccine” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-23)

The victims of the Covid vax continue to mount --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-23)

Senator Ron Johnson Presents the Most Censored Chart in Congressional History --- (Vigilant News - 2023-11-23)

Millions of Americans died from Covid vax so Big Pharma could make $billions --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-23)

Bill Gates Still Intends the Death of Humanity --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-23)

Ambulances transporting injured children came under Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip --- (ZandV - 2023-11-23)

Quinn: The Crash Will Be Spectacular --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-23)

JFK Assassination Doctors Break Silence, Dispute Key Government Claim --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-23)

Behind The Rally: The Two Largest Weekly Buybacks On Record --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-23)

It's Official: Geert Wilders And Conservative Freedom Party Win Dutch Election --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-23)

Turkey’s intelligence organization foils Mossad attempt to kidnap Palestinian Iron Dome hacker --- (PressTV - 2023-11-22)

Yemen forces launch 'cruise missile attack' against occupied territories in support of Palestinians --- (PressTV - 2023-11-22)

Ukrainian truckers walk down highway to try to approach Polish truckers blockading border crossings, stopped by Polish police --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-22)

The world will not forget these days... --- (IRNA - 2023-11-22)

'Trust Your Gut': Tucker Carlson Warns Of Chaos, Ignoring Your Instincts During 'History-Changing' Events --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-22)

Israeli attacks on children designed to quash resistance --- (PressTV - 2023-11-22)

The occupying Israeli army carries out a mass detention campaign in the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank --- (ZandV - 2023-11-22)

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has demonstrated a new Paveh cruise missile with a range of 1,650 kilometres. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-22)

China develops new type of biplane-multirotor UAV --- (Xinhua - 2023-11-22)

Mysterious Military Flights Between Israel, Lebanon Observed: Report --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-22)

US To Deploy Previously Banned Missiles To Aim Them At China --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-22)

"There's No Comparison": Why Classic Car Enthusiasts Won't Touch Modern Cars --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-22)

Erdogan says Israel’s nuclear weapons must be on world’s agenda --- (PressTV - 2023-11-22)

Hezbollah retaliates strongly against Israel after Tel Aviv's killing of al-Mayadeen journalists --- (PressTV - 2023-11-22)

106.4 Million U.S. Adults Do Not Have A Job Right Now --- (The Eeconomic Collapse - 2023-11-21)

Two Ships Divert Course Away from Red Sea After ‘Israeli’ Vessel Seized by Yemen --- (Almasirah - 2023-11-21)

Israeli Enemy Failed in Ground Operation in Gaza
--- (Almasirah - 2023-11-21)

They Know Covid “vaccines” Kill and They Are Still Marketing Them --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-21)

Ron Paul Explains that the Insurrection Is the Democrats’ Overthrow of President Trump --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-21)

Anne Boyer’s New York Times Resignation Letter --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-21)

Here are a couple of the many videos that prove conclusively that there was no January 6 Insurrection --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-21)

Everyone in the Zelensky regime knows that commanders keep a few months of salaries of the dead whom they report as missing --- (ZandV - 2023-11-21)

Xi Urges Immediate Gaza Ceasefire In BRICS Meeting, As Beijing Hosts Summit Of Muslim Nations --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-21)

Ukraine End Game: Putin & Medvedev Discuss Maps, Putting Kiev On The Menu --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-21)

In Iran, the Shahid 147 heavy UAV was introduced --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-11-21)

Hamas: Palestinian Fighters Destroyed 60 Israeli Military Vehicles in 3 Days --- (FARS - 2023-11-21)

The discussion we're NOT having... John Mearsheimer --- (ZandV - 2023-11-21)

Israel is targeting the British public with war propaganda --- (Declassifieduk - 2023-11-21)

Newly Released Videos Show “January 6 Insurrection” Was an Orchestrated Police Event --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-21)

The real war in Gaza --- (South Front - 2023-11-21)

Israel Having Difficulties And Suffering Losses Both On Land And Sea --- (South Front - 2023-11-20)

Guess what are the most rarely stolen goods in American stores? Right! These are books! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-20)

Panic scenes in Tel Aviv as Palestinian militants launch massive rocket attack. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-20)

Washington and London recommend that Kiev reduce the conscription age to 17 years and raise it to 70 years, and carry out additional mobilization of women --- (ZandV - 2023-11-20)

What forces did the IDF use for the ground operation in Gaza and what it threatens in the near future: analysis of the Military Chronicle --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-20)

Almost half of the buildings in the Northern Gaza area are seriously damaged --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-20)

Zelensky sends pregnant women to the bloodbath to please NATO masters, Weekly Blitz reports. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-20)

Twin Crisis Rocks Bayer, Shares Crash Most On Record, Hitting Levels Not Seen Since GFC --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-20)

Trump "Has To Be Eliminated": Another Dan Goldman Gaffe, Or Call For Assassination? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-20)

China hosts Muslim-majority nations for ‘urgent’ action on Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

All Israel’s nuclear sites must be placed under IAEA safeguards: China --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

Iran warned US resistance groups won’t stay silent amid Gaza war; world wants ceasefire: Tehran --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

What Iran has to do for de-dollarization --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

As a result of the Zionist regime's attack on an Indonesian hospital in Gaza, 8 Palestinians were killed --- (IRNA - 2023-11-20)

Hamas: Israel Waging War of Starvation on Gazans --- (FARS - 2023-11-20)

Iranian President Underscores Inefficacy of Int’l Organizations --- (FARS - 2023-11-20)

Israel Admits It Killed Some Of Its Own At Nova Music Festival --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-20)

Iran Unveils Indigenous Hypersonic Cruise Missile --- (FARS - 2023-11-20)

The jet variant of the Iranian Shahed-136 barrage munition is called Shahed-238. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-19)

Pictorial: Global Reserve Currency Empires --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-19)

World Outcry for Israel to STOP the Carnage Has Zero Effect --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-19)

A World Without a Moral Conscience --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-19)

Israel and the Western Governments Have Turned Their Genocide of the Palestinians into a Moral Crusade --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-19)

A resident of Ukraine is horrified by the catastrophic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He asks Ukrainians to wake up and understand that the Ukrainian junta only needs money. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-19)

Let's not dance to their tune ... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-19)

Yemeni forces seize Israeli ship in Red Sea, detain 52 crew onboard --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-19)

Yemeni forces seize Israeli ship in Red Sea, detain 52 crew onboard --- (PressTV - 2023-11-19)

Western interference and subversion abroad --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-19)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: The Zionists consider themselves the superior race, and the rest of humanity the inferior race. Based on this logic, they exterminated several thousand children without the slightest remorse and remorse. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-19)

Report: Israeli Helicopter Opened Fire on Israelis in Festival During Hamas Attack on October 7 --- (IRNA - 2023-11-19)

Jordan pulls troops to the border with Israel and puts them on high alert --- (ZandV - 2023-11-18)

The Islamic Jihad group demonstrated the launch of Badr-3 missiles at Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-11-18)

Why So Many Countries Followed China’s Lockdown Example --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-18)

Israeli regime should stand trial at ICC: Turkish president --- (PressTV - 2023-11-18)

BREAKING: Israeli drone strike the Fatah headquarters in Balata camp in Nablus, occupied West Bank (Not Gaza) --- (ZandV - 2023-11-18)

Feature: Acupuncture a gamechanger when antibiotics don't do the trick --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-18)

The COVID Caper Gradually Unravels --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-18)

CDC Claims On Vaccination And Natural Immunity Made Without Seeing Underlying Data: FOIA Document --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-18)

Hezbollah resistance forces down intruding Israeli drone over southern Lebanon --- (PressTV - 2023-11-18)

Cutting through the G7’s humanitarian façade --- (Almayadeen - 2023-11-18)

Lebanon Front: More Israeli Border Posts Rattle with Hezbollah Strikes (Video) --- (Almanar - 2023-11-18)

Hamas military media released on Friday a video that shows Al-Qassam fighters targeting the invading forces in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip. --- (Almanar - 2023-11-18)

'Israel’s' ‘Nakba Doctrine’ --- (Almayadeen - 2023-11-18)

They have a plan 7 countries and they are ploughing full speed ahead while the world stands by --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-18)

One Religion's War Against All Others --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-17)

Why Are Federal Officers Not Prosecuted When They Commit Heinous Crimes? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Remember, We Spent Billions Fighting for “Freedom and Democracy” in Ukraine --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Did you know that the United States and its puppets have dropped more than 350,000 bombs and missiles on 9 countries since 2001? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Criticize Israel and You Can’t Get a Hotel Room in Argentina and Uruguay --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Something Else You Didn’t Know --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

The Search of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is Done; NO HAMAS TUNNELS or COMMAND CENTER --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Footage of the production and combat use of Iranian Shahed-171 UAVs created using technologies from the captured American RQ-170 Sentinel. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-17)

About 20 thousand Ukrainian men called up for mobilization fled the country, the British broadcasting corporation BBC reported... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-17)

Israel is committing all the atrocities that the US accuses it's enemies of doing... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-17)

Citigroup plans to announce major layoffs on Monday in an effort to cut costs, according to Financial Times --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-17)

Huge Smoke Plume Billowing From US Base Near Irbil, As Iranian Media Touts Strike --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-17)

This is Jenin in the West Bank of the Jordan River, where Hamas has no control over it, but is under the occupation of the Zionist regime. However, the occupiers attacked the Ibn Sina Hospital and arrested its ambulance staff and medical staff. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-17)

Footage of a strike on the US Military base "Harir" in northern Iraq, which was attacked by the UAV of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq --- (IRNA - 2023-11-17)

The mystery of the Russian Lancet drone --- (ZandV - 2023-11-17)

Iran FM warns of 'unavoidable' regional conflict if Israel continues Gaza war --- (PressTV - 2023-11-17)

Welcome to Italy! --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-17)

Hezbollah announces destruction of another Israeli tank 'in support of war-hit Gaza' --- (PressTV - 2023-11-17)

The impact of war on the Israeli economy --- (PressTV - 2023-11-17)

American Pravda: Oddities of the Jewish Religion • The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism --- (Ron Unz - 2023-11-16)

The Nazi-Zionist Economic Partnership of the 1930s --- (Ron Unz - 2023-11-16)

Israeli Leaders and Nazi Germany --- (Ron Unz - 2023-11-16)

Why Does the US Support Israel? --- (Michael Hudson - 2023-11-16)

Details emerge on Israeli Iron Dome vulnerabilities --- (Mehrnews - 2023-11-16)

More Palestinians killed in past 34 days than in the past 22 years combined --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-16)

Why the US Needs This War in Gaza --- (Pepe Escobar - 2023-11-16)

Kevin Barrett Thinks that Anti-Semitism is on the rise because of Israel’s massacre day after day of Palestinians --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-16)

The Moral Conscience of the Western World Has Been Silenced --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-16)

Amazing how gullible Russian media is about reporting US disinformation --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-16)

Cats life... --- (Dfhumor - 2023-11-16)

The Rise Of Pharma Fascism And The Ruination of the Commons --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

Escobar: This Ain't No "Stalemate" - Ukrainian Frontline Breakdown, Revisited --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

Biden Strays From Script, Calls Xi A "Dictator", In Post-Meeting Presser Bombshell --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

Washington Has Decided that a Dominant US Presence in the Middle East Is the Key to US Hegemony and Much More Important than Palestinian Lives --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-16)

Revealed: Govt-Contracted NewsGuard's Largest Investor Is Pfizer Partner --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

10 Examples From 10 Different Cities Of The "Mad Max" Environment That Now Reigns In America's Streets --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

Israel to be eliminated if it tries to expel Gazans: Hezbollah --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

The study proved the link between CT and cancer in young people --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-15)

Trump's ex-advisor, US Army Col. Douglas McGregor, has shared his view --- (US Army Col. Douglas McGregor - 2023-11-15)

Israel-Palestine War: Iran Warns Biden Against 'Dangerous Miscalculations' --- (New Rules - 2023-11-15)

Evacuation of an Israeli Merkava Mk.4 tank destroyed in the Gaza Strip --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-15)

Raid on al-Shifa: Israeli forces fire at civilians inside hospital as Hamas calls US complicit --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

New images from the Islamic Resistance of Iraq show how they attack the military bases of the US Army of occupation in the Al-Omar oil field and in the village of Al-Khadra in Syria --- (IRNA - 2023-11-15)

A pregnant girl from Odessa received a summons to the front> --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

Iskander (missile system) --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

The Ukrainian documents found by our guys in the Disputed area are terrifying --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

2 female Israeli Police officers arrest a female news reporter --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

Ursula von der Leyen wants to introduce European Digital Identity so people who post - what they label miss information or hate speech - can be deplatformed and arrested… --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

Performance of Iran's Shahed-136 UAVs at High Launch Speeds --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

Yemen declares all Israeli ships in Red Sea will be targeted --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

From Ukraine to the Middle East: On the Brink of World War 3 --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-11-15)

Israeli Troops Storm Gaza's Largest Hospital After Doctors Warn Of 'Catastrophic Consequences' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-15)

Luxury Bust Worsens: Rolex, Patek Prices Hit Two-Year Lows --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-15)

The Israeli Newspaper, Haaretz, points out that while the world’s focus is on Gaza, Israeli Settlers are illegally destroying the remnant of Palestine in the West Bank --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-14)

A Palestinian says that the man who forced his family to move to the south of Gaza was wearing a uniform of the American military --- (IRNA - 2023-11-14)

The leader of the Yemeni group Ansar Allah said that strikes on Israeli assets will continue. The targets will be all Israeli ships in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-14)

Missing Soldier’s Wife Accuses Ukrainian Army Of Corruption: ‘If You Want To Live, Pay Them’ --- (South Front - 2023-11-14)

This is how mobilization in Ukraine looks like. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-14)

China wants all Israel’s nuclear sites to be placed under IAEA safeguards --- (PressTV - 2023-11-14)

A rare bird... --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-14)

Updated map of naval activity in the Eastern Mediterranean, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-14)

Pic story of Kaihua paper maker in China's Zhejiang --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

Trending in China - Ancient craft of paper-making thrives for thousands of years --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

Pic story: inheritor of Duan inkstone making crafts --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

Company in N China's Shanxi advances in developing ultra-thin stainless steel products --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

The Declaration That Wasn't Supposed To Happen --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-14)

Revealed: Unreported DNA Found in Pfizer Vaccine Raises Global Concern --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-14)

‘I am devastated’: Wife pens poignant letter to journalist husband killed in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-14)

Racist and genocidal: Zionist leaders and cheerleaders in their own words --- (PressTV - 2023-11-14)

Irish lawmakers to debate expulsion of Israeli ambassador, referral of Israel to International Criminal Court --- (Middle East Monitor - 2023-11-13)

The War for Greater Israel and Reassertion of US Hegemony Is About to Begin --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-13)

Urban battles: the hunt for Merkava tanks in Gaza and the losses of the Israeli army --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-13)

The results of the "psychological operation" counterattacked as ukrvoyaki voroga deceived --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-13)

A 'graveyard' of Israeli tanks and armored vehicles pictured abandoned outside Al-Shifa children's hospital in Gaza. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-13)

A chilling comparison… --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-13)

New universal cancer immunotherapy provided 100% survival rate --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-13)

In China, the most powerful Stirling engine was tested, it produced 102 kW of power --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-13)

How to Prevent a Third World War --- (Sergei A. Karaganov - 2023-11-13)

Le Monde: about 80% of ongoing construction projects have been suspended in Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-13)

Europe seems to be heading for a Civil war — Elon Musk --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-13)

Peter Schiff: Things Are Even Doomier And Gloomier Than They Look --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-13)

La relation Chine-Israël sous les projecteurs de l’opinion publique chinoise --- (Strategika - 2023-11-13)

Four L.A. Sheriff's Department Employees Commit Suicide In A 24 Hour Period --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-13)

Watch the MintPress News Documentary Film: Gaza Fights Back --- (Mintpressnews - 2023-11-13)

U.S. And Allies Wasted $360 Billion Losing Ukraine’s War Since 24 February 2022 --- (South Front - 2023-11-13)

Hezbollah, Hamas Rain Fire On Israel From Southern Lebanon (Videos) --- (South Front - 2023-11-13)

Hamas destroyed 88 armored vehicles in 5 days --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-13)

President Raeisi's 10-point proposal at Riyadh summit to end Gaza war --- (PressTV - 2023-11-13)

Eyes on Lebanon Front as Hezbollah Stages Non-Stop Strikes against ‘Israel’ --- (Almanar - 2023-11-12)

The End of the Era of Justice --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-12)

I wonder what they found out? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-12)

Large-scale demonstrations in support of Palestine took place in Indonesia. The demonstrators demanded the termination of any economic ties between Islamic countries and Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-12)

EU Moves Forward With Digital ID Despite Security Concerns And Potential For Abuse --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

The Polycrisis --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

Iraqi resistance forces target Israeli settlement “Eilat” for second time in two weeks --- (PressTV - 2023-11-12)

ALEKSANDR DUGIN - Eurasia and the Crossroads of the Middle East --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-12)

"Another Inconvenient Truth": Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Nears 57-Year High --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

Iceland Declares Emergency As 'Quake Swarms' Signal Potential Volcanic Eruption --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

Al-Qassam: Over 160 Israeli military vehicles destroyed since war on Gaza started --- (PressTV - 2023-11-12)



Dr. Lama delves into the connection between energy and real economy. And fake GDP numbers by the West. --- (Dr. Lama - 2023-11-11)

“In Ukraine, the Nazis are an organised political force” – British actress Rossiana Barr --- ( - 2023-11-11)

Treasury Auctions Explained For People With Short Attention Spans --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-11)

Map Shows Another Key Ukraine City Almost Fully Encircled By 40K Russian Troops --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-11)

Palestinian Official: Israel Expanding Aggression in Gaza to West Bank --- (FARS - 2023-11-11)

Report: German Homelessness Rises by 50% in A Year --- (FARS - 2023-11-11)

Gaza, Lebanon resistance respond to Israeli attacks on 35th day of war --- (PressTV - 2023-11-11)

Israeli Army Colonel Sheldag Zior, a commander in one of the IDF tank brigades, was killed in the Gaza Strip --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-10)

PBoC In A Hurry To Buy Gold: Covertly Bought 593 Tonnes Of Gold YTD --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-10)

Israeli forces kill over 100 UN staff in Gaza in a month --- (PressTV - 2023-11-10)

Gaza Is Not the US/Israeli Target --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-10)

To express sympathy for Palestinians is career ending --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-10)

The only reason for electronic voting machines is to steal votes --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-10)

The Israeli army has hit the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-10)

Israeli military uses Palestinian youth as human shields. This is the Al-Arab camp in the north of the city of Hebron (West Bank,not Gaza) --- (IRNA - 2023-11-10)

Pentagon Confirms Series Of New Attacks On Bases In Syria, Iraq After Latest US Airstrikes --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-10)

The shameless West --- (Khamenei - 2023-11-09)

Bill Gates: The Monster Tyrant --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-09)

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Vaxxed Children Dropping like Flies from Heart Attacks --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-09)

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy: Israeli society has surrounded itself with shields, walls, not only physical, but also mental. I will simply give three principles that allow us Israelis to live easily in this harsh reality. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-09)

Helicopter Footage Sparks Debate Over Israeli Friendly Fire Incidents --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

Iran: Expansion of scope of Gaza war inevitable due to heightened Israeli aggression --- (PressTV - 2023-11-09)

The war is gradually moving beyond Gaza. The Palestinian resistance claims to have blown up an Israeli military convoy in Jenin (in the West Bank). --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-09)

Israel has admitted that some of the killed participants of a music festival near the borders of the Gaza Strip were killed not by Hamas, but by an Apache helicopter pilot who mistook the fleeing people for Hamas militants. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-09)

Destruction of 15 tanks and armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in one day --- (IRNA - 2023-11-09)

China is the largest lender to the real sector of developing countries in the world: more than $1.3 trillion distributed --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-09)

1 Simple Hack to Detox from the COVID Vaccine --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

A Silent Genocide --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

Scientists at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences are introducing a new crop, miscanthus, into Russian agriculture --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-09)

Ukraine is trying very hard to attract a large number of women to the army - New York Times --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-09)

Rebels in slippers shot down a US Army strike drone for $30 million and showed a video of the attack --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-09)

The uprising of machines has begun: in South Korea, a robot crushed a man, unable to distinguish him from a bell pepper --- (Zvezdanews - 2023-11-09)

Yemeni Armed Forces: "Our air defenses shot down an American MQ9 aircraft while it was carrying out hostile actions in the airspace of Yemeni waters as part of American military support for the Israeli entity." --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-09)

Pakistanis Launch Boycott Campaign Against US, Israeli Products --- (FARS - 2023-11-09)

Retailers Expect A Weaker Holiday Season --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

San Francisco's Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Is on Full Display in This Viral TikTok Video --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

"Enough Is Enough": Widower Sues Hospital for Withholding Ivermectin, Claims Wrongful Death --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

Endgame: Interest On US Debt Skyrockets Above $1 Trillion For The First Time Ever --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

Covid Was An Orchestrated Event --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-08)

Summer of Died Suddenly: Women Ages 20-29 Sudden Deaths from June to September 2023 --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-08)

Hamas Shared More Videos Of Battles In Gaza --- (South Front - 2023-11-08)

Destruction of 15 tanks and armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in one day --- (IRNA - 2023-11-08)

Houthis Claim Shootdown Of US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Off Yemen --- (Zero hedge - 2023-11-08)

Al-Qassam Brigades says hit 136 Israeli military vehicles since October 27 --- (PressTV - 2023-11-08)

The Russian Armed Forces used self-aiming combat elements with SPBE shaped charges in the Avdeevka area against the positions and equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-08)

“Drop a Nuclear Bomb on Gaza”: Israeli Minister Says Using Nukes on Gaza an Option --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-08)

Larry C. Johnson - Gaza Conflict - Judging Freedom --- (Larry C. Johnson - RayMcGovern - 2023-11-07)

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UN Secretary General Condemns Israel for Turning Gaza into a “Graveyard for Children” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-07)

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Whatever Became of WASP Law Firms and Investment Banks? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-07)

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'Nuke Gaza' Comment From Israeli Minister Raises Eyebrows In Moscow --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-07)

Interview with Sheikh Naeem Qasem --- (PressTV - 2023-11-07)

Israel deploying foreign mercenaries to Gaza as genocidal war rages: Report/a> --- (PressTV - 2023-11-07)

COVID Propaganda Roundup: The Science™ Concedes the Shots Cause Strokes --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-07)

Yemeni army’s drones hit ‘sensitive’ Israeli targets in show of support for Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-07)

Jewish Supremacist Psychopaths vs. Palestine (MUST WATCH Compilation!!!) --- (Know More News - 2023-11-07)

‘US Bases To Be Demolished’: Iraqi Islamic Resistance Unveils Al-Aqsa-1 Missile --- (South Front - 2023-11-07)

In Video: Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Quds Brigades Share Footage Of Their Struggle --- (South Front - 2023-11-07)

75 years of crimes before the "Al-Aqsa Storm" --- (IRNA - 2023-11-07)

"War Is A Racket" For These 25 'Defense' Companies --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-07)

Pakistanis launch boycott campaign against US, Israeli products --- (PressTV - 2023-11-06)

Zionist official Yair Lapid: "Israel is not a safe place, the government is not moral, it is not a regional power and has not won the war." --- (Irna - 2023-11-06)

Iran and India have called for an end to the Zionist regime's attacks on Gaza --- (Irna - 2023-11-06)

The Lebanese Hezbollah demonstrated its anti-ship missiles as a response to the presence of the American fleet off the coast of Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

South Africa withdraws its diplomats from Israel. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-06)

Saudi Arabia communique --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-06)

The Americans were shown a cartoon with a Blue ballistic missile strike, I quote was launched recently and the Tula nuclear submarine --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-06)

Iron dome missile in Tel Aviv malfunctions hitting Israeli homes --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

A video of Israeli police arresting a 13-year-old girl in Jerusalem is going viral on international social media --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

Kiryat Shmona, iron dome failed to intercept most of the missiles --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-06)

Israeli threat to nuke Gaza shows its real defeat; world must act fast to denuclearize Tel Aviv: Iran FM --- (PressTV - 2023-11-06)

Fox News reporter, accompanying the Israeli military in Gaza, says Resistance fighters ambushed the Israeli force and killed more than 20 of them. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

Rowan, a Palestinian girl bids her mother a painful farewell as she mourns the death of her family including her father and brother who were killed in an Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

The Gaza Genocide Continues --- (Philip Giraldi - 2023-11-05)

Tyranny Now Rules in Great Britain --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-05)

Haaretz Declares Netanyahu to be “an Existential Threat to Israel’s Survival” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-05)

What the Whore Media Doesn’t Tell You --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-05)

Well, interestingly, mercenaries acting as barrier troops are killed by Ukrainians who had had enough --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-05)

The wreckage of the Israeli reconnaissance UAV IAI Heron (or Hermes 450) shot down by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-05)

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesians protest against Israeli war crimes --- (Sheyhtamir1974 - 2023-11-05)

In Turkey, they also broke into the airport. But there is a nuance. A crowd is storming the American military airbase Incirlik --- (Sheyhtamir1974 - 2023-11-05)

Israeli minister says nuking Gaza is a possibility --- (PressTV - 2023-11-05)

Israeli onslaught on Gaza has killed 46 journalists: Gaza Media Office --- (PressTV - 2023-11-05)

The Deputy speaker of the Slovak parliament, Lubos Blaha, took the EU flag out of his office, brought a Slovak one to replace it, and instead of the face of President Zuzana Chaputova, he hung an image of Che Guevara. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-05)

Israeli "Human aid" --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-05)

The Great Reset, Part 1: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-05)

Military wing of Hamas says destroyed 24 Israeli vehicles, tanks in past 48 hours --- (PressTV - 2023-11-05)

Israeli militants destroyed almost the entire fleet of ambulances in Gaza --- (IRNA - 2023-11-04)

Former commander of the IRGC: Even Hitler and the executioners of history did not attack hospitals. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-04)

The camera of Al Jazeera caught the Israeli strikes on a group of ambulances --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

The Israeli army attacked the main water source in Tal Al-Zaatar area in Gaza city. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

No Country Has A "Right to Exist" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-04)

US using Africans as ‘free clinical resource’ --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-04)

A British doctor was suspended because “medical authorities” determined that the truth she told undermined the public’s confidence in the lies that comprise the official Covid narrative --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-04)

In Video: Israeli Army Suffers Heavy Losses --- (South Front - 2023-11-04)

A private Chinese company has successfully tested a reusable rocket --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-04)

To put things in perspective. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-04)

Hezbollah used a Burkan missile for the first time in an attack on one of the Israeli army targets in Jalul Alam --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Footage of the defeat with the help of an RPG of the heavy Israeli armored personnel carrier "Namer". --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

Footage of Hezbollah's first use of allegedly powerful ballistic missiles to attack Israel's border infrastructure --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

What the streets of Gaza look like right now. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-04)

Behind Israel’s West Bank Escalation --- (FARS - 2023-11-04)

Drones, rockets target bases housing US occupation forces in northern Iraq, northeastern Syria --- (PressTV - 2023-11-04)

The Essence of Zionism --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-11-04)

(Serbie) )Wulin's full statement. As expected, the reason for the resignation is pressure from the West --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Following on the footsteps of Colombia, Chile and Bahrain, Honduras also recalled its ambassador from Israel --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported 15 dead and more than 60 injured as a result of an Israeli airstrike on a convoy of ambulances near Al-Shifa Central Hospital. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Israeli forces storm the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron (Not Gaza!) --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Armed clashes renewed in the town of Jaba, south of Jenin, in a very violent manner --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

ONU: les bombardements de Jabaliya sont "des crimes de guerre" --- (APZ (Algérie) - 2023-11-04)

Crimes sionistes contre les Palestiniens à Ghaza: 9.159 martyrs et plus de 24.000 blessés --- (APZ (Algérie) - 2023-11-04)

Israeli regime bombs Gaza's 'Al-Shifa' hospital --- (IRNA - 2023-11-04)

When Did Genocide Become Self-defense? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-03)

Some 510 Americans have been killed in Ukraine and several others injured, according to US mercenary Matthew Vandyke. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

Israeli Army Pays Heavy Price In Gaza --- (South Front - 2023-11-03)

Watch Live: Hezbollah Leader Gives First Speech As Israel On High State Of Alert --- (Al Jazeera - 2023-11-03)

World's Biggest Shipper Cuts 10,000 Jobs, Warns Of Subdued Global Trade --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-03)

“80% of the people they put on ventilators died” --- (Elon Musk - 2023-11-03)


Israel attacked a school in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-03)

China's reusable rocket completes take-off, landing test --- (Xinhua - 2023-11-03)

Gaza Turning into ‘World’s Largest Open-Air Death Camp’ --- (FARS - 2023-11-03)

Israeli soldiers captured a child as a human shield during raids on Palestinian sites, the helpless father could only watch... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq shows footage of a cruise missile and promises next week to begin a new phase of confrontation with enemies --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

Australian Troops, Aircraft Sent To Middle East --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

This is a viral video in Bangladesh --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

We're Eating Our Seed Corn --- (Zerohedge - 2023-11-03)

Israel Has Been Stealing Palestine and Slaughtering Palestinians for 75 years and No One Has Ever Done Anything about it. Will it be any different this time? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-02)

Your Family & Friends Were Used as Lab Rats: COVID Vaccines Have Caused a Dangerously Deadly Alliance Between mRNA, Graphene & Nanotechnology --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-02)

New Chinese AI Chip Works 3000 Times Faster than Nvidia A100 --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-02)

Bahrain's parliament announced the suspension of economic relations with Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-02)

Lvov, Field of Mars: The enormous losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces are mounting by the day. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-02)

IDF Battalion Commander Killed As Hamas Steps Up Ambush Actions In Gaza --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-02)

The Gaza Inferno: A New, New World Order Strategy --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-02)

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Putin vs Putin --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-02)

The prototype of the Russian wide-body long-haul IL-96-400M aircraft, manufactured at the branch of PJSC Il - VASO, took to the air for the first time. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-02)

The armament of the Republic of Yemen, which joined Palestine in the war against Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-11-02)

Global South Countries Sever Ties With Israel, Recall Ambassadors, As Gaza Deaths Mount --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-02)

China says ‘deeply shocked’ by Israel’s massive airstrikes on refugee camp in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-02)

Netanyahu Calls for Palestinian Genocide --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-01)

The Neoconservatives and Israel are reopening the Middle East Wars --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-01)

US, Israel, Europe Unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-01)

Standing IDF armoured vehicles in clusters as targets began to take its toll --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-01)

Footage from drones and a missile strike by the Yemeni army on the occupied territories. On Wednesday, the Yemeni army released footage from large-scale drone and missile strikes on Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-01)

Hezbollah publishes an infographic on Israeli losses from October 8 to October 30. According to these data, (i.e. on the border with Lebanon), the IDF lost 120 soldiers wounded and killed. It also claims the destruction of one drone, two armored personnel carriers, nine tanks and a large number of various equipment. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-01)

Hamas announced the destruction of four Israeli armored vehicles and infantry forces that were based in a building in Beit Hanoun --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

The genocide of the Palestinians is clearly and shamelessly continued by the Israeli regime in front of the eyes of the world!!! --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

Israeli Army Suffers More Casualties As Hamas Publishes Video Showing Tanks Blown Up --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-01)

German Defense Chief Says Public Must Get Used To Possibility Of 'War In Europe' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-01)

Tel Aviv: Killing of Israeli soldiers in Gaza 'hard and painful blow' --- (PressTV - 2023-11-01)

End the Liberals: The People’s Hope for Change --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-01)


Irish lawmaker and anti-war activist Richard Boyd Barrett describes how Britain's colonial policies were exported from Ireland to Palestine --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

35 journalists have been killed since the start of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

The Israel Defense Forces acknowledged the death in battle of 9 soldiers of the 84th Givati Infantry Brigade. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-01)

Yemeni Army Launches Large-Scale Ballistic, Drone Strikes on Occupied Territories to Support Palestinians --- (FARS - 2023-11-01)

Iranian Commander: CENTCOM Directing Gaza War --- (FARS - 2023-11-01)

Pakistan parliament condemns Israel’s brutalities --- (PressTV - 2023-11-01)

China was never committing genocide in Xinjiang. Israel is exploiting the boogeyman of terrorism to not only destroy Palestine’s right to resist, but also to commit GENOCIDE in a “Final Solution” style holocaust:This is nothing short of an ABOMINATION. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

Yemeni army launches large-scale ballistic, drone strikes on occupied territories to support Palestinians --- (PressTV - 2023-11-01)

Bill Gates and “Our” Government Hate Us --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

US Developing Offensive Biological Program Reports Russian Defense Ministry --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

Are “End Times” At Hand? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

“Trump’s the Most pro-Israel President in History” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

Qassam representative: Our Mujahideen were able to engage enemy forces in all areas of the offensive and have so far destroyed 22 military vehicles with anti-tank missiles from Al-Yasin. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-31)

Bolivian government severs diplomatic ties with Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-10-31)

Chinese giant techs remove Israel from their digital maps --- (PressTV - 2023-10-31)

China says Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, root cause of conflict, urges immediate truce --- (PressTV - 2023-10-31)

Secretary General of the VATAN Party Ozgur Bursali: --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

The American Wall Street Journal: "The bomb dropped on the Baptist Hospital (Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza) was an American MK-84" --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

"This terrorist state must be destroyed." The headline about Israel on the cover of the new issue of the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

Turks attack US base in Malatya --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

Commander of the Al-Qassam battalion: Several Israeli vehicles that penetrated into the northern and southern districts of Gaza City were destroyed. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-31)

Footage of the bombed-out Jabalia district and hundreds of people trying to pull bodies from the rubble. - Palestinian officials said that the area was destroyed by 6 American bombs, each weighing one ton --- (IRNA - 2023-10-31)

The United States began buying seafood in Japan to supply its military, which was a response to China's ban on such products, after Tokyo began dumping contaminated water from the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant into the sea. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-31)

Yemen's Houthis from the Ansar Allah movement launched a series of strikes on Israeli territory and said that there would be many more strikes --- (ZandV - 2023-10-31)

Top US commanders in Tel Aviv directing Israeli genocidal war; Israel's defeat 'definite': Iranian general --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

“The USA is a war addict. The history of the USA is 240 years old, but the USA has not been at war for only 16 years! (Ministry of defense, China!) --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Ray McGovern on Israel-Gaza --- (Theoccidentalobserver - 2023-10-30)

Homo judaicus: The Political Theology of US Foreign Policy --- (Strategika - 2023-10-30)

Ex-Trump adviser, US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor: --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Spain's Minister of Social Rights Ione Belarra has called on Europe to take urgent action against the "planned genocide" in Palestine. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Hamas says Israeli tanks forced to retreat from Gaza border after fierce fighting --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

Israel will be annihilated if war on Gaza expands: Iran's deputy foreign minister --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

It Is No Longer Correct To Refer To Any Western Government As Democratic. Every Western Government Is A Budding Tyranny. --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-30)

The network got a video with China's plans to build a lunar base --- ( - 2023-10-30)

The Israeli military used a toxic gas before attempting to infiltrate the Gaza Strip, Al Mayadeen claims. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Rights Organisations Say Israeli Settlers 'Exploiting Lack of Attention' to Attack Palestinians in West Bank --- (FARS - 2023-10-30)

Pakistan hosts 'Gaza Million March' --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

Death by Fast Food --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

Many Cyclists Dying Suddenly and Others Forced to Retire Because of Cardiac Issues --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

Is Israel Destroying Herself by Breaking up Washington’s NATO Coalition? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

The Satanic West Cheers On And Participates In Israel’s War Crimes --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles --- (The Grayzone - 2023-10-29)

What really happened on 7th October? --- (The Cradle - 2023-10-29)

Watch: Muslim Rioters Storm Airport, Surround Rumored Flight From Israel, In Southern Russia --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Scott Ritter: Joe Biden and WWIII --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-10-29)

Massive protest in #Kerala, #India in solidarity with #Gaza and #Palestine --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-10-29)

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, delivers a message from jail addressing the ongoing genocide in #Gaza. --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-10-29)

RMB clearing bank launched in Pakistan to facilitate cross-border transactions with China --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-29)

Traditional Chinese medicine school inks deal with Kenyan institution to promote herbal medicine --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-29)

Iranian Army Unveils New Loitering Drones, Bombs During Drills --- (FARS - 2023-10-29)

In its cruelty towards Palestine, Israeli fascism today is not inferior, if not superior to Hitler's - Kadyrov --- (Kadyrov - 2023-10-29)

Our Neofeudal, Neocolonial World --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Senator Demands Answers From FDA On Safety Signal For COVID Vaccines And Children --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Courting Armageddon vs. cultivating peace --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Hezbollah strikes Israeli military sites near border with artillery shells, rockets --- (PressTV - 2023-10-29)

How Israel's ground operation in the Gaza Strip is going: analysis of the Military Chronicle --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-28)

Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders program has groomed future leaders in key positions all around the world to ‘influence decisions’ and policy on AI, Net Zero, and a future where humans are ‘redundant.’ --- (Thehighwire - 2023-10-28)

Cat at work... --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-28)

Iranian Raad-2 SPG firing the Basir laser-guided projectile. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-28)

Millions of Indonesians protest in Jakarta, condemning the killing of Palestinians in Gaza --- (IRNA - 2023-10-28)

Erdogan has paved the way for Turkey's possible military intervention in the Israeli regional conflict. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-28)

Did the UN just dump International Law? --- (TheCradleMedia - 2023-10-28)

Democracy? --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

One of the goals of Iran's foreign policy is the creation of a new world order based on the principle of equality of all subjects of international relations. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

5,000 American soldiers participated in Israel's ground operation against Gaza on Friday --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

Slovak Prime Minister Fico called Ukraine "the most corrupt country in the world" --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

At the rally, Erdogan said Turkey was preparing to declare Israel a “war criminal” over its actions in the Gaza Strip --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-28)

Within 19 days, Israel dropped something equivalent to the atomic bomb of Hiroshima on the Gaza Strip! --- (IRNA - 2023-10-28)

Turkish coffee now looks like this --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-28)

Hamas announced the repulse of the IDF offensive --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-28)

The U.S. Congress Now Has the Plan: Get Everybody on Earth Killed --- (NEO - 2023-10-27)

The Ukraine Precedent – Genocide Coming to Gaza --- (NEO - 2023-10-27)

Crime in US is an Internal Operation --- (Armstrongeconomics - 2023-10-27)

“Vaccine” killed 3.5X more Americans than COVID virus --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

8-Year-Old Israeli ‘Poster Child’ for COVID Vaccines Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

Nursing Students Harmed by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines and Vaccine Mandates --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

No one can get a word in edgewise in defense of Palestine --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

One Mistake Before Armageddon --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

America’s Rainbow Secretary of State Blinken condemns Russia for what he supports Israel for doing --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

According to the Geneva-based Human Rights Organization, Israeli Bombs Have Destroyed Over 52,000 Homes, Leaving 1 Million Homeless --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

The Final Challenge: A Meeting of the Enclave in the City of London --- (Dr. Emanuel Garcia - 2023-10-27)

Yemen strikes Israel with ballistic missiles. Right now. Hezbollah begins its special operation. --- (Navideovidno - 2023-10-27)

Israeli surveillance post in Eritrea attacked: Sources to Al Mayadeen --- (Almayadeen - 2023-10-27)

Chinese analyst:Zionist billionaires have been making films for decades to tell everyone how evil Hitler was. However, the Israeli army shows the world live how much worse they are than the Nazis. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-27)

Scottish PM: How many more children must be killed in the Gaza Strip for the world to say enough is enough? --- (IRNA - 2023-10-27)

JUST IN: Israeli Media (Channel 12, 13, Kann), TASS & Al-Jazeera now confirming invasion is ongoing --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-27)

"Abrupt Change Is Coming": Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning For America --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-27)

There is no Nazism in Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-10-27)

Tucker Carlson Blasts Zelensky's Orwellian War On Orthodox Christianity & West's Deafening Silence --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-27)

What is happening in Gaza is not war, it is 'genocide': Brazilian president --- (PressTV - 2023-10-27)

An Israeli missile hit the territory of the Egyptian city of Taba, — Sky News Arabia --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-27)

The first battalion of former soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the volunteer battalion named after Bogdan --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-27)

Projectile hits near power plant in Egypt's South Sinai --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-27)

EconomyInFocus - Land-sea trade corridor sees over 700,000 TEU containers transported by rail-sea intermodal trains in 2023 --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-27)

Pentagon Admits More Attacks Launched on US Bases --- (FARS - 2023-10-27)

At Least 110 Palestinians Martyred, Over 1,500 Arrested in West Bank Since Start of Gaza War --- (FARS - 2023-10-27)

Israeli forces come under two missile attacks in Eritrea, senior officer killed --- (PressTV - 2023-10-27)

UK's largest energy producer has warned that electricity prices "will have to rise by 70% --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-27)

Military exercises "Egtedar 1402" (Power 2023) of the land forces of the IRI army --- (IRNA - 2023-10-27)

Winston Churchil (1937): he does not recognize the rights of the original inhabitants of any land to exist. The superior and god chose race that has a greater right to these lands according to him. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-27)

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman dehumanised Palestinian people live on TV --- (ZandV - 2023-10-27)

Slovakia has officially notified the EU leadership that it will no longer provide military assistance to Ukraine --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-27)

It’s not calm in Israel; the Al-Qassam brigade launched a missile attack on the central part and Tel Aviv. Some missiles reached their target. --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-27)

Video: Senator Accuses Biden Administration Of “Facilitating The Largest Child Trafficking Ring In American History” --- ( - 2023-10-27)

How NZ Government Policy Came to be Dominated by Advisers Who Sought to Legitimise Risky Biotech Experimentation --- (Hatchardreport - 2023-10-27)

The Ministry of Health Granted Vaccine Exemptions to Hundreds Among Its Key Staff (New Zealand) --- (Hatchardreport - 2023-10-27)

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, one of the heroes of our movement, will be on trial May 23rd for "incitement of the masses" ..!!! --- (Informedchoice - 2023-10-27)

New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died --- (The Exposé - 2023-10-27)

Slovak Prime Minister Fico said that he informed the head of the European Commission that Slovakia will not provide military assistance to Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-10-26)

Siemens Energy Shares Crash 37% As Renewable Bust Sparks 'Green Panic' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-26)

A joint IDF and US Special Forces team was ambushed in the Gaza Strip while tasked with locating hostages. The military was forced to return to Israeli territory with heavy losses. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-26)

German democracy is so democratic that the police will simply hit you in the face with a fist for expressing your views --- (ZandV - 2023-10-26)

Who Will Stop Gaza Holocaust? --- (FARS - 2023-10-26)

As Mitsubishi Exits China, Other Japanese Automakers Consider Following Suit --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-26)

The moment of expulsion of the representative of Israel from the summit in Addis Ababa --- (IRNA - 2023-10-26)

Robert Fitzo has officially become the head of the Slovak government --- (ZandV - 2023-10-26)

Israel-Palestine War: Is the US Preparing to Attack Iran? --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2023-10-26)

Macgregor: U.S. And Israeli Special Forces Went On A Scouting Mission To Gaza And Were "Shot To Pieces" --- (Realclearpolitics - 2023-10-25)

Mike Johnson Elected House Speaker --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-25)

But Türkiye doesn't owe you anything. Hamas is not a terrorist organization, it is a group of mujahideen who are fighting to protect their lands! Turkish President Erdogan --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-25)

Gaza Girl’s Desperate Plea: ‘This Is Genocide! Where Do We Go?’ --- (FARS - 2023-10-25)

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Former British Ambassador Craig Murray explains the moral hypocrisy of the West --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-25)

If any People still Exist who Believe the Official 9/11 Lie, locate and watch the Evidence in this video --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-25)

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Is a Palestinian Genocide in the making? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-25)

Macgregor: U.S. And Israeli Special Forces Went On A Scouting Mission To Gaza And Were "Shot To Pieces" --- (Realclearpolitics - 2023-10-25)

The Iraqi resistance group in a statement declared US bases in Kuwait and the UAE to be its legitimate targets. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-25)

The suffering of Gaza... ? --- (IRNA - 2023-10-25)

While mass demonstrations against the Zionist regime are taking place all over the world, the regime's accounts use images created with the help of artificial intelligence to give confidence to their residents. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-25)

Did Berbock and other Western scum talk about this humanity and kindness of the Israelis? Today's Israeli airstrike on a shopping center in the Gaza Strip. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-25)

Pentagon Belatedly Reveals Two Dozen US Personnel Were Wounded In Spate Of Drone Attacks In Iraq, Syria --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-25)

Hamas launches ‘most intense’ rocket attack against Israel since start of al-Aqsa Storm --- (PressTV - 2023-10-25)

China has developed an impossible material for the skin of hypersonic vehicles --- (Htech plus - 2023-10-24)

As the Israelis talk again of their readiness to launch a ground operation in Gaza, Lebanese Hezbollah has released footage of attacks on IDF surveillance equipment on the border. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Good chunk of US carrier groups have now moved into the Chinese DF-26 "carrier-killer" missile range from East Mediterranean to Guam. --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-24)

Putin's Valdai Speech: Multipolar Future Has Arrived and Russia is Here to Stay --- (Sputnikglobe - 2023-10-24)

Tel Aviv was subjected to the largest bombing since the beginning of the war (120 rockets) --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-24)

Footage from the Zovari UAV, which the Al-Qassam battalions first used to hit targets in the depths of Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-10-24)

Israel’s Biblical Psychopathy --- (Unz - 2023-10-24)

The Damage Israel Does --- (Philip Giraldi - 2023-10-24)

Arab media report on the start of a special operation by the Israeli army in the West Bank of the Jordan River in the city of Shechem (Palestinian Authority, this is not the Gaza Strip❗️) --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Huge San Fran Apartment Building Reportedly Loses 50% Of Value As CRE Market Tanks --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-24)

Israel A 'Nuclear Wildcard' On 'Dangerous Road To Armageddon': Macgregor
Israel A 'Nuclear Wildcard' On 'Dangerous Road To Armageddon': Macgregor --- (Zero Hedge / Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-24)

Les origines secrètes de la Première Guerre mondiale --- (Strategika - 2023-10-24)

Iranian Gov’t Spokesman Blasts West’s Silence on Israel’s Massacring of Palestinian Children --- (FARS - 2023-10-24)

Hamas used kamikaze drones to attack Israeli air bases. The damage from the impacts is currently unknown --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-24)

20 journalists killed by Israel since October 7 --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-24)

In Kyiv they decided that it was possible to fight in the trenches with one arm or one leg. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Orban compared Hungary's EU membership to the country's time in the Warsaw Pact --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

The media are reporting explosions at the Al-Omar oil field in Syria, where American troops are stationed --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

About an hour ago, pro-Iranian groups in Syria and Iraq launched almost simultaneous drone attacks on three US military bases. The facilities at al-Tanf, al-Shaddadi and al-Omar were hit. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Another stupid fake from Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

More than 6 000 000 people have already signed up to join the militias to resist US and Israeli aggression in the Middle East. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

A full scale Israeli ground offensive against the West Bank & Gaza has just begun --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-24)

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Iran's Air Defense Commander: Indigenous Drone Equipped with Heat-Seeking Missile with 8km-Range --- (FARS - 2023-10-23)

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Practically Nothing Left of Ukrainian Armed Forces Personnel: Continuing Denazification of ATO participants --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-23)

In Israel, a female journalist lies on the pavement and claims she is under fire. At the same time, in the background, Jews are calmly walking and riding bicycles --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-23)

The mosque was hit in Jenin (West Bank and not Gaza!!) --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-22)

Video: In China, EHang has been issued a certificate authorizing commercial transportation as an unmanned flying taxi --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-22)

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The Dark Origins of the Davos Great Reset --- (William Engdahl - 2023-10-22)

Western hypocrisy --- (ZandV - 2023-10-22)

Now the descendants of those who were destroyed in this and similar ghettos have committed genocide against Palestinians locked in an Israeli-organized ghetto - in the Gaza Strip. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-22)

Rockets hit Iraqi base housing U.S. forces in W. Iraq --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-22)

China's financial system pledges efforts to serve real economy --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-22)

Number of Palestinians Martyred by Israel in West Bank Rises to 89 --- (FARS - 2023-10-22)

China is sending six warships to the Middle East! --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-22)

Foreign mercenaries and Ukrainian National Guardsmen shot Ukrainian soldiers... --- (ZandV - 2023-10-22)

OPEC has said that global oil markets will face a massive supply shortfall in Q4 23 --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-21)

The US Needs to Refill its Dangerously Low Oil Reserves --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-21)

Percentage of subprime auto borrowers 60+ days past due on loans hits a record 6.1% in September --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-21)

Is A Financial Crisis Already Here? US Banks Are Closing 100s Of Branches And Laying Off 1000s Of Workers --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-21)

USA: Robodog and drone used by police against people in their house --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-21)

De-Dollarization? China Completes First Digital Yuan Purchase For Cross-Border Oil Transaction --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-21)

How Much Do EV Batteries Cost? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-21)

Pakistan sends humanitarian aid to Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-10-21)


Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef On Palestine's Treatment - The Full Interview
Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Bassem Youssef On Palestine's Treatment - The Full Interview --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-10-20)

Hypocrisy Rules in the White House --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-20)

Britain’s Pending “Online Safety Bill” Turns Free Speech into a Felony --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-20)

Zionist media: The war has put Israel in a state of stagnation, and trade is now zero. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-20)

US military bases in Syria and Iraq have been attacked again --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-20)

According to this footage Egypt's army has moved additional forces to the border with the Gaza Strip, where the Rafah crossing is expected to open (or not) today for the passage of humanitarian aid. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-20)

Consequences of the shelling of the Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-20)

The Foreign Ministers of Iran and Algeria stressed the need to stop the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza --- (IRNA - 2023-10-20)

Israel shot this unarmed child yesterday in Tulkarem, in the West Bank. thought Israel said they were just “defending” themselves against “Hamas in Gaza.” --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-20)

The COVID Gravy Train Is Over: Pfizer & Moderna Shares Down 35% & 49% This Year --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-20)

Israeli attack on church in Gaza kills ‘large number’ of displaced people --- (PressTV - 2023-10-20)

Two US bases in Syria were attacked yesterday morning: the Conico Field base in Deir al-Zor and the al-Tanf base in Homs province. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-20)

Destroyed Greek orthodox Church by zionist airstrike --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-20)

Gaza: Video of the destroyed church of St. Porphyry. There's not much left of her --- (ZandV - 2023-10-20)

Some Call It Conspiracy Theory – Part 2 --- (Iaindavis - 2023-10-20)

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Israel shot this unarmed child yesterday in Tulkarem, in the West Bank. thought Israel said they were just “defending” themselves against “Hamas in Gaza.” --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-20)

The COVID Gravy Train Is Over: Pfizer & Moderna Shares Down 35% & 49% This Year --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-20)

Israeli attack on church in Gaza kills ‘large number’ of displaced people --- (PressTV - 2023-10-20)

Two US bases in Syria were attacked yesterday morning: the Conico Field base in Deir al-Zor and the al-Tanf base in Homs province. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-20)

Destroyed Greek orthodox Church by zionist airstrike --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-20)

Gaza: Video of the destroyed church of St. Porphyry. There's not much left of her --- (ZandV - 2023-10-20)

Some Call It Conspiracy Theory – Part 2 --- (Iaindavis - 2023-10-20)

Israel’s Culture of Deceit --- (The Chris Hedges Report - 2023-10-20)

From Glenn Greenwald: Israel’s Bombing of Gaza Strip as intense in 6 Days as US Bombardment of Afghanistan for one year --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-20)

The Israeli bomb that destroyed the hospital and hundreds of people was an American JDAM --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-20)

The AFU are preparing another batch of manpower for the front? --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-19)

Good free speech - Bad free speech --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-19)

Then and now. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-19)

"We are being laughed at all over the world. We have become a fascist state run by incompetent people" - Donald Trump --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

Solemn meeting of the officers' union in Latvia. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

Drones bombed US bases in Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Revenge for Gaza. Right now, Al Tanf, Ain Alasad, and Al Harir bases are under massive drone attacks. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

The official Hezbollah channel reports on the resumption of drone attacks on the base of the US-led international coalition in Al-Tanfi"Syria --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

In the center of Gaza City, Israel hit the Church of St. Porphyry, considered the third oldest in the world --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

The Egyptian President states that evicting the Gazans out of Gaza into Sinai amounts to a declaration of war against Egypt --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Al-Arabiya: Jordanian Foreign Minister to Al Arabiya: Any attempt by Israel to forcefully displace Palestinians means war for Jordan --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

The yuan has overtaken the euro in international payments, according to SWIFT data --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Hezbollah media published a video directed against Israeli soldiers under the slogan “Your tanks are your graves --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Bank credit has now entered contraction territory --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

M2 money supply is contracting at the deepest levels EVER seen. --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Business demand for bank loans across both the U.S. and Europe has fallen to levels not seen since the Global Financial Crisis --- (2023-10-19 - 2023-10-19)

Credit card companies are racking up losses at the fastest pace in almost 30 years --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Net savings have moved to their second most significant negative in history, surpassed only by what was seen in 2009 --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Israel has warned 24 hospitals in Gaza to evacuate, saying they will be bombed - Gaza Ministry of Health --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Israel announced the evacuation of its diplomats from Turkey for security reasons and throughout the Middle East. --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-19)

Quinn: Is It Worth Fighting For? --- (Theburningplatform - 2023-10-19)

BREAKING: Israel decides to officially evacuate the city of Ashkelon — which has a population of around 137,000 settlers. --- (PressTV - 2023-10-19)

The headline about Israel on the cover of the new issue of the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak: "This terrorist state must be destroyed." --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-19)

Al-Mayaadin: drone strike on the American base of This nafig --- (IRNA - 2023-10-19)

They turned away from the speech of the US Ambassador at the meeting on human rights in Geneva . --- (IRNA - 2023-10-19)

The front pages of Turkish newspapers to understand the mood of the Turks regarding what is happening in Gaza. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-19)

'The West Is Now Separated From The World, Not China' – Guy Joseph Mettan --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

Von Greyerz: 'What A Bloody Mess! --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-19)

Trucking Recession Deepens As Bezos, Gates-Backed Convoy Cancels All Shipments, Load Board Is Empty --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-19)

Footage of the shooting of a teenager and his father, who tried to help him, by IDF soldiers in the West Bank. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

Some Call It Conspiracy Theory, Part 1 --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-19)

The Ukraine Precedent – Genocide Coming to Gaza --- (NEO - 2023-10-19)

Israel is already bombarding around another hospital after destroying a UN school holding refugees --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-19)

An interesting photo has appeared! ❓ The Scholz Circus? --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

"The task of the United States is to unleash a tactical nuclear war in Europe. For example, the bombing of Kiev, and from Kiev the territory of the Russian Federation, Poland, and so on. In order to mobilize Europe," --- (ZandV - 2023-10-19)

From Kunduz to Gaza, how US and Israel have normalized hospital bombings --- (PressTV - 2023-10-19)

The scale of atrocities of the Kiev regime made the UN notice the legal outrage in Ukraine --- (News-Front - 2023-10-18)

Rushing Into Catastrophe --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-18)

UK Government Arrests Former UK Ambassador for Supporting Palestine --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-18)

Another deadly attack, this time at school. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-18)

Don't provoke people. Do not tease or provoke Muslims around the world to retaliate. --- (Kadyrov - 2023-10-18)

The future of advertising has already arrived --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-18)

Oil Surges After Iran Calls For Oil Embargo Against Israel --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-18)

Ukraine: “Children For Sale”: Retail, Wholesale, Sale In Parts And Even Rent! --- (South Front - 2023-10-18)

An extended video showing that the most likely weapon of mass murder of Palestinians at a Baptist hospital in Gaza was an American JDAM aerial bomb --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-18)

The latest issue of the leading Turkish newspaper Yeni Şafak: "The terrorist State of Israel must be destroyed." --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-18)

In Iraq, people are demanding to declare war on Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-10-18)

The number of people killed in Al-Ahli Hospital from Israeli strikes in the Gaza Strip has exceeded 1,000. They are mostly children and women. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-18)

Arab Leaders Refuse To Meet Biden As Protests Rage Around The World After Gaza Hospital Strike --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-18)

Unacceptable Risks in the Israeli-Hamas Conflict --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-17)

Canada’s Nazi Government Brings Fake Cases Against Covid Skeptics --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-17)

Pfizer May Go Bankrupt, Financial Markets Realize --- (Igor-chudov - 2023-10-17)

The Israeli Seizure of Palestine’s Offshore Gas Fields --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-17)

The only purpose of Western media is propaganda --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-17)

Israel Orders Its Western Puppets to Ban Demonstrations for Palestine, and the Western Puppet Rulers Obey --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-17)

Jewish US Secretary of State Commits Americans to Israel’s War --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-17)

Apropos the label "terrorism" --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-17)

More than 500 people were killed in an Israeli strike on a hospital in the Gaza Strip, media reports citing the local Ministry of Health. --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-10-17)

Egypt's Suez Canal Prepares To Raise Transit Fees, Potentially Intensifying Global Inflation --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-17)

500+ Casualties After Israel Bombs Hospital In Gaza City: Palestinian Officials --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-17)

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Israeli forces shot their own civilians, kibbutz survivor says --- (The Electronic Intifada - 2023-10-17)

The irreparable nature of Israel's defeat in the words of a Lebanese General --- ( - 2023-10-17)

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Washington Uniparty Plans MASSIVE Giveaway To Ukraine, Israel, AND Taiwan! --- (Ronpaulinstitute - 2023-10-16)

A French policeman clearly explains to a participant in a pro-Palestinian demonstration the basics of democracy in the country --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-15)

All hospitals in Gaza Strip destroyed in whole or in part - Palestinian Health Ministry --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-15)

Israeli Channel 14: the war with Hezbollah has actually begun --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-15)

Hezbollah said its fighters had attacked and captured the IDF's Rahab base in northern Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-10-15)

Escobar: The Geopolitics Of Al-Aqsa Flood --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-15)

Hezbollah targets Isreali military base with guided missiles --- (PressTV - 2023-10-15)

Sunday is ahead! Good dreams, country! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-15)

Orthodox Jews from the Neturei Karto religious organisation in New York chant: "Judaism yes, Zionism no! The state of Israel must disappear!" --- (ZandV - 2023-10-15)

The number of disabled people in Ukraine has surged to 3 million. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-15)

All major hospitals in the Gaza Strip have been completely or partially destroyed by Israeli bombardment, Palestinian Health Minister Mei al-Qayla said. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-15)

The Sword Of Damocles: An Economic Worst-Case Scenario For The Israeli-Palestine War --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-15)

An Israeli strike on a refugee convoy in Gaza. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-14)

Israel Lost Helicopter, Special Forces Group In First Day Of Hamas Attack (Photos) --- (South Front - 2023-10-14)

Israel’s Use Of White Phosphorus Verified — Human Rights Watch --- (ZandV - 2023-10-14)

Ordinary Egyptians cross the Palestinian border to bring water, food and supplies to Gazans --- (ZandV - 2023-10-14)

Israeli settler, who called for Palestinians to be ‘wiped out’, behind ‘beheaded babies’ fake news --- (PressTV - 2023-10-14)

The new optical chip itself changes the configuration to meet the requirements of the task --- (Htech_plus - 2023-10-14)

At a demonstration in support of Palestine in Jordan --- (IRNA - 2023-10-14)

Pakistanis mark Solidarity Day with Palestine --- (PressTV - 2023-10-14)

How Much Longer Will Palestinians be a Martyr People? --- (Ron Paul Institute - 2023-10-13)

EU Imposes Censorship on Zuckerberg’s Meta and Musk’s X --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-13)

A New York Times Editor Tells the Truth about Presstitutes --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-13)

The “Safe and Effective” Covid vax Turned out to be a Murder Plot --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-13)

Palestinian resources claim that Hamas managed to shoot down an Israeli F-16I fighter jet. As proof, they publish a video of a certain object burning in the air. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-13)

Hezbollah ATGM vs a group of IDF soldiers --- (The Right People - 2023-10-13)

"If the bombardment of Gaza does not stop, we will cut off the gas supply to the world," said Qatar's Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-13)

Millions of Iraqis took part in demonstrations in support of the Palestinians --- (IRNA - 2023-10-13)

Reddit users found the original photo of the "baby burned by Hamas militants", which was launched yesterday by the Israeli Prime Minister as proof of the brutality of opponents. It turned out that the picture was altered using a neural network, and initially it was a cute dog. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-13)

Gazans trapped in ever-worsening situation with health system overwhelmed --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-13)

Report: Biden LIED About Seeing Images of ‘Beheaded’ Israeli Babies --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-13)

"The battle with the occupiers is no longer limited to the Gaza Strip" --- (IRNA - 2023-10-12)

Discover how propaganda works... --- (IRNA - 2023-10-12)

News about the situation in Gaza and Israel --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-12)

The French Ministry of Justice announced that any Frenchman who supports Hamas or Islamic Jihad will be jailed for 5 years. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-12)

The moment of destruction of the Israeli Merkava Mk4 tank (Video) --- (Breakingmash - 2023-10-12)

Israel began to use shells against the Palestinians, previously, with white phosphorus (Video). --- (Breakingmash - 2023-10-12)

Chinese 255-cube quantum computer showed unimaginable power --- (Htech - 2023-10-12)

The official channel of the Shiite group Hezbollah published another video. The footage shows various weapons of destruction in the Navy, including cruise missiles, anti-ship complexes, missile boats. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-12)

Exploring China's new quantum computer prototype with digital reporter --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-11)

Scott Ritter: Israel’s Massive Intelligence Failure --- (Scheerpost - 2023-10-11)

Palestinians Have a Legal Right to Armed Resistance Against Israeli Colonialism --- (Scheerpost - 2023-10-11)

Israel, Gaza, And WWIII Vibes, With Guest Anya Parampil --- (Ron Paul Institute - 2023-10-11)

Hamas Releases Footage Showing Heavy Israeli Losses In Surprise Attack (18+ --- (South Front - 2023-10-11)

Media War: Fake Massacre Of Israeli Babies In Kfar Aza (18+) --- (South Front - 2023-10-11)

The Rulers of the Western World No Longer Believe in Free Speech or Dissent --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-11)

Efficacy and safety of in-hospital treatment of Covid-19 infection with low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin in hospitalized patients: A retrospective controlled cohort study --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-11)

Jewish reporter Orin Ziv: During our visit to the Kfar Azza area, we did not see any evidence that Hamas was beheading children, and it is very unfortunate that Israel is now using these false claims to intensify attacks on the Gaza Strip. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-11)

For the first time since the beginning of the war, the Al-Qassam battalions attacked Haifa, the economic center of the Zionist regime, with R-160 missiles. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-11)

The Jewish Rabbi: We are on the side of the Palestinian Government and the Palestinian nation. Before the Zionist occupation of Palestine, Jews lived in peace and harmony with Muslims. Our desire is the restoration of a Palestinian State. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-11)

The head of the Pakistani General Staff said that if Israel launches a ground operation against the Gaza Strip, Pakistan will hand over ballistic missiles to Hamas. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-11)

The IRGC is ready to go to war with Israel as part of any joint operation with Hezbollah --- (ZandV - 2023-10-11)

Ansarullah declares Yemen ready for Jihad to protect Palestinians --- (PressTV - 2023-10-11)

The servicemen of the Dnepr group destroyed the enemy's infantry fighting vehicles on the right bank of the Kherson region --- (ColonelCassad - 2023-10-11)

Shutting the door on idea of openness --- (People's Daily - 2023-10-11)

Professor Michel Chossudovsky Explains the Zionist Concept of Greater Israel, information that has been withheld from Americans --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-11)

--- (The Right People - 2023-10-11)

Israeli–Palestinian conflict is ‘between oppressors and the oppressed’: Pakistan PM --- (PressTV - 2023-10-11)

The Israeli regime's use of white phosphorus bombs against the Palestinian people. The use of these bombs against civilians has been banned internationally --- (IRNA - 2023-10-10)

Bidenomics: National Debt Increases By Another Half-Trillion In Just 20 Days --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-10)

Nord Stream 2.0? Finland-Estonia Undersea Pipeline In Baltic "Has Been Deliberately Damaged" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-10)

A Palestinian source told the Iranian news agency that the cooperation of some groups in the Israeli army is "one of the keys" to the stunning surprise of the Zionists in Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-10)

UN Secretary General: We have reports that Israel has attacked medical centers, residential buildings and mosques in the Gaza Strip --- (IRNA - 2023-10-10)

Jews burn the flag of Israel. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-10)

More footage from Gaza❗ ️Father's farewell to daughter --- (ZandV - 2023-10-10)

‘Al-Aqsa Storm’ Operation Might Have Big Geopolitical Impact --- (South Front - 2023-10-09)

Taliban’s Massively Successful Opium Eradication Raises Questions About What US Was Doing All Along --- (MintPress - 2023-10-09)

How do you like this - Jews speaking out in support of the Palestinians --- (ZandV - 2023-10-09)

Destruction of another fourth Merkava tank using an RPG --- (ZandV - 2023-10-09)

RFK Jr. Ditches Democrats To Pursue 2024 Presidential Bid As An Independent --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-09)

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam brigades for the first time published photos of the Mottaber-1 Palestinian-made air defense system, which was used to counter enemy aircraft during Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-09)

Jews oppose Israel's war crimes in the Gaza Strip, calling them crimes of Zionism --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-09)

German Conservatives Triumph In Two State Elections In Blow To Scholz --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-09)

The Ceaseless Torment of the Global Elite --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-09)

Visualizing The Pyramid Of Financial Risk --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-09)

Korybko: Top 10 Takeaways From Hamas' Sneak Attack On Israel --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-09)

"Hezbollah, its missiles and the territory of Israel." --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-09)

Heavy Israeli Losses In First Day Of Surprise Palestinian Attack (Photos) --- (South Front - 2023-10-08)

USA: Will There Be a 2024 Presidential Election? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-08)

Course of a mobilized soldier in Ternopil. Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-10-08)

Corporate Coverup? Whistleblower Doctor Alleges Shire Pharmaceuticals Neglected ADHD Drug Monitoring --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-08)

Germany: Fresh Call To Ban AfD Comes From CDU Politician --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-08)

In a Russian supermarket... --- (VK - 2023-10-08)

Jewish Rabbi Elhanan Beck sends an important message for Palestine. "As Jews, we demand the return of all Palestinian land, from sea to land, to the Palestinian people." --- (VK - 2023-10-08)

The Lebanese militant group Hezbollah joined Hamas and began firing mortars at Israeli territories. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-08)

Palestinians send an Israeli woman with children to a safe place --- (ZandV - 2023-10-08)

Some sources report that units in Syria and Lebanon have been put on alert by order of the Hezbollah leader --- (ZandV - 2023-10-08)

Mobilization in Ukraine continues --- (ZandV - 2023-10-08)

Ukraine "Corrupt At All Levels" - Says Former EU Commission Chief Juncker --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-08)

Lebanon’s Hezbollah fires shells, guided missiles toward Israel --- (PressTV - 2023-10-08)

Hamas war..., The right people --- (The right people - 2023-10-07)

In Turkey, mass processions in cities. In Istanbul, Adana, Trabzon, they burn Israeli flags and demand to help Palestine, to support Hamas. --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-07)

Donetsk blacksmith creates sculptures using remnants from conflict zone --- (VK - 2023-10-07)

The Palestinians seized another Merkava IV tank and a heavy Namer BMP from the Israelis --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-07)

Recruitment of drivers for Abrams or how is the mobilization going --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-07)

Israel "In State Of War" With Hamas After Palestinian Militants Launch "Unprecedented" Incursion Into Israel --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-07)

Fight Military Commissars Who Are Throwing You To Slaughter: Ukrainian POWs Appeal To Ukrainians --- (South Front - 2023-10-07)

Brigadier General of the Israeli Army Nimrod Aloni was captured. --- (Breakingmash - 2023-10-07)

Mass flight of Zionist settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories --- (IRNA - 2023-10-07)

The situation with the parking of imported cars in the occupied port of Ashkelon after the successful airstrike of the Palestinian resistance --- (IRNA - 2023-10-07)

The controlled Tornado-S destroys Nazis in any shelter. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-07)

A summary of the latest PMI surveys for manufacturing industry worldwide --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-07)

The Dangers Of Investigating Big Pharma --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-07)

Some Embalmers Say White, Fibrous Clots Showing Up; Others Say It's A Conspiracy Theory --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-07)

'Operation al-Aqsa Flood': Palestinians capture Israeli base, kill soldiers --- (PressTV - 2023-10-07)

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Found Dead in Their Vehicles --- (Global Research - 2023-10-06)

Mass Airborne mRNA Bioweapon ‘Administration’ for the Proletariat --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-06)

The Profit Centers Driving the American Police State --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-06)

The First Amendment Does Not Serve the Interests of the Ruling Elite --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-06)

Ukrainians are dissatisfied with the first subpoenas that were sent to women, to the last Ukrainian and Ukrainian woman --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-06)

Friday evening memasik in the tape before going to bed --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-06)

As part of the large-scale exercises taking place in Iran, a version of the Majid anti-aircraft missile was launched from a Karrar jet UAV for the first time. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-06)

Putin confirmed the successful test of the nuclear-powered Burevestnik missile --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-06)

Rostec has developed an automated artillery system to destroy drones and targets behind barriers --- (ZandV - 2023-10-06)

Turkey took revenge for the Turkish drone shot down by the Americans and destroyed 3 oil production facilities in the territories controlled by the pro-American Kurds, where the United States illegally pumps and sells Syrian oil. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-06)

Chapter 11 Filings By Businesses Soar 61% So Far This Year --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-06)

Video of the operation of the active protection complex of the new North Korean tank, which is designated as the M2020. --- (ChDambiev - 2023-10-06)

Macleod: Unwinding The Financial System --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-06)

Hungary PM Orbán: Brussels Is Creating An Orwellian World In Front Of Our Eyes --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-06)

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Genocide: Government Reports & Pfizer Documents reveal a Sinister Agenda exists to Depopulate the Planet through COVID Vaccination --- (The Exposé - 2023-10-05)

Covid Vax Causes Type 1 Diabetes in Children & Adults --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-05)

The mRNA Covid Vax is best described as a “a killer vaccine” which from the outset in December 2020 has resulted in a Worldwide upward movement in mortality and morbidity --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-05)

Putin: After a nuclear attack on the Russian Federation, the enemy will have no chance of survival --- (Newsunrolled - 2023-10-05)

Rostec began supplying the troops with the first batch of Phlox artillery guns --- (Newsunrolled - 2023-10-05)

The Pentagon reported that the US military shot down a Turkish drone in Syria, perceiving it as a potential threat --- (ZandV - 2023-10-05)

A cheap way... --- (ZandV - 2023-10-05)

Azov Nazis executed Ukrainian troops near Kremenna --- (ZandV - 2023-10-05)

Something Popped: Google Searches For "Sell My Airbnb" Surge As Travel Downturn Worsens --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-05)

Factbox: The case of Armita Geravand and West’s new anti-Iran propaganda --- (PressTV - 2023-10-05)

Pashinyan is preparing mass arrests of protesters --- (ZandV - 2023-10-05)

US Jet Shoots Down Turkish Drone Over Syria After Attack On Occupied Oil Field --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-05)

Infographic: US Air Attacks On Yemen --- (Isnews - 2023-10-05)

Military Knowledge: New Version Of Shahed-136 Suicide Drone Equipped With Jet Engine --- (Iswnews - 2023-10-05)

This is the situation prevailing on the border of Mexico and the United States. Illegal border crossings by foreigners per day exceeds 10 thousand people(Video) --- (Truekpru - 2023-10-05)

"Never About NATO, Nothing To Do With NATO" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-05)

FAB-1500 destroyed the control center that Zelensky recently visited. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-05)

America's Poorest (50%) Only Own 6% Of Assets --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-05)

CDC Journal And Five Others Rejected Key Paper On COVID Vaccines, Heart Inflammation --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-05)

This Is Not Freedom, America: The Profit Incentives Driving The American Police State --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-05)

Trans, Inc: genital mutilation is not just a fad. It’s a full-blown industry. How did something this demented happen so quickly? Chris Moritz has been following the money. --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-04)

The Hard Evidence Mounts that They Intend to Kill Us All --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-04)

At the time when Zelensky made his personal appeal to the UN General Assembly in New York, demanding financial assistance from the West, his wife was walking through New York boutiques. Only in the Cartier boutique she spent more than $ 1 million on jewelry --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-04)

An important person, however, was captured by our FSB bodies during today's landing attempt in the Crimea --- (ZandV - 2023-10-04)

The Consumer Just Crashed: Credit Card Spending Unexpectedly Cratered In September --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-04)

Iran conducts first drone on drone combat operation during drill --- (PressTV - 2023-10-04)

Escalation In Donetsk Direction: Russian Forces Destroy Ukrainian Command In Avdeevka --- (South Front - 2023-10-04)

Mass Graves On Ukrainian Positions Around Bakhmut (Videos 18+, Map Update) --- (South Front - 2023-10-04)

The Four Most Pro-Nazi Post-WW-II Countries --- (South Front - 2023-10-04)

Russian Army Crushes Kiev Forces In Different Directions (Videos) --- (South Front - 2023-10-04)

Business in Ukrainian --- (Dfhumor - 2023-10-04)

Swiss Writer Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Calling Journalist A "Fat Lesbian" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-04)

OCTOBER TANKS CIVIL WAR OF 1993 --- (Readovka - 2023-10-04)

Iran’s kamikaze, combat drones destroy all targets during drill --- (PressTV - 2023-10-04)

"Ukraine is at war with Russia for the interests of the White House and for the values of the founding fathers of America" --- (ZandV - 2023-10-04)

"We are not afraid of Putin❗️ We are afraid of you❗️" --- (ZandV - 2023-10-04)

Aarg! Homeless Pirates Pillage Leisure Boats In San Francisco Bay --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-04)

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McCarthy Out As Speaker --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-03)

India expels 41 Canadian diplomats amid ongoing Ottawa-Delhi row --- (PressTV - 2023-10-03)

If you live in any major American city, you know that there are homeless camps and in some cities they are taking over the city center.(Vidéo) --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-03)

Putin Orders First-Ever Nationwide Nuclear Drill, Prepares Bomb-Test At Arctic Circle --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-03)

Port Of New York And New Jersey Cargo Volumes Drop 21% In August --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-03)

Gaetz Moves To Formally Remove McCarthy As Speaker --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-02)

Have a good week --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-02)

HORRIFYING: Rep. Thomas Massie Exposes Taxpayer-Funded “Transgenic Edible Vaccines” Which Turns Edible Plants Like Lettuce and Spinach Into mRNA Vaccine Factories to Replace mRNA Shots (VIDEO) --- (Thegatewaypundit - 2023-10-02)

Münchner Merkur: German auto industry is going through a wave of bankruptcies --- (ZandV - 2023-10-02)

Have a good week, country! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-02)

A transgender LGBTQ+ student attacked a female high school student in Tualatin, Oregon. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-02)

Adrenochrome and ritual child abuse Turkish National Television - (Adrenochrome links in description) --- (Turkish National Television - 2023-10-02)

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE HORROR! --- (ZandV - 2023-10-02)

People are horrified: The number of dead mobilised from Lvov uncovered --- (ZandV - 2023-10-02)

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The Mad Propaganda Push To Normalize War-Profiteering In Ukraine --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-02)

Excess Deaths From Cardiovascular Diseases Up 44% Last Year Among UK Citizens Aged 15-44: Report --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-02)

“The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d’Etat Against Humanity” by Michel Chossudovsky --- (Global Research - 2023-10-01)

List of 30 ‘Elites’ That Support and Promote Worldwide Depopulation --- (Global Research - 2023-10-01)

“Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population”: Secret Gathering Sponsored by Bill Gates, 2009 Meeting of “The Good Club” --- (Global Research - 2023-10-01)

Bombshell Pfizer “Confidential” Report: Vaccine Only Has 1,291 Side Effects! --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-01)

Slovakia May Stop Backing Ukraine War After Populist Election Win --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-01)

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Remdesivir Manufacturer Over Alleged Deceptive Practices --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-01)

Over 277,000 'Vaccinated' COVID-19 Cases Hidden By CDC In 2021: Newly Obtained Files Show --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-01)

Former PM opposed to Ukraine military aid wins Slovak elections --- (PressTV - 2023-10-01)

Kiev Forces Suffer Heavy Losses In Failed Advance Attempts (Videos) --- (South Front - 2023-09-30)

Russian Army Rains Fire On Kiev Forces In Krasny Liman, Donetsk (Videos) --- (South Front - 2023-09-30)

American journalist Morris was struck by the footage of the surrender of AFU fighters as prisoners of war --- (News Front - 2023-09-30)

10 Numbers Which Prove That The US Economy Has Hit A Major Pivot Point --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-30)

Illegal activities for the extraction and export of Syrian oil continue in the part of the territory of the SAR controlled by the Americans. --- (Razved_dozor - 2023-09-30)

Have a good weekend, friends! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-30)

The profession of a white teacher in the United States is becoming dangerous. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-30)

The Kiev regime has nothing to do with democracy, said US Senator Rand Paul --- (ZandV - 2023-09-30)

"Here's What's Really Going On": Elon Musk Livestreams Southern Border Chaos --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-30)

US has close partnership with Takfiri terrorists in Syria, says President Assad --- (PressTV - 2023-09-30)

La Pologne annonce demander l’extradition de Yaroslav Hunk --- (Voltairenet - 2023-09-29)

The UK Thought Control Police State Takes Another Step --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-29)

Why Are Vaccine Injured Patients Silenced? --- (Midwesterndoctor - 2023-09-29)

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for COVID and 32 more confirm their negative health effects --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-29)

Turbo Cancer in Ages 18-24: College and University COVID-19 Vaccine-Mandated Students Developing Stage 4 Cancer --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-29)

The United States No Longer Exists as a Nation --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-29)

Yesterday's Marseille is more like the Moscow of the 90s. Bandits with machine guns drive cool cars around the city. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-29)

Today is a tour of Boston. It is home to one of the most prestigious Universities in America - MIPT. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-29)

Orbán & Le Pen Rendezvous In Budapest As Conservative Alliances Flourish Ahead Of European Elections --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-29)

‘Trust the Experts’: 1,600 Scientists Sign Declaration Denouncing Climate Change Hoax --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-29)

European Union Leadership Announced New Lebensraum Expansion Policy --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-29)

BRICS to create competitor to SWIFT international payment system --- (PressTV - 2023-09-29)

War between Russia and Western World, The Eurasian Choice --- (EurasianChoice - 2023-09-28)

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Breaking with the civilisation of death --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-09-27)

The number of bankruptcy filings in the United States has exceeded the levels during the COVID pandemic and is on par with data from 2008. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-27)

AIIB approves 3 new members at annual meeting in Egypt --- (Xinhua - 2023-09-27)

Is World War III About to Start? Part II: Are the Military-Industrial Complex and Deep State Driving Us to War? --- (ScheerPost - 2023-09-27)

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Spectacular military parade by Yemeni resistance shows new equations --- (PressTV - 2023-09-27)

Iran Test Launched Upgraded Shahed-136 UAV – Report --- (South Front - 2023-09-26)

Popular American blogger and political commentator Benny Johnson also draws attention to the fact that "Zelensky honors a Nazi in the literal sense of the word." Analyzing the "exploits" of Yaroslav Gunka and his division, Johnson asks questions: ❓"What does this say about Zelensky's true goals and worldview? Guys, whose side are we on?" --- (ZandV - 2023-09-26)

A Huge Backlash Against Globalism, Climate Change Alarmism And Immigration Madness Has Started --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-26)

"Events Are Moving Quickly Now" - Kunstler Warns Of Imminent "Banquet Of Consequences" For Biden Admin --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-26)

NATO's Losing Proxy War In Ukraine --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-26)

Simonyan: After the attack on Sevastopol, we must put forward an ultimatum to the collective West as a participant in the military conflict with the Russian Federation --- (Topwar - 2023-09-26)

The 98-year-old Nazi was greeted with an ovation in the Canadian Parliament --- (Sashakots - 2023-09-26)

Russian Black Sea Commander Seen In Video The Day After Ukraine Said It Killed Him --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-26)

Large Explosion On Pipeline In Ukrainian Poltava Region: Accident Or Sabotage? --- (South Front - 2023-09-26)

Yes, You Are Being Manipulated --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-26)

US New Home Sales Crashed In August --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-26)

The head of the Russian Military Historical Society, Mikhail Myagkov, said that the movement of Western society towards neo-Nazism will lead to disaster throughout the world. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-26)

Mike Whitney Interview of PCR about the Civil War --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-25)

Escobar: A Snapshot Of Ukrainian Morale In The Battlefield --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-25)

Germany's residential property prices see sharpest decline on record --- (Xinhua - 2023-09-24)


YouTube has banned a second journalist for an interview with a 14-year-old girl from Lugansk, Faina Savenkova --- (ZandV - 2023-09-23)

Liberals like Karl Rove just tried to annihilate Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-09-23)

Russian Reconnaissance Group Destroyed Leopard-2 Tank With Fully-German Crew – Report --- (South Front - 2023-09-23)

Putin’s Butt-sitting Leading to More Escalation --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-23)

Trouble Ahead: Container Shipping Rates Sinking Further Into The Red --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-23)

Germany declared war on Russia? --- (ZandV - 2023-09-23)

The United States has begun treating wounded American mercenaries participating in battles in Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-09-23)

The Germans: This is false information. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-23)

Enough serious news already! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-23)

The Coming Ukraine Collapse & The "Rebuilding" Headfake --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-23)

Bob Menendez 'temporarily' steps down as chair of US Senate foreign relations cmte. over bribery charges --- (PressTV - 2023-09-23)

Monetary Data > M2 and Components --- (FRED - 2023-09-23)

JP MORGAN OIL MAGIC: Provides A Clue About The Global Oil Industry’s Massive Natural Decline Rate --- (SRSRocco - 2023-09-23)

U.S. HOUSING MARKET TO HIT CATEGORY 5 STORM: Record Unaffordable Home Prices Propped Up By Huge Shadow Inventory --- (SRSRocco - 2023-09-23)

Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-23)

Yemen’s Houthis Showcase New Missiles, Drones During Parade In Sanaa (Video, Photos) --- (South Front - 2023-09-22)

Krasnopol Artillery Weapon System Explained --- (South Front - 2023-09-22)

Watch: Rand Paul Blasts "Corrupt" Zelensky "Begging For More Money" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-22)

Iran parades hypersonic, cruise missiles, ‘longest-range’ drone --- (PressTV - 2023-09-22)

Historic military parade marks comeback of Yemeni air force --- (PressTV - 2023-09-22)

Yemen’s Ansarallah throws massive military parade on the ninth anniversary of the 2014 revolution, and reveals new weaponry including ballistic missiles, naval vessels and armored vehicles – all Made in Yemen. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-22)

A Comprehensive Timeline Of COVID-19 Vaccines And Myocarditis --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-22)

More Media Monopoly --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-21)

Undeniable Severe Injuries After HPV Vaccination --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-21)

Florida Surgeon General: Most People Should Not Take the New Coronavirus Shot --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-21)

What You Need to Know About the Latest Covid Jab Rollout --- (Lewrockwell - 2023-09-21)

The FDA and CDC Knew the Covid “vaccine” Caused Cardiovascular Diseases but Continued to Misinform the Public that the Vax was “Safe and Effective” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-21)

Oil, Cracks Soar After Russia Bans Diesel, Gasoline Exports --- (Zerohedge - 2023-09-21)

What does the "support of the whole world" look like --- (Dfhumor - 2023-09-21)

Ukrainians continue to be fed shit on television. On the air of channel 1 + 1, Zelensky listens to himself at a speech at the UN. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-21)

The result of the search at the head of the AFU Food supply Department. Some cash under the floor --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-21)

Chinese scientists reveal the secret of «Ukrainian rabies» --- (ZandV - 2023-09-21)

American wars after WWII --- (ZandV - 2023-09-21)

Finally somebody’s telling the Truth! --- (ZandV - 2023-09-21)

Polish President Andrzej Duda: “Ukraine is like a drowning man who will drag down those who are trying to help him --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-21)

Video: A full trip on a train from Longyang Road Station to Pudong International Airport Station and back --- (Wikipedia - 2023-09-21)

There are no electrical cats... --- (Dfhumor - 2023-09-20)

This, dear friends, is a friendly meeting at the train station of Germans who identify themselves as dogs. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-20)

BevMo! liquor store was robbed in Seattle, USA. It seems nothing surprising, but this is the second robbery of this store in a week! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-20)

Former NZ PM Ardern Urges United Nations To 'Crack Down On Free Speech As A Weapon Of War' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-20)

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Your WiFi Can See You --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-18)

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Création d’une Alliance des États du Sahel --- ( - 2023-09-18)

DPRK fires long-range strategic cruise missiles in drill: report --- (China Military - 2023-09-18)

China to impose sanctions on two U.S. companies over Taiwan arms sales --- (China Military - 2023-09-18)

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TSMC Instructs Suppliers To Delay Chip Equipment Deliveries, Report Says --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-18)

The anti-American sexual perverts who dominate the California State Assembly have made it impossible to be a parent in California --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-18)

The Nazi Biden Regime Takes Its Claim that it Has a Right to Impose Censorship on Media to Supreme Court --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-18)

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The Kobeissi Letter: The U.S. Now Has Record debt... --- (The Kobeissi Letter - 2023-09-18)

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The strange blue glow seen during the earthquake in Morocco
Mysterious Blue Flashes In Moroccan Sky Moments Before The Earthquake! --- (Pledgetimes / Geeksaroundglobe - 2023-09-12)

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As mortgage rates surge to the highest levels since 2000, the mortgage market is going deeper into a state of paralysis --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-11)

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Megyn Kelly Says Covid vax gave her Autoimmune Disease --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-09)

A Ukrainian from Ireland is being extradited to Ukraine because he is liable for military service and is hiding from military service. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-09)

USA: Nazis with swastikas are a clear reflection of the US Nazi policy against the Russian nation. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-09)

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This chart puts into perspective that even without factoring in the cost of servicing the debt, fiscal spending alone represents over 25% of GDP in the US --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-09)

The US Strategic Petroleum Reserves (SPR) now stand at their lowest since 1983 --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-09)

Recall that the United States and Ukraine are two countries that did not support the UN resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-09)

British Army on parade in Manchester... --- (ZandV - 2023-09-09)

California State Assembly has just passed a bill allowing parents to lose custody of their children if they refuse to accept their child's gender transition. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-09)

The level of intelligence of those whom the United States brought to power. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-09)

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In North Korea, a new submarine missile carrier "Hero Kim Guk On" was launched.The boat is capable of carrying 10 ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-09-08)

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New Energy Bill Could See Brits Jailed For Failing To Comply With 'Cultish' Net-Zero Regs --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-08)

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Reduce Immune Response to Other Infections, Potential Concern of Immune Deficiency --- (The Epochtimes - 2023-09-08)

500,000 Ukrainian militants have already died, Irish MEP Claire Daly said at a meeting with NATO leadership. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-07)

In Ukraine, women who will have to register for military service from October 1 will be restricted from traveling abroad --- (ZandV - 2023-09-07)

In Ukraine, women who will have to register for military service from October 1 will be restricted from traveling abroad --- (ZandV - 2023-09-07)

Trump Calls On Big Pharma To Disclose All Vaccine Side Effect Data --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-07)

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The Origin Of The ADL --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-06)

“Most people did not die from fire, they died at the hands of Ukrainian militants” --- (ZandV - 2023-09-06)

Russia: Our crew of the infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 in battle --- (ZandV - 2023-09-06)

Birmingham City Council declares city bankrupt --- (ZandV - 2023-09-06)

Ukrainian counteroffensive: 90% of the personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will die, reassuring The Times. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-06)

US budget deficit to widen from $1 trillion to $2 trillion this fiscal year --- (ZandV - 2023-09-06)

The Su-35S is a fighter that will counter the American F-16s in the sky over the Donbass --- (ZandV - 2023-09-06)

Total household debt in the US is at a record-high of $17.06 trillion --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-06)

Almost 1 Million People Across Europe Are Homeless on Any Given Night --- (FARS - 2023-09-06)

Shellenberger: Government Intel & Security Agencies Behind NGO Demands For More Censorship By X/Twitter --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-06)

Corrupt Billionaire Behind Zelensky's Rise To Fame & Power Arrested --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-06)

British Challenger 2 Tank Destroyed In Combat For First Time, Ukraine Footage Shows --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-06)

Florida Governor Forced to Remove State Attorney Who Will Not Enforce Criminal Law Against Blacks --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-05)

In Ukraine, in 2015, “death squadrons” were created, which, by order of the SBU, destroyed those who disagreed with the regime --- (ZandV - 2023-09-05)

The Russian Su-34 used the UMPK FAB-1500 bomb for the first time during its operation. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-05)

Oil Soars To New 2023 High After Saudis, Russia Shock With Extended, Expanded Production Cut --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-05)

"No Choice": Musk Threatens Suit Against ADL; Blames Activists For "Most Of X's Revenue Loss" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-05)

The new authorities of Niger have raised export prices for uranium from €0.8 per kg to €200 per kg. --- (ZandV - 2023-09-05)

This time she thanked Romania for increasing the export of "coca grain". --- (ZandV - 2023-09-05)

The first Challenger went. It burns like everything else. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-09-05)

"Unprecedented Levels" Of Theft In Nation's Capital Forces Supermarket Chain To Remove Name-Brand Items From Shelves --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-05)

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Japanese Scientists Find that Covid-19 and all of the variants are Laboratory creations --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-04)

The unwashed head of Berbok at a meeting with the Romanian Foreign Minister passed everyone: Ukraine exports cocaine grain. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-04)

Open letter from Faina Savenkova to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. --- (Donbass-insider - 2023-09-04)

Poland has begun to extradite men of military age to Ukraine who left the country after the start of the Russian special operation --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-04)

Ukraine prepares to mobilize women --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-04)

Cutting-edge technologies attract visitors at 2023 CIFTIS in Beijing --- (Xinhua - 2023-09-04)

Florida Doctor Reinstated After Losing Board Certification For Criticizing COVID-19 Vaccines --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-04)

Direct Government Censorship Of The Internet Is Here --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-04)

The Real Shocker In Friday's Jobs Report: 1.2 Million Native-Born Workers Lost Their Jobs, And Were Replaced With 668K Foreign-Born Workers --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-04)

Ukraine: The reason this war has gone on as long as it has, and will continue into the foreseeable future with so much suffering, blood and death, is that there is simply too much money to be made on all sides by continuing --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-09-03)

The 2024 Presidential Election Is Being Stolen in Full View of Everyone’s Eyes --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-03)

EXPOSED: Whistleblower Steps Forward – Reveals Private Facebook Group Where MI Clerks Discuss STUNNING Evidence of Organized Fraud in 2020 Election --- (Thegatewaypundit - 2023-09-03)

The Italian woman goes to the museum every day! The ticket is inexpensive, but what architecture, what frescoes, what mosaics! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-03)

In Ukraine, limited-fit citizens (consider disabled people) will be considered suitable for service in a specific military specialty --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-03)

Federal Court Rules Against FDA Over Anti-Ivermectin Posts --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-03)

France downed Italian passenger jet in 1980 in bid to kill Gaddafi: Ex-Italy PM --- (PressTV - 2023-09-03)

Across China: New evidence of Japanese germ warfare unit made public --- (Xinhua - 2023-09-03)

Bad Omens For The Ukrainians --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-03)

This is a video clip of a typical Monday morning operations meeting for most shale oil companies drilling horizontal wells in America's shale oil basins right now
BAKKEN OIL FIELD: “We Are Kaput” --- (SrsRocco - 2023-09-02)

No Matchup Between Putin’s Words and Actions --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-02)

And again, a selection of videos from the "dreamland" --- (Dfhumor - 2023-09-02)

Survey Finds 4 in 10 US Poor Families Skipping Meals After Cuts to Children's Food Aid --- (FARS - 2023-09-02)

Russia Puts Its Longest Range Nuke-Capable Missile On Combat Duty, Nicknamed 'Satan II' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-02)

Conflicting Evidence Of mRNA Technology Raises Serious Concerns About Rush For Use In New Vaccine Development --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-02)

Chine:Good night, country! --- (Proofzzz - 2023-09-02)

Hungary demanded Ukraine to account for the 50-70 billion euros spent --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-09-02)

45% of student loan borrowers expect to go delinquent when payments resume on October 1st. --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-02)

Owning a home has become so expensive, that many people are cancelling their insurance --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-02)

In case you missed it: China has cut its holdings in US Treasuries to $835bn, lowest level since 2010. --- (Intelslava - 2023-09-02)

Rickards: History's Starting To Rhyme... --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-02)

Kunstler: "This Is How The Pitchforks Finally Come Out" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-09-02)

McCullough gave to an audience in New Hampshire a few days ago, calling out all the principals who devised the Covid-19 fiasco by name --- (McCullough - 2023-09-02)

New York: Water main break floods Times Square subway station --- (PressTV - 2023-09-02)

As The U.S. Wages War On It China Reacts With Defiance --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-09-01)

Ivermectin Is a Proven Cure for Covid. Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Different. --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-01)

YouTube Totalitarianism --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-01)

Yet Another Victim of the Death Shot --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-09-01)

Sen. Johnson Claims CDC 'Abused Authority,' Engaged In 'Censorship Campaign' Of COVID-19 Vaccine Posts --- (Zerohedge - 2023-09-01)

Niger military rulers order police to expel French ambassador --- (PressTV - 2023-09-01)

Huawei Chips Demonstrate The Perils Of Technology Protectionism --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-08-31)

Predictably, cubic meters of money were found in the house of the deposed president of Gabon. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-31)

Watch: Massive Teen Hordes Swarm Two California Malls - Beatings, Gunfire, Stabbing Ensue --- (Zerohedge - 2023-08-31)

Tucker Warns Of Trump Assassination, Hot War With Russia --- (Zerohedge - 2023-08-31)

Traditional Chinese medicine brings healing to world --- (Xinhua - 2023-08-31)

Former Fox News Host: Almost Everything that US Media Said about Conflict in Ukraine Is A Lie --- (FARS - 2023-08-31)

Over 1,600 Scientists Sign 'No Climate Emergency' Declaration --- (Zerohedge - 2023-08-31)

How To Find Out. --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2023-08-30)

More Covid Deception Is On Its Way --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-30)

Big Pharma Is Far More Powerful than All Governments Combined --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-30)

German manufacturing PMI is approaching Covid-lockdown levels. --- (Intelslava - 2023-08-30)

McConnell Malfunctions: Senate Minority Leader Glitches Hard In Shocking Second Incident --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-30)

Military Seizes Power In OPEC Nation Gabon As Wave Of Coups Sweep Africa --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-30)

A Dangerous Escalation In The Russia-Ukraine War --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-30)

Russia is selling the EU more LNG than anyone apart from the US - more than Qatar. --- (Intelslava - 2023-08-30)

How the U.S. Government Targets Websites For Destruction --- (South Front - 2023-08-30)

Why Cash Seizures Backfire On Oklahoma Police --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-30)

FT Discovers 71-Year-Old Ukrainian In NATO Training Program --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-30)

"A Very Dangerous Moment" - Hungary's Orbán Warns Tucker "A 3rd World War Is Knocking On The Door" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-30)

“Children Are The Most Valuable Product”: How Human Trafficking Has Become Another Export Item For Ukraine --- (South Front - 2023-08-29)

Ukrainian Police Shot Unarmed Man In Front Of His Wife And Children --- (South Front - 2023-08-29)

Total Mobilization Coming In Ukraine --- (South Front - 2023-08-29)

Naomi Wolf Explains Pfizer’s Covenant of Death --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-29)

Big Capital against the peoples of Europe --- (Agdchan - 2023-08-29)

How Big Is The US Housing Bubble? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-29)

A New COVID 'Variant'? Ron Paul Warns "They Want Us To Shut Up While They Do It Again" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-29)

Tucker Carlson Apologizes To Hungary On Behalf Of America, Slams 'Disgusting' US Ambassador Over Lack Of Diplomacy --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-29)

The Road of Death": The fighters of the OBTF "Cascade" destroy enemy armored vehicles --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-08-29)

Production of aircraft underway at aviation town in E China's Zhejiang --- (People's Daily - 2023-08-29)

China to improve financial transfer payment system --- (Xinhua - 2023-08-29)

Zionist Subversion of Trade Union --- (FARS - 2023-08-29)

Pink Slime Returns: Viral TikTok Video Exposes Disturbing Production Of Sliced Ham --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-29)

German Court Sentences Judge For Ruling Against Government’s Mask Mandates --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-29)

Introducing Disease X: An Innocent Vaccine Program Waiting for a New Illness --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-29)

Soaring Cost of Premiums in UK Driving Motorists to Sell Up --- (FARS - 2023-08-28)

Catch a cat with a musical taste --- (Dfhumor - 2023-08-28)

The American greens decided to play Greta Tumberg. However, there are mostly white greens --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-28)

Dmitry Anatolyevich 's Dream --- (Dfhumor - 2023-08-28)

How the Shenzhou-16 crew spend their free time in space --- (People's Daily - 2023-08-28)

Man finds career in building model trains --- (People's Daily - 2023-08-28)

Chinese vehicles shine at Festival of Motoring in Johannesburg --- (Xinhua - 2023-08-28)

SWIFT: Use of Euro in Global Payments Nosedives --- (FARS - 2023-08-28)

Republicans In Nine Florida Counties Adopt Resolution Calling For Ban Of COVID Vaccines --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-28)

Is The Goliath In Autism Research About To Fall? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-28)

EU's Draconian Social Media Censorship Laws Are Now Officially Enforceable --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-28)

Photo from the Fukushima area? --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-28)

All the video reports of Petrov and Bashirov on American trains for the last month. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-28)

Elite Crackdown On Free Speech Worldwide Intensifies --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-28)

The AirBnB Bubble Popping Will Pop The Housing Bubble --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-28)

Meet the man who tackled Shiraz shrine terrorist and averted a massacre --- (PressTV - 2023-08-28)

The African Origin of the Slave Trade --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-27)

Lebanon’s Hezbollah unveils anti-aircraft missiles in military exhibition --- (PressTV - 2023-08-27)

British politician David Courten: 500.000+ ukrainian men have died in Ukraine... --- (ZandV - 2023-08-26)

Pfizer Documents Show COVID-19 Vaccines Contain Potentially Harmful 'Modified' RNA, Not mRNA --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-26)

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Prigozhin’s Death Makes Him Immortal
Prigozhin’s Death Makes Him Immortal --- (South Front / @GarethPrice - 2023-08-26)

In Poland, a crowd of Nazi Ukrainians hiding from conscription forces Poles to shout Bandera slogans, and when they refuse, they beat them with their feet --- (ZandV - 2023-08-26)

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Six countries invited to join BRICS --- (Xinhua - 2023-08-24)

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In St. Petersburg, memorial has appeared near the Wagner Centre building. --- (Dugin Aleksandr - 2023-08-24)

Flowers from the DD Team for Yevgeni Prigohzhin. --- (Dugin Aleksandr - 2023-08-24)

ON PRIGOZHIN 'S DEATH --- (Agdchan - 2023-08-23)

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Rosaviation published a list of passengers of the plane that crashed in the Tver region: among them Prigozhin and Utkin.If the information is confirmed, Russia has lost its military elite today. Not the one who buys her own rank and positions, but the one who had no equal on the battlefield. This is a great loss for all patriots. --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-08-23)

Russia Fires General Who Ran Ukraine War, In Wake Of Wagner Mutiny Events --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-23)

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Japanese environmentalists have published an approximate scheme for the distribution of radioactive water from Fukushima in the World Ocean, which the Japanese will begin dumping tomorrow. Is this revenge for Hiroshima, or what? --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-23)

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Is There Meat Glue in Your Food? --- (Theepochtimes / Zero Hedge - 2023-08-20)

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A Lancet loitering munition struck the Ukrainian militants' self-propelled artillery system. --- (ZandV - 2023-08-16)

The United States has begun preparations for the next pandemic and is studying new mutations of viruses --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-16)

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Greater Bay Area plans maglev train at 650km/h --- (Xinhua - 2023-08-07)

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Albert Einstein’s 1948 Letter to the NYT Warning Of Zionist Fascism In Israel --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-07)

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BRICS discussing launch of dollar rival – top Russian MP --- (ZandV - 2023-08-04)

Everything Appears To Be A Cover Up": Capitol Police Chief Challenged J6 Narrative In Never-Aired Tucker Carlson Interview --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-08-04)

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Rare voices of truth are still heard in the European Parliament. Speech by the MP from Ireland, Claire Daley. --- (ZandV - 2023-08-03)

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In Khmelnytsky, local residents are beating military commissars. --- (ZandV - 2023-08-02)

Pentagon wanted to test unregistered medicines on African population --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-02)

President John F. Kennedy Was Assassinated by the US National Security Establishment --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-02)

mRNA COVID Vaccines May be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’ in Young People: Experts --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-08-02)

Genius teen generates electricity from stones --- (VK - 2023-08-02)

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The broken and abandoned equipment of the APU — this is how the Zaporozhye fields near Rabocino look now --- (Readovkanews - 2023-08-01)

They write that in such insignificant packages, Americans transfer the stimulant ephedrine and methylphenidate to the APU, which is necessary to stop the effects of using the first. The inscription on the packages is especially pleasing: "The US Agency for International Development – "from the American people". --- (Proofzzz - 2023-08-01)

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RFK Jr Asks What Is Destroying the Health of America’s Children --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-31)

Polish Deputy Minister of Agriculture Janusz Kowalski and a local farmer have an "intelligent" conversation about who in the Polish government benefits from the importation of cheap Ukrainian grain. --- (ZandV - 2023-07-31)

Kyiv uses wounded Ukrainian soldiers as organ donors. --- (ZandV - 2023-07-31)

Niger suspends uranium and gold exports to France --- (ZandV - 2023-07-31)

The destruction of a Ukrainian tank by a Krasnopol high-precision artillery shell near Rabotino, Zaporozhye region. --- (Intelslava - 2023-07-31)

10 Signs That The Mainstream Media Is Not Telling You The Truth About The Economy --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-31)

Rand Paul Files Criminal Referral Against "Absolute Liar" Fauci --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-31)

Shots Fired: Twitter Explores Lawsuit Against Pro-Censorship Operatives --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-31)

Biden Regime Allows Big Pharma to Loot Medicare --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-31)

The destruction of two more Ukrainian tanks in Zaporozhye direction by the forces of the 127th motorized rifle division. --- (Intelslava - 2023-07-31)

The detonation of the ammo of a wrecked Ukrainian tank in the Kleshcheevka area in the Bakhmut direction. --- (Intelslava - 2023-07-31)

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Russian Army Crushes Kiev Forces In Multiple Directions (Videos) --- (South Front - 2023-07-29)

Whoever does not go into the counteroffensive himself will be dragged "voluntarily" --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-07-29)

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A "zombie" apocalypse --- (Xinhua - 2023-07-29)

Aerial drones revolutionize navel orange transportation in central China --- (Xinhua - 2023-07-28)

Fury as British Gas Profits Soar by 900% to £1 Billion as Cash-Strapped Brits Struggle to Pay Energy Bills --- (FARS - 2023-07-28)

Talking on Monday some military-technological issues and the fate of NATO. --- (Dimitri Simes Jr. And Andrei Martyanov - 2023-07-28)

Media debate between Larry Johnson and an ukrainian-cheerleader on PressTV --- (PressTV - 2023-07-28)

Washington Post Still Covers Up U.S. War Crimes And Use Of Biological Weapons --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-07-28)

Subclinical Heart Damage More Prevalent Than Thought After Moderna Vaccination: Study --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-28)

The Digital Revolution Was the Means for Locking Us in The Matrix --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-28)

From News Reports It Emerges that Not Only the Bidens Are Corrupt but also their Attorneys, the DOJ, FBI, and the IRS --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-28)

Pentagon Approves Hazard Pay For US Troops In Ukraine, Paving Way For Possible Expanded Presence --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-28)

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The Evidence Is In: Covid Deaths Were Faked in order to Panic People into Accepting Injection with an Unknown Substance called a “vaccine” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-27)

The first video of the new North Korean UAVs, structurally similar to the American RQ-4 Global Hawk and MQ-9 Reaper drones and which were demonstrated by Kim Jong-un to Sergei Shoigu at the "Arms Exhibition-2023" during his visit to the DPRK. --- (Militarymaps - 2023-07-27)

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Dutch economist let the cat out of the bag about “carbon emission rights” --- (The Exposé - 2023-07-26)

“We own the Science and We think the World should know it” – UN & WEF admit they CENSOR Search Results & pay Big Tech & Influencers to shape Public Opinion on Climate Change & COVID-19 --- (The Exposé - 2023-07-26)

Shocking ONS Report: COVID Vaccinated 18-39 Age Group at 91% Higher Death Risk than Unvaccinated Peers in UK --- (The Exposé - 2023-07-26)

To read!!: The Kissinger Report: US government’s policy to depopulate the world --- (The Exposé - 2023-07-26)

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Will the Largest Organized Mass Murder in World History Escape Accountability? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-25)

Video: Dr. Naomi Wolf Uncovers Pfizer’s Depopulation Agenda, as Evidenced by Its Own Documents --- (Dr. Naomi Wolf - 2023-07-25)

Did Israel Use $300 Billion from US Taxpayers to Purchase the US Government, Lock, Stock, and Barrel? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-25)

Western Governments are Marketing Agents and Enforcers for Agribusiness and Big Pharma --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-25)

Waste paper vending machine in China. The money goes directly to the electronic wallet. 1.2 yuan (~15 rubles) is paid per kilogram. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-07-25)

Iranian naval forces take delivery of homegrown ‘Abu Mahdi’ cruise missile --- (PressTV - 2023-07-25)

Interview of Sara Salloum by Faina Savenkova – President Al-Assad is a courageous and loyal man --- (Donbass-insider - 2023-07-25)

The US Government's New 'Ministry Of Truth': The Cybersecurity And Infrastructure Security Agency --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-25)

Dr. Peter McCullough: Spike Protein Syndrome May Have Struck Jamie Foxx --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-25)

Tony Fauci Denied Under Oath that the US funded the Wuhan Lab in China. If this is so, how did the Biden regime suspend US federal funding for the Wuhan Lab? How can funding be suspended if it is not funded? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-24)

Biden Regime Actively Engaged in Suppression of Evidence Unfavorable to Big Pharma --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-24)

Cancellations Start For John Clauser After Nobel Physics Laureate Speaks Out About "Corruption" Of Climate Science --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-24)

Fukushima fish found with 180 times legal limit of radioactive cesium --- (PressTV - 2023-07-24)

Hungary’s PM Orban says US rejects China’s supremacy, may head to war --- (PressTV - 2023-07-24)

A close up look at a top ophthalmologist's refractive surgery --- (Xinhua - 2023-07-24)

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Unveils Upgraded Version Of Shahed-149 Combat Drone (Photos) --- (South Front - 2023-07-24)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with "grateful" --- (ZandV - 2023-07-24)

'Serious Doubt' About COVID-19 Vaccine Safety After Forced Release Of 15,000 Pages Of Clinical Trial Data --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-07-24)

A Third World War Seems a Certainty --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-23)

Disintegrating Justice --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-23)

PCR Live Interview on Russia’s leading nightly news program --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-07-23)

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