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Political economy :  Last news

Freezing of the presentation of geopolitical information for a period not yet defined. Why?

Direct trigger element: the censorship created by the "Digital Act" of the European Union. But this is not the fundamental reason. A reflection on the usefulness of this work had been underway for some time. A first consequence had been the end of the translation for the French page of the title of the information in English for some time. What are the reasons for the complete cessation of the presentation of this information?

1) Average time spent searching for information and entering it into one of the site's databases: Search for more precise information to allow the uninitiated to understand: 120 hours / 30 days compared to the time sufficient for my personal research: 60 hours / 30 days. Average work required to update the site for this type of information: 32 hours / 30 days including 12 hours for the translation into French of the titles. That is a total of 92 hours / 30 days on average for the research supplement and the update

2) Main reason The main objective behind the creation of the site: to awaken people's interest in the real economy. Let's start with a very brief simplified description to define what I mean by "real economy". Any activity requires the use of material objects and knowledge. Even a simple saucepan, a knife, a hammer, a screwdriver require a production process, the extraction and transformation of raw materials, energy. The production of more complex elements such as electricity, drinking running water, means of transport, etc., requires the implementation of significantly more complex processes and much more knowledge. These means of production (machines, buildings, energy, raw materials) must also be produced, maintained in working order or even replaced. To these means of production, we must add the means to solve health problems, the transmission of knowledge between generations... The purpose of this article is not a complete description of the real economy, much more complex, we will leave it there.

Without going into details, we quickly realize that we are facing an economic organization that relies on the past development of the means of production, a vast organization of current production with the need to obtain the necessary raw materials and energy sources with very extensive links between the various parties. One of the important aspects is the increasing level of the volume of technical and other knowledge necessary for the functioning of the real economy. This knowledge is supported by language in all its forms (spoken, written, etc...) But still it is necessary that this language is linked to the real world (material world) to serve for the transmission of information, knowledge necessary for the functioning and the development of the real economy.

The objective of the site was to present a minimal and partial vision of the development of techniques, the evolution of technologies, the complexity of the real economy, the vast field of necessary knowledge (mathematics, fluid techniques, applied physics, resistance of materials, chemistry, etc...) the goal is not training in these problems but awakening to the existence of them. The more we discover these processes and the more we discover things that we don't know, which can be summarized by "the more we know, the more we realize that what we know is just a drop in the ocean of knowledge". The knowledge necessary for the functioning of the real economy can only exist as a collective work. It is this awareness that was the main reason for the choices made during the creation of the site. Even the most intelligent individual on the planet can only have a very limited knowledge of the set of knowledge necessary for the functioning of the real economy. It can exist today only as a collective organization with the widest possible exchange of information between individuals. To all this we must add the extraordinary speed of the evolution of technologies with the "knowledge" part becoming more and more important. Thus the main objective at the base of the choices made during the creation of the site should appear more clearly.

We should also add the study of the relationship between money and the real economy. Money is used to guide the development of the economy but also, and perhaps mainly, is a "political" means for the distribution of what is produced. To this we must also add the problems related to the motivations of the populations. These two aspects are discussed in the "articles" section.

So why "freeze the site"?

Let's compare what is at the base of the real economy and the reality of the organization of Western societies.

a) Basic means for production that result from a more or less long historical development.

Reality in the West (Western Europe and the USA): deindustrialization since the end of the 60s under the slogan "We are in the post-industrial era" and financialization of the economy (i.e. making money without any real relationship with production)

b) An increasingly extensive and complicated level of technical knowledge development

Reality in the West: continuous degradation of the training system and especially the increasingly important transition from technical and technological training to training in economics (money point of view) " and in the social (control and manipulation of populations). Technical training is seen as a rescue route for the worst students, while universities increasingly attach importance to training in the (financial) economy, social and other types of information sectors with no real link to the real economy and reduce technological training to learning theories without direct links to their applications.

c) The need to facilitate the flow of information

Reality in the West: language has transformed from a means of transmitting information about the real (Material) world into the transmission of "feelings", emotions, behaviors to adopt in order to be recognized, not to mention the increasing censorship and manipulation of information.

d) The economy in all its aspects is a work that is based on strong collaboration between individuals, a collective work.

Reality in the West: Individuals are mainly interested in their level of consumption, represented by the amount of money they can dispose of. Apart from a tiny minority, the complexity of the means of production does not interest them at all. They refuse to ask themselves the question of the origin of what they consume. Today the West consumes (in terms of real production, that is to say necessary labor, raw materials, energy, etc.) several times (5 or 10 times?) what they produce. What do the real producers think about it? Will they agree to continue exchanging their work, their raw materials, their energy sources for paper or numbers in computers? The Western "elites" believe that they will be able to force the producing countries to continue to accept the current organization of economic exchanges. How? By war? Slight problem: a war is fought with weapons, energy sources, technological means that involve vast knowledge, not to mention the motivation of the fighters. Weapons and ammunition are products, that is to say linked to an efficient production system and not to financial resources created without links to the real economy.

Then it becomes easier to understand the decision to freeze the site

It was with horror that I had to observe the evolution of the West towards self-destruction. What is the point of keeping the site in its current appearance? It's a bit like trying to stop or even slow down the Congo River with a match. The purpose of the site must be reviewed, it requires a new analysis hence the decision to freeze the site to allow me to focus my activity on the search for a survival position in the hope that the current crisis does not lead to a nuclear conflict whose result would be catastrophic for the planet but "definitive" for the West which would cease to exist. --- ( - 2024-03-23)

Condolences to Russia in connection with the tragedies at Crocus City Hall in Moscow from the owner of this site and total condemnation of this terrorist act --- (Ciesint - 2024-03-23)

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Drone attack on major Iraqi gas field plunges Kurdistan region into darkness --- (The Cradle - 2024-01-27)

Israeli media reports that Hamas has regained full control over areas of the Gaza Strip from where the Israeli army retreated --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-27)

The burning tanker Marlin Luanda. Yesterday it was hit by an anti-ship missile. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-27)

"Traitor": Argentina Paralyzed By Strikes As Thousands Protest Milei's "Shock Therapy" --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-27)

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Biden makes history: 1st sitting US president sued for complicity in genocide --- (PressTV - 2024-01-27)

In Ukraine, cemeteries have increased several times in size --- (The_Right_People - 2024-01-27)

A compilation of freudian slips. --- (Slavyangrad - 2024-01-26)

The Iranian army today includes strategic drones developed by the Ministry of Defense --- (IRNA - 2024-01-26)

An unknown drone struck a gas storage facility in the Khor Sea in the UAE. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-26)

U.S. President Biden shared a video explaining his decision to pause liquefied natural gas export approvals --- (ZandV - 2024-01-26)

How Yemen’s 'asabiyya' is reshaping geopolitics --- (The cradle - 2024-01-26)

Watch: Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He's Not Backing Down, Expects Red States To Circle Wagons, & Trump Elected In November --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-26)

Jan. 25: ‘Axis of Resistance’ operations against Israeli occupation --- (PressTV - 2024-01-26)

ICJ orders Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2024-01-26)

50 Bags Of Cocaine Seized From Belgian Socialist Minister's Office, Staffer Arrested --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-26)

War? 25 Red States Rally 'Round Texas As Battle Brews With Biden Over Border --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-26)

At present, states in red have publicly declared their support for Texan Governor Greg Abbott. --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-25)

Texas Defies 'Lawless' Biden, Invokes Right To Self-Defense From 'Invasion' With More Razor Wire --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-25)

US, Yemen engage in naval confrontation --- (PressTV - 2024-01-25)

Folding antenna made of special fiber is a new alternative to satellite dishes --- (Htech_plus - 2024-01-25)

Escobar: The Ukraine Charade, Revisited --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-25)

The United States Has No Borders --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-24)

Satan’s Agent: The World Economic Forum --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-24)

The Ever-Widening Conflict --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-24)

Why did every major Democrat-controlled city decide to stop counting ballots at the same time in 2020? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-24)

Professor and Election Expert J. Halderman Hacks into Dominion Voting Machine in Court on Friday in Georgia in front of Judge Totenberg USING ONLY A PEN TO CHANGE VOTE TOTALS --- (Thegatewaypundit - 2024-01-24)

Russian fighters penetrated into the rear of the AFU fortified area in Avdiivka underground, breaking through the enemy's defense line --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-24)

The Yemeni Houthis announced a military operation against US Navy ships in the Gulf of Aden and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait --- (ZandV - 2024-01-24)

Ukrainian Border Is Bursting At The Seams --- (South Front - 2024-01-24)

The IL-76 Shootdown By A US Patriot Missile Could Lead To Zaluzhny's Replacement With Budanov --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-24)

Arizona GOP Chair Resigns After Kari Lake Threatens "More Damaging" Recording --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-24)

Yemen forces fire ballistic missiles at US warships in continued support for Gaza --- (PressTV - 2024-01-24)

Democrats Vote For Haley In Desperate Attempt To Derail Trump --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-24)

"Rambling, Shambling Disaster Waiting To Happen" - Boeing, Not Spirit, Mis-Installed Door Plug That Blew Out; Insider Whistleblower Says --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-24)

Photos have emerged of damage to the bulk carrier Zografia, which was hit by Houthis off the coast of Yemen last week. In this case, the hull was penetrated below the waterline. --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-24)

French Mercenaries Obliterated In Kharkov, Bad Omen For NATO Personnel In Ukraine --- (South Front - 2024-01-24)

Ukrainian Military-Industrial Complex Turns Into Ruins --- (South Front - 2024-01-24)

Epic combat footage: special forces destroy the enemy at Kleshcheyevka --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-24)

The best shots of the work of Russian special forces in the Donetsk direction --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-24)

In Kharkiv, a missile attack was launched this morning on officials from the French Defense Ministry... --- (ZandV - 2024-01-24)

Farmers are protesting in the following European countries --- (ZandV - 2024-01-24)

In China, George Soros was called a global terrorist and the son of Satan --- (ZandV - 2024-01-24)

Rand Paul said Anthony Fauci deserves to be in prison, and if he were a Trump supporter, he would already be in prison. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-24)

Farmer Protests Spread Across Rural France, One Dead in Roadblock Accident --- (FARS - 2024-01-24)

Conspiracy Theorists Were Right About Climate Lockdowns --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-24)

CDC Labeled Accurate Articles As Misinformation, Documents Show --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-23)

Protests by French farmers in Bordeaux. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-23)

"If the West allows Ukraine to be defeated, then Russia, China and Iran will determine the new world order," - former NATO Secretary General George Robertson said.

But why are Western globalists so afraid if this happens? --- (ZandV - 2024-01-23)

Illegal immigrants must return home! --- (ZandV - 2024-01-23)

22 Israeli soldiers were killed in the explosion of two buildings, the shelling of a tank and the explosion of a tunnel in Khan Yunis. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-23)

Germany is considering allowing foreign citizens into the army, even from non-EU countries --- (ZandV - 2024-01-23)

At least 50 Palestinians killed by Israeli bombings on Khan Younis: medical sources --- (Xinhua - 2024-01-23)

Iran Receives First Signals from Newly-Launched Satellite --- (FARS - 2024-01-23)

Iran’s Leader calls on Muslim countries to cut off vital arteries of Israeli regime --- (PressTV - 2024-01-23)

Iranian Army receives giant fleet of indigenous combat, reconnaissance drones --- (PressTV - 2024-01-23)

Douglas Macgregor: War with IRAN is the Warhawk's Goal For The Great Reset! --- (Douglas Macgregor - 2024-01-23)

3 Things Tucker Learned About the Left, and You Should Learn Too --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-23)

Covid Having Failed to do the Job, Bill Gates Is Making a Second Run at culling the population --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-22)

In Video 18+: Mass Graves Are Growing On Ukrainian Positions --- (South Front - 2024-01-22)

Faced With Looming Defeat In Ukraine, NATO Wants WW3 To Prevent It --- (South Front - 2024-01-22)

Ukraine One Of The “Most Corrupt Nations” And Under US “Total Control” – Slovak PM --- (South Front - 2024-01-22)

A one-armed bandit in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - it looks like two-armed soldiers are already running out --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-22)

An employee of the military enlistment office was killed in Kharkov - the father of a forcibly mobilized man is suspected --- (ZandV - 2024-01-22)

NATO begins exercises on invasion of the Russian Federation and nuclear bombing of regions --- (ZandV - 2024-01-22)

FAA Urges Airlines To Inspect Another Boeing 737 Model For Mid-Air Door Blowout Risk --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-22)

The Director of the Surgical Hospital at the Nasser Medical Complex in Gaza announces that 50 martyrs and more than 100 injured have been transferred to the hospital recently --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2024-01-22)

Irish-American singer Seth Staton Watkins --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2024-01-22)

These powerful words from Ireland's Mick Wallace betray the stinking hypocrisy of the EU... --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2024-01-22)

Bacteriophage destroyed dormant superbugs for the first time --- (Htech_plus - 2024-01-22)

Images after strikes on US military base Ain al-Asad in Iraq --- (The_Right_People - 2024-01-22)

China's shipbuilding industry retains top position worldwide --- (China Daily - 2024-01-22)

World Insights: With record sales, Chinese automakers win Russian market --- (Xinhua - 2024-01-22)

Hezbollah fighters thwart Israeli military incursion into southern Lebanon --- (PressTV - 2024-01-22)

New "missing" Ukrainian soldiers (Video)). --- (ZandV - 2024-01-21)

Clans of Ukraine: Analyzing Links Between Key Groups of Ukrainian Oligarchy and European, U.S. Families and Institutions --- (South Front - New Strategic Concept - 2024-01-21)

French mercenaries… --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2024-01-21)

The border wall in Arizona was simply cut to allow migrants to pass through --- (ZandV - 2024-01-21)

On January 17, the European Parliament voted AGAINST the publication of the contents of the EU contracts with the representative of big pharma Pfizer (349 MEPs voted against, 254 for) --- (ZandV - 2024-01-21)

The 'Good Guys" --- (ZandV - 2024-01-21)

Iran Successfully Sends Indigenous Satellite into Orbit --- (FARS - 2024-01-21)

France runs away from truth and responsibility --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2024-01-21)

The death rates from the death jab are mounting. To cover up the responsibility of the “vaccine,” a new virus will be released to take the blame for the deaths --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-20)

A British Navy ship rammed its minesweeper --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-20)

The fire that broke out in the afternoon at the American base of Ain al-Assad after shelling by Iranian proxies has not yet been extinguished. --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-20)

Ballistic Missiles May Have Been Used In Huge Strike On US Base In Iraq --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-20)

Vessel traffic in the Red Sea continues to decline. It has halved since the summer of 2023 --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-20)

Initial phase of world's first commercial undersea data center maintains stable operation --- (People's Daily - 2024-01-20)

Two UK warships at risk of sinking after collision in Persian Gulf --- (PressTV - 2024-01-20)

Iran launches Soraya satellite into orbit, sets new space launch record --- (PressTV - 2024-01-20)

New Zealand investigator Liz Gunn interviewed on the arrest of Barry Young for releasing the TRUTH about vaccine fatalities --- (Brighteon - 2024-01-20)

A summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines --- (Steve Kirsch's newsletter - 2024-01-20)

Vaccine side effect? Swiss health insurer’s data shows 73% increase in people receiving cancer treatment since 2020 --- (Naturalnews - 2024-01-20)

Western taxpayers' money is propping up the most totalitarian and brutal state in the world. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-20)

French farmers block the motorways near Toulouse after the failure of talks with the trade unions. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-20)

Speaking About Real Economy... But there is no DEVELOPED economy if you have no domestic full cycle steel production --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2024-01-19)

Terrifying Footage Shows Boeing 747 Engine Fire Over Miami --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-19)

2023 Was The Worst Year On Record For Existing Home Sales --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-19)

Watch: "You Are The Problem" - Conservative Speaker Slams Davos Globalists To Their Faces --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-19)

Israel gassed own soldier to death in Gaza tunnel: Mother --- (PressTV - 2024-01-19)

The Turkish paper BirGün writes that for a realistic assessment of the AFU's losses it is worth looking at cemeteries" --- (ZandV - 2024-01-19)

?? NATO committee head has urged to prepare for war with Russia --- (ZandV - 2024-01-19)

Economic Watch: China expected to become world's top auto exporter --- (Xinhua - 2024-01-19)

What Is ‘Jaish al-Adl’, What Makes it A Dreaded Terrorist Group? --- (FARS - 2024-01-19)

Intelligence Ministry: Terrorists in Kerman bombings killed, arrested --- (PressTV - 2024-01-19)

The Silent Epidemic Eating Away Americans' Minds --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-19)

Biggest war exercises of NATO to begin next week --- (PressTV - 2024-01-19)

North Korea tests underwater nuclear-capable drone after US-led joint drills --- (PressTV - 2024-01-19)

Remote Accessible Vote-By-Mail (RAVBM) – Simplified Election Fraud --- (Martin Armstrong - 2024-01-18)

Mercenaries in Ukraine part of West’s strategy – Western media don’t want this news to get around – Thomas Roper on killed mercenaries --- (VK - 2024-01-18)

The National Assembly of Azerbaijan adopted a declaration against the sanctions decision of the French Senate --- (ZandV - 2024-01-18)

TC Shorts - The Invasion --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-18)

Journalist Uncovers "Shadowy Network" Of NGOs Facilitating US Border Invasion --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-18)

The resource of the new Betavolt atomic battery will last for 50 years --- (Htech_plus - 2024-01-18)

An efficient microbial fuel cell has been invented --- (Htech_plus - 2024-01-18)

The "grave diggers" in Ukraine have lost the remnants of humanity. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-18)

"Senseless deaths" --- (ZandV - 2024-01-18)

Republican Congressman from Ohio Jim Jordan --- (ZandV - 2024-01-18)

Tucker Carlson: unprecedented footage of the migration crisis in the United States --- (ZandV - 2024-01-18)

China's Nanchang carves out remarkable development path with LED technology --- (People's Daily - 2024-01-18)

Iraqi resistance fighters attack US military base in northeast Syria: Report --- (PressTV - 2024-01-18)

Iraqi Resistance Says ‘Vital Target’ In Central Israel Was Attacked With Cruise Missile (Video) --- (South Front - 2024-01-18)

The IDF’s War Crimes Are a Perfect Reflection of Israeli Society --- (Unz - 2024-01-18)

Captive Nation America --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-18)

Watch: EU President Demands Globalist Control Over All Information --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-17)

Ecuador: Quasi Civil War --- (Geopolitika - 2024-01-17)

Poles have resumed the blockade of the checkpoint on the border with Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2024-01-17)

Journalist covering the Gaza massacre --- (ZandV - 2024-01-17)

Clear and present danger: wars incubate fascism --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-17)

An Age of Wars? Article One --- (Globalaffairs - 2024-01-17)

First Victim Of Civil War: Military Commissar Killed In Ukraine (18+) --- (South Front - 2024-01-17)

Neural networks were asked to draw Ukraine. --- (Eurasiaexpress - 2024-01-17)

Goldman Was Dumping Billions In Stocks And Other Assets As It Told Clients To Buy --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-17)

Military Situation In Gaza Strip; 93rd Day Of Fighting – Israeli Forces Retreats From Northern Gaza --- (ISWN - 2024-01-17)

This Is What They Don’t Want You to Know About the Climate Agenda --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-16)

In Germany Citizens Have to Swear Allegiance to Israel --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-16)

Deal Done, Iran to Get Mil Mi-28 Chopper, Sukhoi Su-35 Jet --- (Tasnim - 2024-01-16)

Slovakia supports Hungary's "legitimate" struggle against allocating 50 billion euros from the EU budget to Ukraine and will not allow Budapest to be deprived of the right to vote --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-16)

Exclusive: Jaysh al-Dhulm Terrorist Group's Bases in Pakistan Hit by Missiles, Drones --- (Tasnim - 2024-01-16)

Ukrainian military commissars tried to break into the house of a man who was planned to be forcibly mobilized, but he shot one of them at point-blank range with a pistol in the head and killed him. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-16)

A strong statement by the MEP from Slovakia --- (ZandV - 2024-01-16)

THE GREAT U.S. OIL BAMBOOZLE: How The U.S. EIA Is Manipulating Crude Oil Production Data --- (Srsroccoreport - 2024-01-16)

US military complex does not want peace, as American people do – Alex Jones to RT --- (VK - 2024-01-16)

US special forces went missing while trying to capture an Iranian ship with missile components --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-16)

IRGC: We attacked the headquarters of Mossad spies in Iraqi Kurdistan --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-16)

Consequences of an IRGC missile attack on a facility in Erbil, the headquarters of the Mossad. --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-16)

IRGC Showers Mossad, Daesh Bases with Barrage of Missiles --- (FARS - 2024-01-16)

Thousands Of Tractors Blocks Berlin Traffic Over Plan To End Diesel Subsidy --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-16)

IRGC anti-terror strikes in line with defending Iran’s sovereignty, citizens: Foreign Ministry --- (PressTV - 2024-01-16)

LNG Exporting Giant Suspends Shipping Through Red Sea --- (FARS - 2024-01-16)

The Israeli publication Yediot Ahronot decided to maintain the intensity of the conflict and stated that most of the Hamas leaders are well, and Israel's goals have not been achieved, despite the losses suffered. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-16)

A ballistic missile strike on a US base --- (ZandV - 2024-01-16)

During the day, Hamas and its Allies fired more than 100 Shahed-136M and Shahed-138 drones at US facilities in Iraq --- (ZandV - 2024-01-16)

The IRGC (Iran) continues to strike, now at the headquarters of the Mossad and the IDF The IRGC's ballistic missiles are currently aimed at the following facilities
The IRGC's ballistic missiles are currently aimed at the following facilities --- (ZandV - 2024-01-16)

North Korean clone of the American RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV. --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-16)

BREAKING: Ballistic missiles & suicide drones are reportedly striking near Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, and the U.S. Consulate --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-16)

Something About British Military... --- (Douglas Macgregor - 2024-01-15)

What do you know about G77+China? --- (Almayadeen - 2024-01-15)

Democrats Are the Worst Enemies Americans Have --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-15)

The Hard Evidence Mounts that They Intend to Kill Us All --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-15)

The Iraqi resistance has attacked US bases in Iraq and Syria --- (IRNA - 2024-01-15)

Thousands of tractors block Berlin as farmers protest --- (PressTV - 2024-01-15)

Is This Why A UK Broadcast Is So Aggressively Pro-Israel? --- (FARS - 2024-01-15)

Iran’s President: Gaza War Lays Bare Inefficiency of UN, Arab League, OIC --- (FARS - 2024-01-15)

Israel’s Gaza withdrawal, a prelude to full-out war --- (The Cradle - 2024-01-14)

How Israeli forces trapped and killed ravers at the Nova Festival --- (The Cradle - 2024-01-14)

Violent explosions rock US occupation base in Syria --- (The Cradle - 2024-01-14)

Footage of Israel targeting civil defence personnel in Khan Yunis, Gaza. --- (The Cradle - 2024-01-14)

INSANE FOOTAGE: Hamas (Al-Qassam) published a new video showing the targeting of military vehicles & tanks from POINT-BLANK range (several times) --- (Twitter - 2024-01-14)

A little more neural network with the so-called situation. Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2024-01-14)

Farmers from many neighboring countries joined strikes, demonstrations and road blockades in Germany --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-14)

China's AG600M amphibious aircraft complete key test flights --- (Xinhua - 2024-01-14)

ATF Says The Quiet Part Out Loud --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-14)

Escobar: Year Of The Dragon - Silk Roads, BRICS Roads, & Sino-Roads --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-14)

NETANYAHU'S GODFATHER, How British Imperialists Created the Fascist Jabotinsky --- (Executive Intelligence Review - 2024-01-14)

Was the January 6 “Riot” Instigator Working Undercover for the FBI? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-13)

4,000 Israeli Occupation Soldiers Already Disabled, 30,000 Projected in Unseen Rise --- (Almanar - 2024-01-13)

In 2022, a total of 7221 metal cutting machines and 9790 forging and pressing machines were produced --- (The_Right_People - 2024-01-13)

Gonzalo Lira Sr. claims his son, American citizen and journalist Gonzalo Lira, has died in a Ukrainian prison. --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-13)

Report: Insolvency Filings in Germany Keep Risin --- (FARS - 2024-01-13)

Number of UK Households Failing to Pay Energy Bills Jumps by 39% --- (FARS - 2024-01-13)

Report: 4,000 Israeli Soldiers Disabled in Ongoing Gaza War --- (FARS - 2024-01-13)

US Escalates Two-Front War On Serbia --- (South Front - 2024-01-13)

Houthis claim to make hits on Western ships, US and UK deny any impacts --- (VK - 2024-01-12)

Looted India: Cost of an Empire --- (VK - 2024-01-12)

The American journalist Gonzalo Lira, who criticized Zelensky, died after being tortured in a Ukrainian prison
The American journalist Gonzalo Lira, who criticized Zelensky, died in a Ukrainian prison --- (RVvoenkor / zvezdanews - 2024-01-12)

Will Russia & China Prevent Washington from Expanding the Conflict? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-12)

The Normalization of Mass Murder --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-12)

The World Economic Forum in Davos will discuss "a new pandemic, 20 times scarier than coronavirus" --- (ZandV - 2024-01-12)

A demonstration of thousands of farmers took place in Nuremberg --- (ZandV - 2024-01-12)

Vladimir Zelensky admitted catastrophic losses in the Patriot air defense system --- (ZandV - 2024-01-12)

Texas Seizes Control Of Border City Park, Escalating War Against Illegal Immigration --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-12)

Garland summarized situation with Yemen extremely well --- (Garland - Martyanov - 2024-01-12)

The US resumed imports of Russian oil at the end of last year, and at price much higher than the $60 price cap set by the G7 in Dec 2022 ($74.9 per barrel) --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-12)

The range of the Houthi's longest-range ballistic missiles. --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-12)

The Root Cause Of Academic Groupthink --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-12)

Video Shows IDF Shooting Unarmed, Loitering West Bank Palestinians, Killing One --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-12)

"Futile Waste Of Human Resources & Money" - EU PM Says West Got Ukraine All Wrong --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-12)

US Budget Deficit Soars By 50% In December As Fiscal Collapse Under Biden Accelerates --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-12)

Gaza War Expands As US, UK Warplanes Bomb Houthi Strongholds In Yemen --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-12)

US, UK must be ready for 'heavy price' after attacks on Yemen: Ansarullah --- (PressTV - 2024-01-12)

Extremely important supplement to the Bret Weinstein interview by Jeffrey Tucker --- ( - 2024-01-11)

Since Fauci just testified (in closed session) before Congress, I provide the evidence of some well-documented crimes he committed --- (Meryl Nass - 2024-01-11)

The Global WHO Uprising Has Begun! on CHD TV - World Goverment? --- (Corbettreport - 2024-01-11)

Iran’s Navy seizes US oil tanker with court order --- (PressTV - 2024-01-11)

On Thursday, Israel will appear before the International Court of Justice in The Hague for the first time in history on the claim of the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) against Israel on charges of genocide and war crimes. --- (IRNA - 2024-01-11)

"The leadership of the American economy in the world is a myth, since most of the US economy is an extremely bloated financial sector that has almost nothing to do with real production --- (ZandV - 2024-01-10)

Massive Israeli Raid into Jenin Sparks Confrontations as Aggression in West Bank Continues --- (Almanar - 2024-01-10)

‘Operational Control’? – What Newly-Released Resistance Videos Tell Us about the Gaza Battles --- (Palestinechronicle - 2024-01-10)

"The Houthis in Yemen carried out the first attack on a US ship in the Red Sea after the American attack on their naval forces on December 31 --- (ZandV - 2024-01-10)

Yemen anti-ships missiles --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-10)

What were Israel's goals? --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-10)

The crime of the century goes to court --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-10)

WHO says humanitarian, medical situation "dramatically bad" in Gaza --- (Xinhua - 2024-01-10)

China's homegrown C919 jetliner flies on new regular route --- (Xinhua

WHO says humanitarian, medical situation "dramatically bad" in Gaza
WHO says humanitarian, medical situation "dramatically bad" in GazaXinhua 2024-01-10
- 2024-01-10)

Multiple glass materials discovered in Chang'e-5 lunar regolith samples --- (Xinhua - 2024-01-10)

What's The Source Of The Astounding 50% Boost In Corporate Profits? --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-10)

Plastic Chemicals Causing Infertility, Diabetes Found 'Widespread' In Common Food Items: Report --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-09)

Having Killed All the Ukrainian Men, Now Washington Starts on the Women --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-09)

Jews Question the Holocaust Narrative --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-09)

What The Collapse Looks Like... --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2024-01-09)

Bear Market: Used Car Market Gives More Breathing Room For Fed --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-09)

Gaza under attack --- (PressTV - 2024-01-09)

Ukrainian media report that citizens are massively closing their bank cards and withdrawing all the money from their accounts. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-09)

Operators of the Western Group of Troops hit 3 German-made Leopard-2 tanks with FPV drones at once in the Kharkiv region --- (RVvoenkor - 2024-01-09)

United Finds "Loose Bolts" On 737 Max Doors After Emergency Inspection --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-09)

Jeffrey Epstein’s Ties to Mossad --- (FARS - 2024-01-09)

Palestinian Official: Israeli Authorities, Illegal Settlers Carried Out Over 12,000 Attacks in 2023 --- (FARS - 2024-01-09)

New Zealand Fudged The Data On How Kidneys Fare After COVID Vaccines --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-09)

German Truckers Team Up With Farmers To Raise Hell Over Disappearing Fuel Subsidies --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-09)

In Rome, the new fascists publicly and openly honored the memory of their predecessors who died during the Second World War. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-09)

Russia and Iran have completely abandoned SWIFT for trade between them --- (ZandV - 2024-01-09)

(Ukraine)Colonel of the rear sent 170 million UAH intended for food supplies to the companies of his wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law --- (ZandV - 2024-01-09)

Farmers from Poland are backing the protest staged by their German counterparts --- (ZandV - 2024-01-09)

Bolivia says will join South Africa's ICJ case against Israel for genocide in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2024-01-08)

NATO Plunging In Battle For Crimea? --- (South Front - 2024-01-08)

How Russia Must Reinvent Itself to Defeat the West’s ‘Hybrid War’ --- (Globalaffairs - 2024-01-08)

“We Are Shaking off the Western Yoke…” --- (Globalaffairs - 2024-01-08)

Russia Can Become a Guarantor of Peace and the Military-Political Core of the World Majority --- (Globalaffairs - 2024-01-08)

An Age of Wars? Article One --- (Globalaffairs - 2024-01-08)

German farmers not only block roads with agricultural vehicles, but also dump manure right in the middle of the streets --- (ZandV - 2024-01-08)

The cost of shipping a 40-foot container has skyrocketed to $2,760 --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-08)

Gaza: There is a war on women, and a war on truth. A war on hospitals and doctors, and a war on Palestine's youth --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2024-01-08)

Thousands of farmers in Germany went to block the autobahns, protesting against the Liver Sausage policy --- (Proofzzz - 2024-01-08)

Number of UK Businesses Going Bust Rises 52% in Two Years --- (FARS - 2024-01-08)

Here's What Really Happened on January 6th --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-08)

Judging Freedom& Douglas McGregor: Does America need foreign bases? --- (Douglas McGregor - 2024-01-08)

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq attacked the US base in Syria --- (IRNA - 2024-01-07)

Ukrainian air defences are powerless against Russian X-22 cruise missiles. This was stated by retired German General Erhard Bühler. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-07)

Ukraine has lost the enterprises capable of producing the most powerful missiles in the country --- (ZandV - 2024-01-07)

China's shipping firm COSCO halts shipments to Israel --- (PressTV - 2024-01-07)

War Approaches Yemen, Lebanon --- (South Front - 2024-01-07)

NATO Plunging In Battle For Crimea --- (South Front - 2024-01-07)

US presidential candidate Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. recalls US motives in the Ukrainian conflict --- (ZandV - 2024-01-07)

The X-32 rocket. It is a deep modernization of the X-22 missile --- (Colonel Cassad - 2024-01-07)

Sweden tackles extreme cold in north, snow chaos in south --- (PressTV - 2024-01-07)

Explainer: Why is IRGC’s Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis warship a big breakthrough? --- (PressTV - 2024-01-07)

China Sanctions US Companies Amid Taiwan Arms Sales --- (FARS - 2024-01-07)

American Soldiers Are Being Put In Danger For Israel --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-07)

"The Death Toll Of A Global War": Bret Weinstein And Tucker Discuss COVID Vaccine, WHO's Authoritarian Plans For Humanity --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-07)

The Perfidious Unreality Of The "New Normal" --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-07)

'You made a mistake': Jenin Brigades says successfully trapped Israeli vehicles --- (PressTV - 2024-01-07)

Bret Weinstein Exposes the World Health Organization’s Dark Agenda --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-07)

A culture dominated by delusion and incompetence? --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2024-01-06)

The climate change agenda --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2024-01-06)

Engines: Pratt reveals other GTF variants have disk defect but predicts minimal A220 and E-Jet impact --- (Flightglobal - 2024-01-06)

operation by the Islamic Resistance targeting the “Meron” air surveillance base belonging to the Israeli enemy army --- (Palestinechronicle - 2024-01-06)

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Israel exhumes 1100 graves in Gaza, 'steals' bodies of Palestinians --- (PressTV - 2024-01-06)

"Coalition-SV" --- (ZandV - 2024-01-06)

IRGC Delivers New Strategic Equipment to Naval Fleet --- (FARS - 2024-01-06)

Scientists Detect Spike Protein From COVID Vaccination In Long COVID Patients --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-06)

Green Energy Waste Overlooked In Climate Agenda --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-06)

IRGC adds Abu Mahdi Muhandis warship, 100 fast-attack crafts to naval fleet --- (PressTV - 2024-01-06)

Two Israeli tankers targeted by ‘unidentified’ drones off Maldives --- (PressTV - 2024-01-06)

Hezbollah pounds Israeli aerial surveillance base with 62 missiles --- (PressTV - 2024-01-06)

One of Jabotinsky's right-hand men was Benjamin Netanyahu's father, Benzion Netanyahu (né Mileikowsky; 1910–2012)... --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2024-01-05)

Recruitment Problems Plague US Military --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2024-01-05)

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited a plant producing “military launch vehicles” --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-05)

ISM Services Plunged In November, Employment Crashed --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-05)

Florida Surgeon General Warns Against Using mRNA COVID Vaccines Over Possible Cancer Risk --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-05)

Inflation, Money Supply, GDP, Unemployment and the Dollar - Alternate Data Series --- (Shadowstats - 2024-01-05)

Inside The Catastrophic Jobs Report: Record 1.5 Million Crash In Full-Time Jobs, Multiple Jobholders Soar To Record, Native Born Workers Plunge And Much More --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-05)

Jan. 4: ‘Axis of Resistance’ operations against Israeli occupation --- (PressTV - 2024-01-05)

A clever tiger... --- (Dfhumor - 2024-01-05)

The US is preparing for war in the Middle East --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-05)

Japan Earthquake: Death Toll Rises to 81 Amid Warnings of Landslides, Aftershocks
Aftermath of Devastating Earthquake in Japan --- (FARS - 2024-01-05)

Largest French Supermarket Chain Boycotts PepsiCo Due To "Unacceptable Price Increases" --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-05)

Jeffrey Epstein's Brother Reveals Everything He Knows --- (Tucker Carlson - 2024-01-05)

Apocalypse Now: The Government's Use Of Controlled-Chaos To Maintain Power --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-05)

Geopolitics: "US involvement in this [Gaza] crisis is a disaster"- John Mearsheimer --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-05)

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The crazy grandfather in this video already looks like a maniac --- (Proofzzz - 2024-01-04)

Ukraine's Leopard 2 Tanks Are Nearly All Destroyed Or Broken --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-04)

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Florida Surgeon General Confirms Dark Secret About the mRNA COVID-19 “Vaccines” --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-04)

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Fascism then and now --- (Geopolitika - 2024-01-03)

Iranian President: The Iranian people will defend the Revolution and the battlefield until the roots of terrorism are eradicated --- (IRNA - 2024-01-03)

Grabbed, twisted, taken away --- (ZandV - 2024-01-03)

Those born in the USSR will understand. --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2024-01-03)

Rostec announced the completion of tests of the latest version of the Pantsir-SM-SV ZRPC on a tracked chassis --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2024-01-03)

Japan Faces ‘Race Against Time’ to Find Quake Survivors as Death Toll Rises --- (FARS - 2024-01-03)

Iran Unveils Home-Made Plasma Therapy Machine to Treat Chronic Cancer --- (FARS - 2024-01-03)

Turkish police arrest 33 people suspected of spying for Mossad --- (PressTV - 2024-01-02)

The Year That Expertise Collapsed --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-02)

Rigging Elections Worldwide? --- (Martin Armstrong - 2024-01-02)

Israeli military fails to identify man impersonating a soldier and stealing war weapons --- (IRNA - 2024-01-02)

Evening tour of New Year's Seattle --- (Proofzzz - 2024-01-02)

Today, in addition to the earthquake, Japan was also covered by a tsunami, up to five meters high --- (ZandV - 2024-01-02)

42 victims of the Nova concert on October 7 filed a civil lawsuit against the IDF, the police and the Israel Defense Forces internal security. --- (ZandV - 2024-01-02)

Hamas reported that during the New Year holidays, 5 IDF armored vehicles were destroyed and 1 Apache attack helicopter was shot down --- (Intelslava - 2024-01-02)

Iran's Alborz warship passes through Bab el-Mandeb Strait, enters Red Sea --- (PressTV - 2024-01-02)

Geert's Concern about the New Covid Variant (JN.1) --- (Voiceforscienceandsolidarity - 2024-01-01)

The International Red Cross handed over the bodies of 80 martyrs to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and after that it turned out that the hands and feet of the victims had been cut off, and some parts of their bodies had been stolen. --- (IRNA - 2024-01-01)

Ten Yemeni naval forces killed in attempt to block Israeli-linked ship in Red Sea --- (PressTV - 2024-01-01)

A group of Iranian graphic designers have designed posters for some of the 8,000 murdered Palestinian children called “Repeat Their Names” --- (Irna - 2024-01-01)

"We Are Going To See 'Collisions' All Over The Planet" - Pushback Against Tyranny & Control Will Accelerate In 2024" --- (Zero Hedge - 2024-01-01)

The Turkish ANKA-3 UAV made its first flight in Ankara. --- (Belarus_VPO - 2023-12-31)

A moment of history --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-31)

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Depopulation and the mRNA Vaccine --- (Peter Koenig - 2023-12-28)

China has unveiled a new unmanned reconnaissance and strike platform --- (ZandV - 2023-12-28)

In Iran, the modernization of the Shahed-136 – Shahed-238 UAV was presented --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-28)

Dec. 27: ‘Axis of Resistance’ operations against Israeli occupation --- (PressTV - 2023-12-28)

Liberal Totalitarianism --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-12-28)

Israeli forces raid West Bank money exchange offices, seize millions of dollars --- (PressTV - 2023-12-28)

China has shown a marine drone with a maximum payload of 50 kg and a speed of 6 m/s --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-28)

China has developed a dual-mode detonating engine for hypersonic missiles --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-28)

How to Prevent a Third World War(Update) --- (Globalaffairs - 2023-12-28)

'Are Netanyahu's actions different from Hitler's?' --- (ZandV - 2023-12-28)

Israeli occupation soldiers wounded during clashes with the Palestinian resistance in Ramallah(West Bank, not Gaza) --- (ZandV - 2023-12-28)

China's Sichuan promotes bamboo as eco-friendly substitute for plastics --- (People's Daily - 2023-12-28)

Escobar: Russia-China Are On A Roll --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-28)

Massive 'Safe-Haven' Panic Bid In Bonds, Gold, & Swissy Sparks Dollar Exodus --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-28)

Argentine police and demonstrators clash in anti-government protest --- (PressTV - 2023-12-28)

Iraqi resistance strikes 'vital Israeli target’ in occupied Golan Heights --- (PressTV - 2023-12-28)

Former US President Jimmy Carter on AIPAC, Palestine and Israel --- (Informationclearinghouse - 2023-12-27)

Ukraine will have to postpone the payment of civil servants' salaries and pensions to millions of its citizens if the EU and the USA do not provide financial aid in early 2024 --- (ZandV - 2023-12-27)

They lied to you about all their other Wars --- (ZandV - 2023-12-27)

Homelessness Among Armed Forces Veterans in England Rises by 14% --- (FARS - 2023-12-27)

Marjorie Taylor Greene Complains About FBI’s Inaction After Being Swatted For The 8th Time On Christmas Day --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-27)

Palestinian Resistance Strikes Back: Devastating Losses for Israeli Occupation Forces Invading Gaza --- (Almanar - 2023-12-26)

Israeli war budget falls $20bln short, spurs closure of 10 ministries --- (Almayadeen - 2023-12-26)

Hamas Mop the Floor With Israel's Elite Ground Units Using Guerilla Warfare --- (Richard Medhurst - 2023-12-26)

What the Lying Scum Media and Democrats Pretend to be “Asylum Seekers” is in Reality a NGO-Organized Invasion of the US --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-26)

Illegal Alien Invasion Maps Exposed --- (Muckraker - 2023-12-26)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to mobilize the disabled of the third group --- (ZandV - 2023-12-26)

Biden's decision to defend Israel's use of force in Gaza while condemning Russia in Ukraine has already had "a real-world impact on relations between the global north and south, and west and east, creating consequences that could reverberate for decades." --- (ZandV - 2023-12-26)

A Palestinian girl is half buried in rubble after the Israeli occupation army destroyed her house --- (ZandV - 2023-12-26)

Gambling Habits Of Transgender Monkeys On Meth - Rand Paul Exposes $900 Billion In Govt Waste --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-26)

This Year, Americans Have Become Hungrier, Lonelier And More Desperate --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-26)

Israel Paying a Heavy Price for Its Crimes --- (Kevin Barrett - 2023-12-26)

The U.S. Navy Is Unprepared for a Prolonged War with Yemen --- (Larry Johnson - 2023-12-26)

Iran presented the launcher of a coastal missile system equipped with Talayieh cruise missiles with a range of more than 1000 km. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-26)

African countries supported by Russia: Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger in September created a military alliance - the “Alliance of Sahel States” and plan to create a single state in the future. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-26)

The United Nations and human rights organizations have confirmed that the Jewish terrorists are carrying out field executions against civilians in Gaza after forcibly removing them from displacement centers and stripping them --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-25)

Watch: Why Did the BiS Trade Gold Swaps Recently?- GATA Analyst --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-25)

"Mass Migration Blueprints" Reveal NGOs "Carefully Planned" US Migrant Invasion, Report Says --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-25)

We continue the topic of manufacturing and upgrading self-propelled robots --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-25)

At least 50 fertilizer production facilities have closed in Europe. This is stated in a report by Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (a major financial group among the world's top ten). --- (The_Right_People - 2023-12-25)

UK Homeless at Christmas: on Frontline of Rough Sleeping --- (FARS - 2023-12-25)

After Hamas, Hezbollah and Yemen, Iraqi resistance takes on Israeli regime --- (PressTV - 2023-12-25)

In Video: Russian Small FPV Drone Forced Entire Ukrainian Unit To Retreat --- (South Front southfront - 2023-12-25)

Pro-Russian Guerrilla Fighters Derailed Train With German Military Equipment In Odessa Region – Report --- (South Front - 2023-12-25)

The Next Conflict With America - Gaza - Israel --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-24)

Scott Ritter speaks to CPI convention --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-24)

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Tucker Carlson - "What happens between Israel and Palestine is NOT OUR..." --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-12-24)

Israeli settlers set fire to the Christmas tree in Bethlehem. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-24)

Iran Navy takes delivery of new homegrown cruise missiles, choppers --- (PressTV - 2023-12-24)

US Attacked 100 Times In Iraq & Syria Since October --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-24)

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Washington Regards Truth As Its Most Dangerous Enemy --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-23)

The jewish invaders --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-23)

Once we produced real things, then we shifted all this to other countries, and we started printing money ourselves
Tucker Carlson Uncensored: America's Debt Addiction --- (Proofzzz - Tucker-Carlson - 2023-12-23)

Israel-affiliated merchant vessel hit by drone 200 kilometers off coast of India --- (PressTV - 2023-12-23)

Taking advantage of the EU summit, Channel 24 presenter Alexei Pevchiy escaped from Ukraine --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-23)

Deconstructing Golani retreat: How Hamas forced Israeli military into a corner --- (PressTV - 2023-12-23)

Iraq’s Islamic resistance says hit Israeli target in Mediterranean Sea --- (PressTV - 2023-12-23)

Israeli media reported that the Golani Brigade was withdrawn from the Gaza Strip after 60 days of fighting during which it suffered heavy casualties. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-23)

Queue for groceries in Toronto. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-23)

Pentagon Alarmed Over Huge Price Tag Of Countering Cheap Yemeni Drones --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-23)

How Israeli forces bulldozed, buried alive Palestinians at Kamal Adwan Hospital --- (PressTV - 2023-12-23)

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Key figures from brutal Israel Genocide on Gaza. (2023-12-21) --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-21)

Your study should begin long before 1948 perhaps 1897. --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-21)

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Reporter GOES OFF on Biden Border Patrol facilitating the invasion of our country --- (OwenShroyer - 2023-12-21)

Employees of one of the metallurgical plants in Germany solemnly rolled out the last steel pipe --- (Proofzzz - 2023-12-21)

There is a new flash mob in Georgia. In protest against the persecution of an activist who publicly burned the EU flag, people started burning EU flags and filming it on camera. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-21)

Putin Seizes Multi-Billion-Dollar OMV And Wintershall Stakes In Russian Ventures --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-21)

NATO and Zelensky: the infamous organ trafficking in Ukraine --- (Donbass-insider - 2023-12-21)

The consequences of the arrival of the Russian FAB-500 aerial bomb --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-21)

IDF Executes 11 Men in front of family members says UN --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-21)

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Nothing to see here. Move along... --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-21)

This is What the Gaza Resistance Did Today --- (Palestinechronicle - 2023-12-21)

Quds News reports that according to Israeli news sites the Israeli 828 battalion in Shujaiya was ordered to execute any male "of fighting age". --- (Euromedmonitor - Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-21)

Israel’s Culture of Deceit --- (Chris Hedges - 2023-12-21)

In the new sodium-ion battery, the energy density increased by 50% to 170 Wh/kg --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-20)

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico confirmed that Slovakia will block Ukraine's admission to NATO, as this would be a step towards World War III. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-20)

Cracks In The COVID Narrative Widen --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-20)

95% of trade between China and Russia is no longer conducted in dollars --- (IRNA - 2023-12-20)

Escaping Calypso's Island Episode 2: Trapped in the Cave (The Curse of Game Theory) --- (Matthew Ehret - 2023-12-20)

The Terror Watchlist Prepared the Way to Tyranny --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-19)

The T-72 of the Ukrainian Armed Forces epically detonated along with its crew. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-19)

Hungary, Türkiye elevate bilateral ties to "priority strategic" level --- (People's Daily - 2023-12-19)

Hungary, Türkiye elevate bilateral ties to "priority strategic" level --- (Xinhua - 2023-12-19)

Islamic resistance attack on three Israeli posts in occupied Shebaa Farms --- (Almanar - 2023-12-19)

Tucker Nails It At Jimmy's Show. --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-12-19)

From Chinese on the fall of the USSR. It is worth considering. --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2023-12-19)

Video: la guerre en Ukraine, drones
Lancets --- (Lostarmour - 2023-12-19)

Scott Ritter: Ham*s & Hezbollah's Cheap Drones Are Destroying Israel's Tank --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-18)

Scott Ritter: Israel lost too many main battle tanks by Ham*s & Hezbollah --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-18)

Douglas Macgregor:Türkiye will destroy Israel with nuclear weapons if they don't cease fire in Gaza --- (Douglas Macgregor - 2023-12-18)

Scott Ritter: Israel is in panic-mode, they must sale of Merkova-3 tanks to perpetuate lies in Gaza --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-18)

Douglas Macgregor : Saudi Arabia threats Israel --- (Douglas Macgregor - 2023-12-18)

German farmers decided to follow the example of their French colleagues and visited Berlin... --- (Proofzzz - 2023-12-18)

BP, Evergreen, Euronav Halt Sailings Through Chaotic Red Sea As Insurers Demand 'War Risk Coverage' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-18)

Iran calls for international investigation into Israel's burying of Palestinians alive in Gaza hospital --- (PressTV - 2023-12-18)

In the Jewish globalist paradigm, "Israel wants to unite the world under her spiritual guidance --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-18)

A children's hospital in the southern Gaza Strip was bombed twice on Sunday --- (Proofzzz - 2023-12-18)

A female IOF terrorist brags about the Palestinians she has murdered in Gaza --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-18)

For the FIRST time in modern and perhaps ancient history, a prisoner sends a letter of thanks to her jailers! This is how the Palestinian hospitality works --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-18)

Another testimony has been released showing an ''israeli'' former captive, who was freed during the recent exchange, talking about how the Jewish occupation military shot at the tractor taking them to Gaza, killing her mother and injuring her and her daughter" --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-18)

Tucker Carlson and Jimmy Dore Discuss the Government & Media’s Destruction of Truth Tellers --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-17)

A former Commander of the Golani Brigade just told 'Israeli' Channel 12 that his unit, which is comprised of 5 battalions totaling about 4,000 individuals, has lost a quarter - yes, A QUARTER - of its combat forces in Gaza! --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-17)

Hong Kong shipping giant OOCL, one of the world's largest container transportation companies and which once possessed the biggest individual container ship in the world, the OOCL Hong Kong, has just announced it will cease all Red Sea operations --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-17)

"Ukrainian Israel" is a very explicit song from a rabbi. --- (Otryadkovpaka - 2023-12-17)

The defeat of the Israeli tank Merkava Mk. IV with Al-Yasin tandem ammunition from an RPG-7 in the Deir el-Balah area. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-17)

CNN Town Hall Host Tries To Disrupt Vivek Ramaswamy As he Reveals Truth Behind J6 --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-17)

Shipping company OOCL halts all shipments to Israeli regime --- (PressTV - 2023-12-17)

A resident of Lviv "demonstrates sincere joy" when they explain to him all the benefits of a winter landing in Krynki. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-17)

Pro-Vaccine Journalist Who Called for Punishment For Refusing Jab Dies Suddenly --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-17)

COVID Propaganda Roundup: Croatian MEP Calls to Designate WHO a Terrorist Organization --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-17)

Few Options In Wake of the Al-Shifa Débacle, the War Lengthens and Widens --- (Alastair Crooke - 2023-12-17)

Palestinian Resistance Bombards Occupied Jerusalem as Battle Rages On; Abu Obeida Accuses ‘Israel’ of Misleading killed Figures --- (Almanar - 2023-12-17)

Strategic Reflections From Moscow --- (Alastair Crooke - 2023-12-17)

Andrei Martyanov - Realthruthtalk --- (Realthruthtalk - 2023-12-17)

Great talk with George Galloway. --- (George Galloway - Col Mc Gregor - 2023-12-17)

Israeli bulldozers 'buried Palestinians alive' inside tents in Gaza hospital, report says --- (PressTV - 2023-12-17)

Russian Strategic Missile Troops rearmed with Avangard system --- (VK Video - 2023-12-16)

Ukrainian marines carried out a suicide mission while crossing the Dnieper River - The New York Times --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-16)

Intentional Destruction: First COVID, Now Comes "The Great Taking --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-16)

The Israeli military killed three hostages in Gaza, assessing them as a threat --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-12-16)

US homelessness hits record high amid cost of living crisis --- (PressTV - 2023-12-16)

Protests rock Tel Aviv after Israel admits killing own people in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-16)

And here we have Ansarullah moujahideen who have such faith in ALLAH (SWT) and battlefield trust in themselves that they're engaged in target practice with AK-47s... ON EACH OTHER! --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-16)

BREAKING: Fierce fighting has ERUPTED in the Balata Refugee Camp of Nablus (Not Gaza). --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-16)

IDF soldiers show the place where journalists should be. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, real democratic values... --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-16)

The use of the new 57-mm ZSU 2 c 38 "Derivation-PO" installations by the Russian Armed Forces --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-16)

Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Makes 'Aberrant Proteins', Experts Concerned About Autoimmunity Events --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-16)

Iran, China, Saudi Arabia urge swift action to stop Israel’s war machine in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-15)

“Armageddon Lobby”: How Christian Zionists Influence U.S. Policy --- (Geopolitika - 2023-12-15)

The Palestinian Resistance in Jenin(Not Gaza)) strikes back! --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-15)

Further testimonies by Jewish occupation terrorists prove that ''israeli'' apaches, as well as ''israeli'' tanks, were responsible for killing many ''israeli'' squatter --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-15)

As a direct consequence of the actions of the Yemeni Armed Forces, shipping giant Maersk has announced the cessation of all shipping operations in the Red Sea. --- (Cultures_of_Resistance - 2023-12-15)

Yemeni Army says attacked two Israel-bound ships defying its warnings --- (PressTV - 2023-12-15)

At night, Yemeni Hussites captured and attacked a Bulgarian cargo ship sailing to Israel with the help of UAVs - Globe EyeNews --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-12-15)

'How to get rid of a population' conference takes place in Rome --- (PressTV - 2023-12-15)

Satellite photo shows US airbase in Iraq suffered major damage from drone attacks --- (PressTV - 2023-12-15)

Hamas announces killing '36 Israeli forces in 72 hours' --- (PressTV - 2023-12-15)

Russian MIL claimed that the US “manufactured biological crises” in 2019 and have “started to prepare a new pandemic” to enact “global control”. --- (AshBrierley_UKPA - 2023-12-15)

Australian senator, Malcolm Roberts: "We will expose your global agenda." --- (AshBrierley_UKPA - 2023-12-15)

STOCK WATCH: Pfizer shares almost 50% down year-to-date --- (AshBrierley_UKPA - 2023-12-15)

Thomas Massie Vs John Kerry On Climate Change --- (AshBrierley_UKPA - 2023-12-15)

Drones attacked US military bases in northeast Syria --- (IRNA - 2023-12-15)

The Israelis accidentally killed 20 of their soldiers --- (IRNA - 2023-12-15)

Details have emerged about the destruction of the Patriot air defense system --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-15)

Western culture disgraced in Gaza --- (Khamenei - 2023-12-14)

FDA & HHS Sued Over Docs Revealing Suppression Of HCQ And Ivermectin --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-14)

In Video: Hamas Fighters Hunt Israeli Tanks, Troops In Gaza --- (South Front - 2023-12-14)

Houthis Attacked, Captured Container Ships Close To Bab El-Mandeb Strait --- (South Front - 2023-12-14)

War on Global Agriculture: The Unsustainable ‘Sustainable’ UN Agenda 2030 --- (F. William Engdahl - 2023-12-14)

70% Of Deaths From Pfizer Vaccine In Japan Reported Within 10 Days Of Jab: Study --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-14)

Fattah-2 Hypersonic Missile --- (Iswnews - 2023-12-14)

Video: Iran unveils 2000 km ballistic missile; Khorramshahr --- (Iswnews - 2023-12-14)

Al-Yasin 105 Thermobaric and Anti-Bunker version --- (Iswnews - 2023-12-14)

Yemeni Army Conducts Missile Attack On Norwegian Tanker En Route To Israel --- (Iswnews - 2023-12-14)

What is the state of the de-dollarization? --- (Almayadeen - 2023-12-14)


Americans Are a Brainwashed Country that Supports Censorship and False Official Narratives --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-13)

The World Watches the Extermination of Palestinians and Yawns --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-13)

Biden, a bought-and-paid-for Israeli Puppet declares: “I am a Zionist.” The Jewish US Secretary of State said the same --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-13)

Meanwhile the main representative of American leadership hardly understands what is going on. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-13)

The Russian Army continues its offensive along the entire front, - the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-12-13)

UN vote calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-13)

Depopulation... --- (Dem0graphics - 2023-12-13)

Last year Germany saw only 738,819 births --- (Dem0graphics - 2023-12-13)

Czechia births --- (Dem0graphics - 2023-12-13)

Population pyramid in Japan --- (Dem0graphics - 2023-12-13)

Where are the KURDS? --- (Dem0graphics - 2023-12-13)

US Population Grow --- (Dem0graphics - 2023-12-13)

The Russian hacker group Solntsepek took responsibility for a large-scale hacker attack on the largest mobile operator in Ukraine, Kyivstar. --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-13)

Less than dogs --- (Geopolitika - 2023-12-13)

A Japanese engineer has developed a transforming aerial robot called the Dragon --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-13)

The Chinese methane rocket from Landspace put satellites into orbit for the first time in the world --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-13)

The unmanned gyroplane rises 4 km and withstands stormy weather --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-13)

US Budget Deficit Up 26% --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-13)

Palestinian children were injured in the bombing of Khan Yunis --- (IRNA - 2023-12-13)

"There Is No More Money": Milei Announces 54% Devaluation Of Argentina Peso As "Shock Therapy" Plan Begins --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-13)

These Amendments Would Open The Door To A Dangerous Global Health Bureaucracy --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-13)

Ready To Rumble: Lawsuits Against Censorship-Industrial Complex Heat Up After Musk Kicks Open The Floodgates --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-13)

19th International Muslim Forum held in Russia with focus on Gaza onslaught --- (PressTV - 2023-12-13)

Yemen says strikes Israel-bound tanker ship with cruise missile in Red Sea --- (PressTV - 2023-12-12)

Yemeni Forces Block Israel-Bound Ship in Red Sea, Force It to Turn Back --- (FARS - 2023-12-11)

German Housing Crisis Deepens as Slump in New Orders Hits Record --- (FARS - 2023-12-11)

Iran: Netanyahu can only survive through continuation of war, genocide --- (PressTV - 2023-12-11)

The whole notion of a "War on Terror" was initially conceived and coined by the Zionist Likud party in Israel. Some time in the mid-90s. --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-11)

What were Romans thinking as they watched Rome collapse? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-11)

Ukrainian troops may use chemical and biological weapons --- (ZandV - 2023-12-11)

Missouri Hits Media Matters With Notice Of Investigation, Demands Preservation Of Evidence --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-11)

Ukraine has become a source of bacteria that threatens all of Europe --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-11)

The metro in Kiev is now a new type of water transport. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-11)

American mercenaries arrived in Israel to kill Palestinians --- (IRNA - 2023-12-11)

Curious coincidence: COVID-19 pandemic was preceded by a series of research projects funded by the U.S. Government --- (ZandV - 2023-12-11)

Russian specialists gain access to biofacilities where Pentagon's dangerous experiments were conducted --- (ZandV - 2023-12-11)

Ukraine's President Office coordinates actions for organising anti-Russian provocative action with poisonous substances --- (ZandV - 2023-12-11)

Israeli Troop Deaths Surpass 100 in Gaza, Thousands Wounded As Hospitals Deal With 'Tsunami Of Trauma' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-11)

Al-Qassam Brigades targets southern Tel Aviv in response to ‘Israeli massacres’ in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-11)

THIS is How Global Government is Run (and What's Coming Next...) --- (The Corbett Report - 2023-12-11)

A 1934-Style Packard Motor Car Will Soon Be Rolling Off A Production Line In Ohio Again --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-11)

Escobar: Moscow On The Rocks --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-11)

Yemeni forces block Israel-bound ship in Red Sea, force it to turn back --- (PressTV - 2023-12-11)

Yemeni recruits stage parade in Sana’a before joining Hamas in Gaza war --- (PressTV - 2023-12-11)

"Putin Reaffirms Rejection, Condemnation of Terrorism in Call With Netanyahu" (Sputnikglobe 20231210). --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-10)

Zionist soldiers setting fire to water and food supplies arrived through humanitarian aid, in a raided warehouse in the Shejaiya neighborhood, in northern Gaza. --- (Elespiadigital - 2023-12-10)

Planned cemetery in Kiev (2.6 Km2). The whole city will be one giant tomb, eventually. ) --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-10)

The Kiev Synagogue openly supports Ukrainian nazis whose ancestors slaughtered tens of thousands of Jews --- (ZandV - 2023-12-10)

“The US Government has done more to destroy this country in the previous few years than any external enemy could have ever done." --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

Al Gore Warns: People Having Access To Non-Mainstream Information "Threatens Democracy" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

Equipped with a small size turbojet engine, which gave the Geran-2 a maximum speed of up to 600 km/h ... --- (The Right People - 2023-12-10)

"You die today, and I die tomorrow" --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-10)

The second successful test of the prototype of the Chinese reusable launch vehicle Hyperbola-2 SQX-2Y, developed by the private company i-Space, took place in China. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-10)

Is the Czech Republic officially going to war with Russia? --- (ZandV - 2023-12-10)

The Yedioth Ahronoth publication provides statistics on the IDF 's sanitary losses --- (ZandV - 2023-12-10)

"People Have Spoken": Elon Musk Restores X Account Of Alex Jones After User Poll --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

Guess What Industry Dominates 2023's Top TV Advertisers --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

South American Gangs Target Dozens Of Mansions In Detroit --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

Musk Asks Zelensky About Imprisoned American Journalist After Tucker Carlson Sounds Alarm --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

Farmers Are Turning To An Ancient Practice To Improve Agriculture --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

Iran Navy unveils new homegrown drone, ROV alongside destroyer --- (PressTV - 2023-12-10)

Dozens of Karrar drones equipped with Majid missiles join Iran Army's Air Defense Force --- (PressTV - 2023-12-10)

At the UN climate summit in Dubai, elite participants are served gourmet burgers and other luxurious meat dishes, while others are lectured on the need to completely stop eating meat. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-10)

UAVs "Geran" will now be 3 times faster, they have jet engines installed. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-10)

Scott Ritter on Israeli Ground Invasion, Israeli vs Hamas Military Performance & More --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-10)

We're Starting To Find Out What's Beneath The Thin Veneer Of Civilization That We've All Been Taking For Granted --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-10)

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NEW TWIST IN CHINESE WHITE LUNG SAGA --- (The Highwire - 2023-12-09)

UN Aid to Gaza, is it all a Grotesque Joke? --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-09)

So far, 176 Merkava 3/4 tanks have been destroyed or damaged by Gaza factions, and 22 Merkava 4 tanks have been disabled by Hezbollah. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-09)

Electric rail vehicles boost dragon fruit shipping in Guangxi, south China --- (People's Daily - 2023-12-09)

Getting to grips with a new hand --- (China Daily - 2023-12-09)

C919 test highlights reviews --- (Xinhua - 2023-12-09)

French Farmers Dump Manure On Govt Buildings To Protest Climate Hysteria --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-09)

Is Truth Becoming Valueless? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-09)

Kiev Lost About 5,000 Soldiers Over The Past Week – Russian Defense Ministry --- (South Front - 2023-12-09)

Physicists have achieved quantum entanglement of whole molecules for the first time --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-09)

In the attempt to convince the Republicans to give money to Ukraine, there are more and more miraculous revelations. Especially from Blinken. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-09)

Vivek Vivisects Van Jones Over 'Great Replacement' Hypocrisy --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-09)

Analyst: Killings of Civilians in Gaza Unprecedented Since World War II --- (FARS - 2023-12-08)

Report: UK Special Forces Secretly Operated in Ukraine --- (FARS - 2023-12-08)

UAE Ditching Dollars...The Saudis Are Next --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-08)

Anti-colonialist figure urges global slamming of Israel for genocide in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-08)

Polish minister met secretly fighting British special forces in Ukraine - Declassified UK --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-12-08)

Ukrainians are shocked: 50,000 tons of oil from Novorossiysk arrived at the main base of the US Navy "Norfolk" --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-12-08)

Pay the oligarchs or we’ll kill your kids. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-08)

The "Why" Is Now Obvious --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-08)

Israel drops incendiary bombs on Gaza, setting school shelter on fire --- (PressTV - 2023-12-08)

Hezbollah launches strikes against Israeli, occupied sites in support of Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-08)

President Raeisi urges ‘immediate’ stop to Israeli genocide on Russia visit --- (PressTV - 2023-12-08)

Heart Failure Among Pilots Up 1000% in 2022 --- (Armstrong Economics - 2023-12-08)

Relative of Israeli captives confirms ‘3 hostages killed by Israeli fire,’ blasts military --- (The Grayzone - 2023-12-08)

Serbia: fake news: Serbian President’s Wife and Associates Support Ukraine, Sparking Controversy in Serbia. Contrary to a previous information that was supposed to come from BRICS ?? All this from an article from Global Research, said to be published by the website of the BRICS, But after more research, it happens that the real BRICS webpage is Thus this news looks loke a psyops from the West against Serbia trying to influence the coming elections. It looks like some in the West stop at nothing, including imitating a webpage of an official organization. --- (CIESINT - 2023-12-08)

US President & UK PM Say Israel’s Organized Genocide of Palestinians Is “Self-defense” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-07)

Soros family makes deal with Kiev to use Ukrainian farm land as toxic waste dump --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-07)

As humanitarian aid to the children of Gaza, the UN has supplied sets with toy food. In relation to the UN, this is no longer even surprising. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-07)

The destruction of the third British Challenger-2 tank out of 14 delivered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been confirmed --- (ZandV - 2023-12-07)

“Fight yourself this f**king war!” --- (ZandV - 2023-12-07)

President Raeisi urges ‘immediate’ stop to Israeli genocide on Russia visit --- (PressTV - 2023-12-07)

The double-acting solar tower collects energy day and night --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-07)

The Israeli occupation army is rounding up and kidnapping dozens of Palestinian men in northern Gaza, taken to an unknown place strip naked in the back of military trucks. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-07)

What is to be a Palestinian child living under Israeli apartheid in the West Bank. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-07)


"Why No Advertiser Boycott?" Musk Nails Disney's Iger After Facebook Child Sexual Abuse Bombshell --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-07)

Hamas Blasts Biden for Repeating Israel’s Blatant Lies --- (FARS - 2023-12-07)

Gaza War: Israel Boasts ‘200th Cargo Plane’ of Weapons Delivered by US --- (FARS - 2023-12-07)

Dodgy Dick: Top Democrat Won't Commit To Subpoenaing Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-07)

"A Marketplace For Predators": New Mexico Sues Meta, Mark Zuckerberg Over Child Exploitation Following Investigation --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-07)

The 'Jenin Camp' (West Bank, Not Gaza!) is called 'Little Gaza' and is an 'undeclared war zone' --- (ZandV - 2023-12-06)

Civilization Has Disintegrated --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-06)

Mass Migration Has Been Used to Destroy National Identities --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-06)

“The Jewish people control America” — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-06)

The Biden Regime Is Completely Unrealistic. Not possible to carpet bomb and protect civilians --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-06)

Global Nuclear War and Staged Pandemics: Michel Chossudovsky and Mike Adams --- (Michel Chossudovsky and Mike Adams - 2023-12-06)

WEF co-founder’s son Hussain Najadi, calls for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO leadership, the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Big Tech and Pfizer_-SD --- (Unitedaustraliaparty - 2023-12-06)

The West Is on the Edge of Moral, Political, Social, Cultural and Financial Collapse --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-06)

Former US President Jimmy Carter admitted the horror of what is happening in Palestine --- (ZandV - 2023-12-06)

UNICEF denounces Israeli crimes in Gaza, says ‘silence is complicity’ --- (PressTV - 2023-12-06)

Bloodbaths Change The World - 9/11 --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-06)

Iran sends into space biological capsule aboard indigenous launcher --- (PressTV - 2023-12-06)

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Watch Live: Taibbi Discusses 'Hamilton 68' Link To Government's 'Cyber Threat League' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-06)

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Afghans outraged over Israeli occupation, brutality in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-05)

Persian Gulf leaders, Erdogan call for end to Israel's 'blatant aggression' in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-05)

The future of modern warfare. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-05)

The scale of the “investment activities” of Israeli lobbyists in American congressmen --- (ZandV - 2023-12-05)

The Israeli army is storming Jenin in the West Bank of Jordan --- (ZandV - 2023-12-05)

New image of Iranian Shahed 191 UAVs published --- (ZandV - 2023-12-05)

Chinese scientists design octopus-inspired, tentacle-like robot arm --- (Xinhua - 2023-12-05)

Red Flags Everywhere: 2023 Sees Alarming Rise in Excess Deaths Across America! --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-05)

Hamas Rocket Struck Base Linked To Israel's (Not So Secret) Nuclear Missile Program --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-05)

Behind November's Rally: $350 Billion In Brand New Central Bank Liquidity --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-05)

Former UK Cop Faces Prison For "Implying" Something Offensive In A Meme --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-05)

Report: Penetrating Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’, Palestinian rocket hits regime's strategic base --- (PressTV - 2023-12-05)

Ep. 118 of Ask the Inspector. --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-04)

Scott Ritter: "Why Israel is FINISHED! Prepare for MILLIONS to LEAVE to the WEST!" --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-12-04)

Larry From Moscow. --- (Larry Johnson - 2023-12-04)

The Evidence is Conclusive: Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-04)

The Bulgarian president vetoed the shipment of a batch of 100 obsolete armored personnel carriers to Ukraine --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-12-04)

US Factory Orders Plunged Most Since COVID Lockdowns In October --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-04)

4x4 wheelbase, drags 300 kg. I think it will be very useful on your own --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-04)

Briefly about the benefits of the UN. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-12-04)

According to Israeli Channel 12 and Israeli military expert Barham Mir, over the past 24 hours, the IDF has suffered the heaviest losses since October 7. 25 armored vehicles were destroyed or damaged, 75 personnel were killed. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-12-04)

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza, dozens killed: ministry --- (Xinhua - 2023-12-04)

DNA Sequence In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Could Spur New Lawsuits: Lawyers --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-04)

The cries of children whose family members died as a result of Israeli strikes --- (IRNA - 2023-12-04)

It was in the cold that electric cars on the highways were discharged in Germany --- (Proofzzz - 2023-12-04)

Recent Homeowners Lose Over $200 Per Day In Property Value Each Day --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-04)

Iraqi resistance targets US military bases in Syria, Iraq in retaliatory strikes --- (PressTV - 2023-12-04)

Yemeni forces target two Israeli ships in Red Sea: Spokesman --- (PressTV - 2023-12-04)

Serbia: fake news: Serbian President’s Wife and Associates Support Ukraine, Sparking Controversy in Serbia. Contrary to a previous information that was supposed to come from BRICS ?? All this from an article from Global Research, said to be published by the website of the BRICS, But after more research, it happens that the real BRICS webpage is Thus this news looks loke a psyops from the West against Serbia trying to influence the coming elections. It looks like some in the West stop at nothing, including imitating a webpage of an official organization. --- (CIESINT - 2023-12-03)

Some of the near innumerable UN resolutions which the zionist state has either rejected or never respected --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-12-03)

The US, Not Israel, Is the Main Combatant in the War Against Hamas --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-03)

Matt Taibbi Tells Congress Suppression of Truth Is Being Institutionalized --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-03)

The Biden Regime Has Taken the US Air Force Woke– It is questionable whether the US Air Force Can Any Longer Serve American Interests --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-03)

The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs Episode 1: Lifting the Esoteric Veil --- (The Canadian patriot - 2023-12-03)

The Horrifying Secret Agenda of the UN and WHO: Total Enslavement of Humanity Through a “Global Health Dictatorship” --- (Global Research - 2023-12-03)

The Brain Is the Battlefield of the Future. The WEF’s Stated Objective is “Altering the Human Being” --- (Peter Koenig - 2023-12-03)

Why a Global Government Is the Ultimate Goal of Billionaires. “The Goal Is for You to Own Nothing” --- (Global Research - 2023-12-03)

Concerning news from Norway --- (The_Right_People - 2023-12-03)

China inducts the first 2 unmanned maritime helicopters in eastern coast to better manage water traffic, accidents --- (People's Daily - 2023-12-03)

Turkish doctors hold silent march in support of Palestinians in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-12-03)

Mobile groups are being formed in Ukraine to hunt for conscripts. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-03)

At the World Summit on Climate Change in Dubai, Lukashenko harshly criticised the "speakers" who only knew how to express their concerns but did not want to "get down to business" --- (ZandV - 2023-12-03)

Private Jets Headed To Global Warming Conference "Literally Frozen On Runway" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-03)

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Sues Pfizer for “misrepresenting COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and conspiring to censor public discourse” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-12-03)

Why the Jews of Khazaria, the Himyarites and GokTurk Empire are Keys to Universal History --- (Matthew Ehret - 2023-12-02)

George Carlin on the American Dream (with transcript) --- (George Carlin - 2023-12-02)

"UNSUSTAINABLE" --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-12-02)

Hezbollah strikes Israeli military command center with artillery, rockets --- (PressTV - 2023-12-02)

Erdogan says Netanyahu, 'the butcher of Gaza', must be tried in ICC --- (PressTV - 2023-12-02)

China is ready to put into operation its analog Starlink --- (Htech_plus - 2023-12-02)

Devastating Consequences for Palestinian Children --- (FARS - 2023-12-02)

Next Stage Of War In Ukraine: NATO Prepares For Bloodshed --- (South Front - 2023-12-01)

GSMSG employee: wounded Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers are taken to Germany and used as donors for organ transplants - the Nation --- (ZandV - 2023-12-01)

The "most moral" army in the world, the Israeli, had resume their fight for civilisation and democratic values with the support of the US and European authorities and media. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-01)

The head of the Central Design Bureau Rubin announced the Navy's interest in the submerged patrol ship Sentinel. --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-01)

Underwater glider at the exhibition "Russian Industrialist – 2023" --- (InzheneryChMFlot - 2023-12-01)

No leg? No problem! Fit for military service --- (ZandV - 2023-12-01)

WHO says 'extremely concerned' as Gaza hospitals like a 'horror movie' --- (PressTV - 2023-12-01)

OPEC+ members agreed to reduce oil production by another 1 million barrels per day. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-12-01)

Tucker Carlson said the CIA was completely out of control with its unknown numbers, budget and missions. --- (ZandV - 2023-12-01)

The moment an Israeli Army Caterpillar D9 armored bulldozer was detonated by an IED during an operation in the West Bank --- (Intelslava - 2023-12-01)

Thacker: Congress Must Hold The CDC Accountable For Cozy Ties To Pharma --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-12-01)

Israel resumes attacks on Gaza after truce deal expires --- (PressTV - 2023-12-01)

A Century of Barbarism Is Upon Us --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-30)

A pregnant Palestinian woman was killed by multiple stabbings of an Israeli settler in the city of Lod in the occupied territories. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-30)

Jewish activist and cinematographer Yuula Benivolski renounced his Israeli citizenship in connection with Israeli crimes. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-30)

OPEC+ has agreed to cut production by almost 2 million barrels per day at the beginning of next year --- (ZandV - 2023-11-30)

Iran stated that during the Hamas raid on the IDF bases on October 7, one of the servers of the Israeli army was captured. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-30)

Indicted Virginia Election Official 'Altered Election Results': Filing --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-30)

The Censorship Began Earlier and Went Further Than We Thought --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-30)

Without Russia's support, the current Georgian government would be brought down by the United States in the blink of an eye --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-30)

With all eyes on Gaza, Israel quietly ups its brutal aggression in West Bank --- (PressTV - 2023-11-30)

Hamas wants ‘escalation of resistance’ after Israelis killed, soldiers injured --- (PressTV - 2023-11-30)

The IDF has deployed up to 1,600 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles in the Gaza Strip. Losses already amount to up to 300 pieces of equipment and hundreds of military personnel. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-30)

Map of the opening of US military bases: 1948-2021 --- (ZandV - 2023-11-30)

High-speed railway opens to traffic in west China without disturbing panda habitat --- (Xinhua - 2023-11-30)

Seven Weeks Israeli Attacks: Destruction in Al-Zahra, South of Gaza City, Jenin Refugee Camp in West Bank --- (FARS - 2023-11-30)

Crematoria of the Ukrainian Armed Forces work in three shifts, burning the corpses of their soldiers --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-29)

Wave of kidnappings of civilians by the Israeli army across the West Bank last night. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-29)

In Jenin (Not Gaza)), the Israeli military killed two Palestinian teenagers. One of them was 9 years old --- (ZandV - 2023-11-29)

Since the 1970s, Jewish Settlements Were Planned So That “No Palestinian State Could Emerge…” --- (ZandV - 2023-11-29)

The Dieseleuro: Europe Is Guzzling Russian Oil In The Form Of Indian Diesel Imports --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-28)

GM Shares Surge Over 10% After Announcing $10 Billion Buyback, Raising Dividend By 33%, Updating 2023 Guidance --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-28)

Panama Canal Chaos Might Spread To Suez, Greek Shipping Exec Warns --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-28)

‘Funeral In Advance’: Ukrainian Commanders Earn Money On Their Wounded Soldiers --- (South Front - 2023-11-28)

Israeli Tank Gunners Were Ordered To Open Indiscriminate Fire In Kibbutz --- (South Front - 2023-11-28)

Russian Forces Took Control Of Another District In Avdeevka (Map Update, Video) --- (South Front - 2023-11-28)

One Of Kiev’s Largest Strongholds In Donbass Starts Falling --- (South Front - 2023-11-28)

"Palestinian fighters are terrorists but French fighters heroes!?" --- ( - 2023-11-28)

Cutting off the lifeline of Zionist criminals! (Relations between some muslims countries and Israel...)< --- ( - 2023-11-28)

The West Has Betrayed Palestine --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-28)

The New York Times Reports Gaza Civilians ‘Are Being Killed at Historic Pace’ --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-28)

China has successfully tested an engine for a superheavy rocket --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-28)

The implant injected through a syringe restored mobility in mice with paralysis --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-28)

Alexander Dugin discusses the emerging multipolar world, highlighting the distinctive ideological and civilisational paths of various global regions in opposition to the Western liberal paradigm. --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-11-28)

In the global confrontation with the West, does Russia have allies among other civilizations now? --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-11-28)

The newly elected President of Argentina, Javier Miley, is converting to Judaism, writes Bloomberg. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-28)

Production of the first Russian marine drones for the needs of the Ministry of Defence has already begun --- (The Right People - 2023-11-28)

Ukrainian soldiers surrender to an assault detachment of the 106th --- (The Right People - 2023-11-28)

Armed Forces of Ukraine announce the number of female soldiers killed and captured --- (ZandV - 2023-11-28)

US Navy medical officer discovers heart problems linked to Covax vaccine --- (ZandV - 2023-11-28)

Von Greyerz: The Financial System Has Reached The End --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-28)

Bob's Electric Car Warning: You're Basically Buying Your Wife a Coal-Powered Ride! --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-28)

Who Are The World's Biggest Arms Importers (And Exporters)? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-28)

The Mehran TELAR air defense system has a radar detection range of 450 km --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-28)

Hezbollah combat motorcyclists --- (ZandV - 2023-11-28)

North Korea --- (ZandV - 2023-11-28)

"The Israelis have released 117 Palestinians in the last 3 days and in that same time they've detained 116 new Palestinian prisoners in areas across the occupied West Bank" - Al Jazeera --- (ZandV - 2023-11-28)

Genocide Justified by Christians, Western Governments & Media as “Israel’s Right of Self-Defense” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-27)

Israel Admits It Killed Its Own at Nova Music Festival --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-27)

The Servants of Satan --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-27)

Unintended Consequences of Israel’s Assault on Palestine --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-27)

The first drone was used to punch a hole in the roof, while the second with a thermobaric warhead flew through it into the building and exploded inside, in Avdeevka direction. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-27)

Bear Market Confirmed In Used Vehicle Prices --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-27)

Guess Which Automaker Has "Absurdly High Inventory Levels" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-27)

The strike of Polish truckers on the border with Ukraine hit Latvia --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-27)

A lot of Georgians and Poles come out of Kleshcheyevka. They come out in groups of 10-15 people. They surrender --- (ZandV - 2023-11-27)

Humanity Under Assault by the Elites – When Will We Have Had Enough? --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-27)

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White House funding massive phone surveillance program --- (PressTV - 2023-11-27)

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TV channel "1+1" has announced the figure of missing and dead Ukrainian servicemen - 1,126,652 people. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Natalie Morris, presenter of Redacted, is absolutely shocked that pregnant women are being sent into the bloodbath in Ukraine. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

An Israeli-linked oil tanker has been seized off the coast of Yemen, Western media reported. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Zelensky’s Hidden Luxuries: Proxies, Yachts, and the $75M Scandal Rocking Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

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The container ship "ZIM Luanda" (also known as "ZIM Haifa") was captured by the Houthis during yesterday's raid off the coast of Yemen. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-26)

The United States is already drinking champagne, because the Americans managed to eliminate the most serious competitor in Europe. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-26)

Gaza war inflicts ‘humiliating defeat’ on Israel, exposes nature of regime’s supporters: Iran Army chief --- (PressTV - 2023-11-26)

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Vanguard (which also participates in Blackrock and vice versa). It is not listed in the stock exchange, so you and I cannot buy into it. Their shareholders are 13 families --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-24)

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Hannibal Directive: As Oct. 7 plot unfolds, it’s clear Zionists killed their own --- (PressTV - 2023-11-24)

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Bear witness (Video) --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-23)

MLRS "Grad" of the 36th Motorized Rifle Brigade hits the AFU with direct fire, located just a few kilometers away --- (ZandV - 2023-11-23)

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq claimed responsibility for the attack on the US military base in Syria --- (IRNA - 2023-11-23)

Polish carriers intend to block the border with Ukraine until February 1 --- (ZandV - 2023-11-23)

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The occupying Israeli army carries out a mass detention campaign in the village of Burqa, east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank --- (ZandV - 2023-11-22)

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has demonstrated a new Paveh cruise missile with a range of 1,650 kilometres. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-22)

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--- (Almasirah - 2023-11-21)

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Washington and London recommend that Kiev reduce the conscription age to 17 years and raise it to 70 years, and carry out additional mobilization of women --- (ZandV - 2023-11-20)

What forces did the IDF use for the ground operation in Gaza and what it threatens in the near future: analysis of the Military Chronicle --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-20)

Almost half of the buildings in the Northern Gaza area are seriously damaged --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-20)

Zelensky sends pregnant women to the bloodbath to please NATO masters, Weekly Blitz reports. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-20)

Twin Crisis Rocks Bayer, Shares Crash Most On Record, Hitting Levels Not Seen Since GFC --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-20)

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China hosts Muslim-majority nations for ‘urgent’ action on Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

All Israel’s nuclear sites must be placed under IAEA safeguards: China --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

Iran warned US resistance groups won’t stay silent amid Gaza war; world wants ceasefire: Tehran --- (PressTV - 2023-11-20)

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A resident of Ukraine is horrified by the catastrophic losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He asks Ukrainians to wake up and understand that the Ukrainian junta only needs money. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-19)

Let's not dance to their tune ... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-19)

Yemeni forces seize Israeli ship in Red Sea, detain 52 crew onboard --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-19)

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Western interference and subversion abroad --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-19)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: The Zionists consider themselves the superior race, and the rest of humanity the inferior race. Based on this logic, they exterminated several thousand children without the slightest remorse and remorse. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-19)

Report: Israeli Helicopter Opened Fire on Israelis in Festival During Hamas Attack on October 7 --- (IRNA - 2023-11-19)

Jordan pulls troops to the border with Israel and puts them on high alert --- (ZandV - 2023-11-18)

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Lebanon Front: More Israeli Border Posts Rattle with Hezbollah Strikes (Video) --- (Almanar - 2023-11-18)

Hamas military media released on Friday a video that shows Al-Qassam fighters targeting the invading forces in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip. --- (Almanar - 2023-11-18)

'Israel’s' ‘Nakba Doctrine’ --- (Almayadeen - 2023-11-18)

They have a plan 7 countries and they are ploughing full speed ahead while the world stands by --- (Moon Of Alabama - 2023-11-18)

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Criticize Israel and You Can’t Get a Hotel Room in Argentina and Uruguay --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Something Else You Didn’t Know --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

The Search of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza is Done; NO HAMAS TUNNELS or COMMAND CENTER --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-17)

Footage of the production and combat use of Iranian Shahed-171 UAVs created using technologies from the captured American RQ-170 Sentinel. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-17)

About 20 thousand Ukrainian men called up for mobilization fled the country, the British broadcasting corporation BBC reported... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-17)

Israel is committing all the atrocities that the US accuses it's enemies of doing... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-17)

Citigroup plans to announce major layoffs on Monday in an effort to cut costs, according to Financial Times --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-17)

Huge Smoke Plume Billowing From US Base Near Irbil, As Iranian Media Touts Strike --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-17)

This is Jenin in the West Bank of the Jordan River, where Hamas has no control over it, but is under the occupation of the Zionist regime. However, the occupiers attacked the Ibn Sina Hospital and arrested its ambulance staff and medical staff. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-17)

Footage of a strike on the US Military base "Harir" in northern Iraq, which was attacked by the UAV of the Islamic Resistance of Iraq --- (IRNA - 2023-11-17)

The mystery of the Russian Lancet drone --- (ZandV - 2023-11-17)

Iran FM warns of 'unavoidable' regional conflict if Israel continues Gaza war --- (PressTV - 2023-11-17)

Welcome to Italy! --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-17)

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Biden Strays From Script, Calls Xi A "Dictator", In Post-Meeting Presser Bombshell --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

Washington Has Decided that a Dominant US Presence in the Middle East Is the Key to US Hegemony and Much More Important than Palestinian Lives --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-16)

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10 Examples From 10 Different Cities Of The "Mad Max" Environment That Now Reigns In America's Streets --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-16)

Israel to be eliminated if it tries to expel Gazans: Hezbollah --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

The study proved the link between CT and cancer in young people --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-15)

Trump's ex-advisor, US Army Col. Douglas McGregor, has shared his view --- (US Army Col. Douglas McGregor - 2023-11-15)

Israel-Palestine War: Iran Warns Biden Against 'Dangerous Miscalculations' --- (New Rules - 2023-11-15)

Evacuation of an Israeli Merkava Mk.4 tank destroyed in the Gaza Strip --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-15)

Raid on al-Shifa: Israeli forces fire at civilians inside hospital as Hamas calls US complicit --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

New images from the Islamic Resistance of Iraq show how they attack the military bases of the US Army of occupation in the Al-Omar oil field and in the village of Al-Khadra in Syria --- (IRNA - 2023-11-15)

A pregnant girl from Odessa received a summons to the front> --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

Iskander (missile system) --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

The Ukrainian documents found by our guys in the Disputed area are terrifying --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

2 female Israeli Police officers arrest a female news reporter --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

Ursula von der Leyen wants to introduce European Digital Identity so people who post - what they label miss information or hate speech - can be deplatformed and arrested… --- (ZandVchannel - 2023-11-15)

Performance of Iran's Shahed-136 UAVs at High Launch Speeds --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

Yemen declares all Israeli ships in Red Sea will be targeted --- (PressTV - 2023-11-15)

From Ukraine to the Middle East: On the Brink of World War 3 --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-11-15)

Israeli Troops Storm Gaza's Largest Hospital After Doctors Warn Of 'Catastrophic Consequences' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-15)

Luxury Bust Worsens: Rolex, Patek Prices Hit Two-Year Lows --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-15)

The Israeli Newspaper, Haaretz, points out that while the world’s focus is on Gaza, Israeli Settlers are illegally destroying the remnant of Palestine in the West Bank --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-14)

A Palestinian says that the man who forced his family to move to the south of Gaza was wearing a uniform of the American military --- (IRNA - 2023-11-14)

The leader of the Yemeni group Ansar Allah said that strikes on Israeli assets will continue. The targets will be all Israeli ships in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-14)

Missing Soldier’s Wife Accuses Ukrainian Army Of Corruption: ‘If You Want To Live, Pay Them’ --- (South Front - 2023-11-14)

This is how mobilization in Ukraine looks like. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-14)

China wants all Israel’s nuclear sites to be placed under IAEA safeguards --- (PressTV - 2023-11-14)

A rare bird... --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-14)

Updated map of naval activity in the Eastern Mediterranean, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden, Persian Gulf. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-14)

Pic story of Kaihua paper maker in China's Zhejiang --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

Trending in China - Ancient craft of paper-making thrives for thousands of years --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

Pic story: inheritor of Duan inkstone making crafts --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

Company in N China's Shanxi advances in developing ultra-thin stainless steel products --- (People's Daily - 2023-11-14)

The Declaration That Wasn't Supposed To Happen --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-14)

Revealed: Unreported DNA Found in Pfizer Vaccine Raises Global Concern --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-14)

‘I am devastated’: Wife pens poignant letter to journalist husband killed in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-14)

Racist and genocidal: Zionist leaders and cheerleaders in their own words --- (PressTV - 2023-11-14)

Irish lawmakers to debate expulsion of Israeli ambassador, referral of Israel to International Criminal Court --- (Middle East Monitor - 2023-11-13)

The War for Greater Israel and Reassertion of US Hegemony Is About to Begin --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-13)

Urban battles: the hunt for Merkava tanks in Gaza and the losses of the Israeli army --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-13)

The results of the "psychological operation" counterattacked as ukrvoyaki voroga deceived --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-13)

A 'graveyard' of Israeli tanks and armored vehicles pictured abandoned outside Al-Shifa children's hospital in Gaza. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-13)

A chilling comparison… --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-13)

New universal cancer immunotherapy provided 100% survival rate --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-13)

In China, the most powerful Stirling engine was tested, it produced 102 kW of power --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-13)

How to Prevent a Third World War --- (Sergei A. Karaganov - 2023-11-13)

Le Monde: about 80% of ongoing construction projects have been suspended in Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-13)

Europe seems to be heading for a Civil war — Elon Musk --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-13)

Peter Schiff: Things Are Even Doomier And Gloomier Than They Look --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-13)

La relation Chine-Israël sous les projecteurs de l’opinion publique chinoise --- (Strategika - 2023-11-13)

Four L.A. Sheriff's Department Employees Commit Suicide In A 24 Hour Period --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-13)

Watch the MintPress News Documentary Film: Gaza Fights Back --- (Mintpressnews - 2023-11-13)

U.S. And Allies Wasted $360 Billion Losing Ukraine’s War Since 24 February 2022 --- (South Front - 2023-11-13)

Hezbollah, Hamas Rain Fire On Israel From Southern Lebanon (Videos) --- (South Front - 2023-11-13)

Hamas destroyed 88 armored vehicles in 5 days --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-13)

President Raeisi's 10-point proposal at Riyadh summit to end Gaza war --- (PressTV - 2023-11-13)

Eyes on Lebanon Front as Hezbollah Stages Non-Stop Strikes against ‘Israel’ --- (Almanar - 2023-11-12)

The End of the Era of Justice --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-12)

I wonder what they found out? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-12)

Large-scale demonstrations in support of Palestine took place in Indonesia. The demonstrators demanded the termination of any economic ties between Islamic countries and Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-12)

EU Moves Forward With Digital ID Despite Security Concerns And Potential For Abuse --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

The Polycrisis --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

Iraqi resistance forces target Israeli settlement “Eilat” for second time in two weeks --- (PressTV - 2023-11-12)

ALEKSANDR DUGIN - Eurasia and the Crossroads of the Middle East --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-12)

"Another Inconvenient Truth": Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Nears 57-Year High --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

Iceland Declares Emergency As 'Quake Swarms' Signal Potential Volcanic Eruption --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-12)

Al-Qassam: Over 160 Israeli military vehicles destroyed since war on Gaza started --- (PressTV - 2023-11-12)



Dr. Lama delves into the connection between energy and real economy. And fake GDP numbers by the West. --- (Dr. Lama - 2023-11-11)

“In Ukraine, the Nazis are an organised political force” – British actress Rossiana Barr --- ( - 2023-11-11)

Treasury Auctions Explained For People With Short Attention Spans --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-11)

Map Shows Another Key Ukraine City Almost Fully Encircled By 40K Russian Troops --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-11)

Palestinian Official: Israel Expanding Aggression in Gaza to West Bank --- (FARS - 2023-11-11)

Report: German Homelessness Rises by 50% in A Year --- (FARS - 2023-11-11)

Gaza, Lebanon resistance respond to Israeli attacks on 35th day of war --- (PressTV - 2023-11-11)

Israeli Army Colonel Sheldag Zior, a commander in one of the IDF tank brigades, was killed in the Gaza Strip --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-10)

PBoC In A Hurry To Buy Gold: Covertly Bought 593 Tonnes Of Gold YTD --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-10)

Israeli forces kill over 100 UN staff in Gaza in a month --- (PressTV - 2023-11-10)

Gaza Is Not the US/Israeli Target --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-10)

To express sympathy for Palestinians is career ending --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-10)

The only reason for electronic voting machines is to steal votes --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-10)

The Israeli army has hit the Al-Shifa hospital in the Gaza Strip --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-10)

Israeli military uses Palestinian youth as human shields. This is the Al-Arab camp in the north of the city of Hebron (West Bank,not Gaza) --- (IRNA - 2023-11-10)

Pentagon Confirms Series Of New Attacks On Bases In Syria, Iraq After Latest US Airstrikes --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-10)

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Vaxxed Children Dropping like Flies from Heart Attacks --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-09)

Israeli journalist Gideon Levy: Israeli society has surrounded itself with shields, walls, not only physical, but also mental. I will simply give three principles that allow us Israelis to live easily in this harsh reality. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-09)

Helicopter Footage Sparks Debate Over Israeli Friendly Fire Incidents --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

Iran: Expansion of scope of Gaza war inevitable due to heightened Israeli aggression --- (PressTV - 2023-11-09)

The war is gradually moving beyond Gaza. The Palestinian resistance claims to have blown up an Israeli military convoy in Jenin (in the West Bank). --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-09)

Israel has admitted that some of the killed participants of a music festival near the borders of the Gaza Strip were killed not by Hamas, but by an Apache helicopter pilot who mistook the fleeing people for Hamas militants. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-09)

Destruction of 15 tanks and armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in one day --- (IRNA - 2023-11-09)

China is the largest lender to the real sector of developing countries in the world: more than $1.3 trillion distributed --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-09)

1 Simple Hack to Detox from the COVID Vaccine --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

A Silent Genocide --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

Scientists at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences are introducing a new crop, miscanthus, into Russian agriculture --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-09)

Ukraine is trying very hard to attract a large number of women to the army - New York Times --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-09)

Rebels in slippers shot down a US Army strike drone for $30 million and showed a video of the attack --- (RVvoenkor - 2023-11-09)

The uprising of machines has begun: in South Korea, a robot crushed a man, unable to distinguish him from a bell pepper --- (Zvezdanews - 2023-11-09)

Yemeni Armed Forces: "Our air defenses shot down an American MQ9 aircraft while it was carrying out hostile actions in the airspace of Yemeni waters as part of American military support for the Israeli entity." --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-09)

Pakistanis Launch Boycott Campaign Against US, Israeli Products --- (FARS - 2023-11-09)

Retailers Expect A Weaker Holiday Season --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

San Francisco's Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Is on Full Display in This Viral TikTok Video --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-09)

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Covid Was An Orchestrated Event --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-08)

Summer of Died Suddenly: Women Ages 20-29 Sudden Deaths from June to September 2023 --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-08)

Hamas Shared More Videos Of Battles In Gaza --- (South Front - 2023-11-08)

Destruction of 15 tanks and armored vehicles of the Zionist regime in one day --- (IRNA - 2023-11-08)

Houthis Claim Shootdown Of US MQ-9 Reaper Drone Off Yemen --- (Zero hedge - 2023-11-08)

Al-Qassam Brigades says hit 136 Israeli military vehicles since October 27 --- (PressTV - 2023-11-08)

The Russian Armed Forces used self-aiming combat elements with SPBE shaped charges in the Avdeevka area against the positions and equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-08)

“Drop a Nuclear Bomb on Gaza”: Israeli Minister Says Using Nukes on Gaza an Option --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-08)

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Israel deploying foreign mercenaries to Gaza as genocidal war rages: Report/a> --- (PressTV - 2023-11-07)

COVID Propaganda Roundup: The Science™ Concedes the Shots Cause Strokes --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-07)

Yemeni army’s drones hit ‘sensitive’ Israeli targets in show of support for Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-07)

Jewish Supremacist Psychopaths vs. Palestine (MUST WATCH Compilation!!!) --- (Know More News - 2023-11-07)

‘US Bases To Be Demolished’: Iraqi Islamic Resistance Unveils Al-Aqsa-1 Missile --- (South Front - 2023-11-07)

In Video: Hezbollah, Hamas, Al-Quds Brigades Share Footage Of Their Struggle --- (South Front - 2023-11-07)

75 years of crimes before the "Al-Aqsa Storm" --- (IRNA - 2023-11-07)

"War Is A Racket" For These 25 'Defense' Companies --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-07)

Pakistanis launch boycott campaign against US, Israeli products --- (PressTV - 2023-11-06)

Zionist official Yair Lapid: "Israel is not a safe place, the government is not moral, it is not a regional power and has not won the war." --- (Irna - 2023-11-06)

Iran and India have called for an end to the Zionist regime's attacks on Gaza --- (Irna - 2023-11-06)

The Lebanese Hezbollah demonstrated its anti-ship missiles as a response to the presence of the American fleet off the coast of Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

South Africa withdraws its diplomats from Israel. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-06)

Saudi Arabia communique --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-06)

The Americans were shown a cartoon with a Blue ballistic missile strike, I quote was launched recently and the Tula nuclear submarine --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-06)

Iron dome missile in Tel Aviv malfunctions hitting Israeli homes --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

A video of Israeli police arresting a 13-year-old girl in Jerusalem is going viral on international social media --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

Kiryat Shmona, iron dome failed to intercept most of the missiles --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-06)

Israeli threat to nuke Gaza shows its real defeat; world must act fast to denuclearize Tel Aviv: Iran FM --- (PressTV - 2023-11-06)

Fox News reporter, accompanying the Israeli military in Gaza, says Resistance fighters ambushed the Israeli force and killed more than 20 of them. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

Rowan, a Palestinian girl bids her mother a painful farewell as she mourns the death of her family including her father and brother who were killed in an Israeli airstrike in northern Gaza. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-06)

The Gaza Genocide Continues --- (Philip Giraldi - 2023-11-05)

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Well, interestingly, mercenaries acting as barrier troops are killed by Ukrainians who had had enough --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-05)

The wreckage of the Israeli reconnaissance UAV IAI Heron (or Hermes 450) shot down by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-05)

Hundreds of thousands of Indonesians protest against Israeli war crimes --- (Sheyhtamir1974 - 2023-11-05)

In Turkey, they also broke into the airport. But there is a nuance. A crowd is storming the American military airbase Incirlik --- (Sheyhtamir1974 - 2023-11-05)

Israeli minister says nuking Gaza is a possibility --- (PressTV - 2023-11-05)

Israeli onslaught on Gaza has killed 46 journalists: Gaza Media Office --- (PressTV - 2023-11-05)

The Deputy speaker of the Slovak parliament, Lubos Blaha, took the EU flag out of his office, brought a Slovak one to replace it, and instead of the face of President Zuzana Chaputova, he hung an image of Che Guevara. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-11-05)

Israeli "Human aid" --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-05)

The Great Reset, Part 1: The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-05)

Military wing of Hamas says destroyed 24 Israeli vehicles, tanks in past 48 hours --- (PressTV - 2023-11-05)

Israeli militants destroyed almost the entire fleet of ambulances in Gaza --- (IRNA - 2023-11-04)

Former commander of the IRGC: Even Hitler and the executioners of history did not attack hospitals. --- (IRNA - 2023-11-04)

The camera of Al Jazeera caught the Israeli strikes on a group of ambulances --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

The Israeli army attacked the main water source in Tal Al-Zaatar area in Gaza city. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

No Country Has A "Right to Exist" --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-04)

US using Africans as ‘free clinical resource’ --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-04)

A British doctor was suspended because “medical authorities” determined that the truth she told undermined the public’s confidence in the lies that comprise the official Covid narrative --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-04)

In Video: Israeli Army Suffers Heavy Losses --- (South Front - 2023-11-04)

A private Chinese company has successfully tested a reusable rocket --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-04)

To put things in perspective. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-04)

Hezbollah used a Burkan missile for the first time in an attack on one of the Israeli army targets in Jalul Alam --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Footage of the defeat with the help of an RPG of the heavy Israeli armored personnel carrier "Namer". --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

Footage of Hezbollah's first use of allegedly powerful ballistic missiles to attack Israel's border infrastructure --- (ZandV - 2023-11-04)

What the streets of Gaza look like right now. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-04)

Behind Israel’s West Bank Escalation --- (FARS - 2023-11-04)

Drones, rockets target bases housing US occupation forces in northern Iraq, northeastern Syria --- (PressTV - 2023-11-04)

The Essence of Zionism --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-11-04)

(Serbie) )Wulin's full statement. As expected, the reason for the resignation is pressure from the West --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Following on the footsteps of Colombia, Chile and Bahrain, Honduras also recalled its ambassador from Israel --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported 15 dead and more than 60 injured as a result of an Israeli airstrike on a convoy of ambulances near Al-Shifa Central Hospital. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Israeli forces storm the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron (Not Gaza!) --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

Armed clashes renewed in the town of Jaba, south of Jenin, in a very violent manner --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-11-04)

ONU: les bombardements de Jabaliya sont "des crimes de guerre" --- (APZ (Algérie) - 2023-11-04)

Crimes sionistes contre les Palestiniens à Ghaza: 9.159 martyrs et plus de 24.000 blessés --- (APZ (Algérie) - 2023-11-04)

Israeli regime bombs Gaza's 'Al-Shifa' hospital --- (IRNA - 2023-11-04)

When Did Genocide Become Self-defense? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-03)

Some 510 Americans have been killed in Ukraine and several others injured, according to US mercenary Matthew Vandyke. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

Israeli Army Pays Heavy Price In Gaza --- (South Front - 2023-11-03)

Watch Live: Hezbollah Leader Gives First Speech As Israel On High State Of Alert --- (Al Jazeera - 2023-11-03)

World's Biggest Shipper Cuts 10,000 Jobs, Warns Of Subdued Global Trade --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-03)

“80% of the people they put on ventilators died” --- (Elon Musk - 2023-11-03)


Israel attacked a school in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-03)

China's reusable rocket completes take-off, landing test --- (Xinhua - 2023-11-03)

Gaza Turning into ‘World’s Largest Open-Air Death Camp’ --- (FARS - 2023-11-03)

Israeli soldiers captured a child as a human shield during raids on Palestinian sites, the helpless father could only watch... --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

The Islamic Resistance of Iraq shows footage of a cruise missile and promises next week to begin a new phase of confrontation with enemies --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

Australian Troops, Aircraft Sent To Middle East --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

This is a viral video in Bangladesh --- (ZandV - 2023-11-03)

We're Eating Our Seed Corn --- (Zerohedge - 2023-11-03)

Israel Has Been Stealing Palestine and Slaughtering Palestinians for 75 years and No One Has Ever Done Anything about it. Will it be any different this time? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-02)

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New Chinese AI Chip Works 3000 Times Faster than Nvidia A100 --- (Htech_plus - 2023-11-02)

Bahrain's parliament announced the suspension of economic relations with Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-02)

Lvov, Field of Mars: The enormous losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces are mounting by the day. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-02)

IDF Battalion Commander Killed As Hamas Steps Up Ambush Actions In Gaza --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-02)

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The prototype of the Russian wide-body long-haul IL-96-400M aircraft, manufactured at the branch of PJSC Il - VASO, took to the air for the first time. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-02)

The armament of the Republic of Yemen, which joined Palestine in the war against Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-11-02)

Global South Countries Sever Ties With Israel, Recall Ambassadors, As Gaza Deaths Mount --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-02)

China says ‘deeply shocked’ by Israel’s massive airstrikes on refugee camp in Gaza --- (PressTV - 2023-11-02)

Netanyahu Calls for Palestinian Genocide --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-01)

The Neoconservatives and Israel are reopening the Middle East Wars --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-01)

US, Israel, Europe Unleash the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-11-01)

Standing IDF armoured vehicles in clusters as targets began to take its toll --- (The_Right_People - 2023-11-01)

Footage from drones and a missile strike by the Yemeni army on the occupied territories. On Wednesday, the Yemeni army released footage from large-scale drone and missile strikes on Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-11-01)

Hezbollah publishes an infographic on Israeli losses from October 8 to October 30. According to these data, (i.e. on the border with Lebanon), the IDF lost 120 soldiers wounded and killed. It also claims the destruction of one drone, two armored personnel carriers, nine tanks and a large number of various equipment. --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-11-01)

Hamas announced the destruction of four Israeli armored vehicles and infantry forces that were based in a building in Beit Hanoun --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

The genocide of the Palestinians is clearly and shamelessly continued by the Israeli regime in front of the eyes of the world!!! --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

Israeli Army Suffers More Casualties As Hamas Publishes Video Showing Tanks Blown Up --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-01)

German Defense Chief Says Public Must Get Used To Possibility Of 'War In Europe' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-11-01)

Tel Aviv: Killing of Israeli soldiers in Gaza 'hard and painful blow' --- (PressTV - 2023-11-01)

End the Liberals: The People’s Hope for Change --- (Geopolitika - 2023-11-01)


Irish lawmaker and anti-war activist Richard Boyd Barrett describes how Britain's colonial policies were exported from Ireland to Palestine --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

35 journalists have been killed since the start of the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

The Israel Defense Forces acknowledged the death in battle of 9 soldiers of the 84th Givati Infantry Brigade. --- (Intelslava - 2023-11-01)

Yemeni Army Launches Large-Scale Ballistic, Drone Strikes on Occupied Territories to Support Palestinians --- (FARS - 2023-11-01)

Iranian Commander: CENTCOM Directing Gaza War --- (FARS - 2023-11-01)

Pakistan parliament condemns Israel’s brutalities --- (PressTV - 2023-11-01)

China was never committing genocide in Xinjiang. Israel is exploiting the boogeyman of terrorism to not only destroy Palestine’s right to resist, but also to commit GENOCIDE in a “Final Solution” style holocaust:This is nothing short of an ABOMINATION. --- (ZandV - 2023-11-01)

Yemeni army launches large-scale ballistic, drone strikes on occupied territories to support Palestinians --- (PressTV - 2023-11-01)

Bill Gates and “Our” Government Hate Us --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

US Developing Offensive Biological Program Reports Russian Defense Ministry --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

Are “End Times” At Hand? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

“Trump’s the Most pro-Israel President in History” --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-31)

Qassam representative: Our Mujahideen were able to engage enemy forces in all areas of the offensive and have so far destroyed 22 military vehicles with anti-tank missiles from Al-Yasin. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-31)

Bolivian government severs diplomatic ties with Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-10-31)

Chinese giant techs remove Israel from their digital maps --- (PressTV - 2023-10-31)

China says Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine, root cause of conflict, urges immediate truce --- (PressTV - 2023-10-31)

Secretary General of the VATAN Party Ozgur Bursali: --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

The American Wall Street Journal: "The bomb dropped on the Baptist Hospital (Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza) was an American MK-84" --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

"This terrorist state must be destroyed." The headline about Israel on the cover of the new issue of the Turkish pro-government newspaper Yeni Şafak --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

Turks attack US base in Malatya --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-31)

Commander of the Al-Qassam battalion: Several Israeli vehicles that penetrated into the northern and southern districts of Gaza City were destroyed. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-31)

Footage of the bombed-out Jabalia district and hundreds of people trying to pull bodies from the rubble. - Palestinian officials said that the area was destroyed by 6 American bombs, each weighing one ton --- (IRNA - 2023-10-31)

The United States began buying seafood in Japan to supply its military, which was a response to China's ban on such products, after Tokyo began dumping contaminated water from the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant into the sea. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-31)

Yemen's Houthis from the Ansar Allah movement launched a series of strikes on Israeli territory and said that there would be many more strikes --- (ZandV - 2023-10-31)

Top US commanders in Tel Aviv directing Israeli genocidal war; Israel's defeat 'definite': Iranian general --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

“The USA is a war addict. The history of the USA is 240 years old, but the USA has not been at war for only 16 years! (Ministry of defense, China!) --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Ray McGovern on Israel-Gaza --- (Theoccidentalobserver - 2023-10-30)

Homo judaicus: The Political Theology of US Foreign Policy --- (Strategika - 2023-10-30)

Ex-Trump adviser, US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor: --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Spain's Minister of Social Rights Ione Belarra has called on Europe to take urgent action against the "planned genocide" in Palestine. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Hamas says Israeli tanks forced to retreat from Gaza border after fierce fighting --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

Israel will be annihilated if war on Gaza expands: Iran's deputy foreign minister --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

It Is No Longer Correct To Refer To Any Western Government As Democratic. Every Western Government Is A Budding Tyranny. --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-30)

The network got a video with China's plans to build a lunar base --- ( - 2023-10-30)

The Israeli military used a toxic gas before attempting to infiltrate the Gaza Strip, Al Mayadeen claims. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-30)

Rights Organisations Say Israeli Settlers 'Exploiting Lack of Attention' to Attack Palestinians in West Bank --- (FARS - 2023-10-30)

Pakistan hosts 'Gaza Million March' --- (PressTV - 2023-10-30)

Death by Fast Food --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

Many Cyclists Dying Suddenly and Others Forced to Retire Because of Cardiac Issues --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

Is Israel Destroying Herself by Breaking up Washington’s NATO Coalition? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

The Satanic West Cheers On And Participates In Israel’s War Crimes --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-29)

October 7 testimonies reveal Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens with tanks, missiles --- (The Grayzone - 2023-10-29)

What really happened on 7th October? --- (The Cradle - 2023-10-29)

Watch: Muslim Rioters Storm Airport, Surround Rumored Flight From Israel, In Southern Russia --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Wider War Will Bring Inevitable Attempts At Martial Law In America --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Scott Ritter: Joe Biden and WWIII --- (Scott Ritter - 2023-10-29)

Massive protest in #Kerala, #India in solidarity with #Gaza and #Palestine --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-10-29)

Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, delivers a message from jail addressing the ongoing genocide in #Gaza. --- (Alexander Dugin - 2023-10-29)

RMB clearing bank launched in Pakistan to facilitate cross-border transactions with China --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-29)

Traditional Chinese medicine school inks deal with Kenyan institution to promote herbal medicine --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-29)

Iranian Army Unveils New Loitering Drones, Bombs During Drills --- (FARS - 2023-10-29)

In its cruelty towards Palestine, Israeli fascism today is not inferior, if not superior to Hitler's - Kadyrov --- (Kadyrov - 2023-10-29)

Our Neofeudal, Neocolonial World --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Senator Demands Answers From FDA On Safety Signal For COVID Vaccines And Children --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Courting Armageddon vs. cultivating peace --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-29)

Hezbollah strikes Israeli military sites near border with artillery shells, rockets --- (PressTV - 2023-10-29)

How Israel's ground operation in the Gaza Strip is going: analysis of the Military Chronicle --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-28)

Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders program has groomed future leaders in key positions all around the world to ‘influence decisions’ and policy on AI, Net Zero, and a future where humans are ‘redundant.’ --- (Thehighwire - 2023-10-28)

Cat at work... --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-28)

Iranian Raad-2 SPG firing the Basir laser-guided projectile. --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-28)

Millions of Indonesians protest in Jakarta, condemning the killing of Palestinians in Gaza --- (IRNA - 2023-10-28)

Erdogan has paved the way for Turkey's possible military intervention in the Israeli regional conflict. --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-28)

Did the UN just dump International Law? --- (TheCradleMedia - 2023-10-28)

Democracy? --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

One of the goals of Iran's foreign policy is the creation of a new world order based on the principle of equality of all subjects of international relations. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

5,000 American soldiers participated in Israel's ground operation against Gaza on Friday --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

Slovak Prime Minister Fico called Ukraine "the most corrupt country in the world" --- (ZandV - 2023-10-28)

At the rally, Erdogan said Turkey was preparing to declare Israel a “war criminal” over its actions in the Gaza Strip --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-28)

Within 19 days, Israel dropped something equivalent to the atomic bomb of Hiroshima on the Gaza Strip! --- (IRNA - 2023-10-28)

Turkish coffee now looks like this --- (Proofzzz - 2023-10-28)

Hamas announced the repulse of the IDF offensive --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-28)

The U.S. Congress Now Has the Plan: Get Everybody on Earth Killed --- (NEO - 2023-10-27)

The Ukraine Precedent – Genocide Coming to Gaza --- (NEO - 2023-10-27)

Crime in US is an Internal Operation --- (Armstrongeconomics - 2023-10-27)

“Vaccine” killed 3.5X more Americans than COVID virus --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

8-Year-Old Israeli ‘Poster Child’ for COVID Vaccines Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

Nursing Students Harmed by COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines and Vaccine Mandates --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

No one can get a word in edgewise in defense of Palestine --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

One Mistake Before Armageddon --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

America’s Rainbow Secretary of State Blinken condemns Russia for what he supports Israel for doing --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

According to the Geneva-based Human Rights Organization, Israeli Bombs Have Destroyed Over 52,000 Homes, Leaving 1 Million Homeless --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-27)

The Final Challenge: A Meeting of the Enclave in the City of London --- (Dr. Emanuel Garcia - 2023-10-27)

Yemen strikes Israel with ballistic missiles. Right now. Hezbollah begins its special operation. --- (Navideovidno - 2023-10-27)

Israeli surveillance post in Eritrea attacked: Sources to Al Mayadeen --- (Almayadeen - 2023-10-27)

Chinese analyst:Zionist billionaires have been making films for decades to tell everyone how evil Hitler was. However, the Israeli army shows the world live how much worse they are than the Nazis. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-27)

Scottish PM: How many more children must be killed in the Gaza Strip for the world to say enough is enough? --- (IRNA - 2023-10-27)

JUST IN: Israeli Media (Channel 12, 13, Kann), TASS & Al-Jazeera now confirming invasion is ongoing --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-27)

"Abrupt Change Is Coming": Tucker Carlson Issues Dire Warning For America --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-27)

There is no Nazism in Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-10-27)

Tucker Carlson Blasts Zelensky's Orwellian War On Orthodox Christianity & West's Deafening Silence --- (Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-27)

What is happening in Gaza is not war, it is 'genocide': Brazilian president --- (PressTV - 2023-10-27)

An Israeli missile hit the territory of the Egyptian city of Taba, — Sky News Arabia --- (Agdchan - 2023-10-27)

The first battalion of former soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - the volunteer battalion named after Bogdan --- (The_Right_People - 2023-10-27)

Projectile hits near power plant in Egypt's South Sinai --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-27)

EconomyInFocus - Land-sea trade corridor sees over 700,000 TEU containers transported by rail-sea intermodal trains in 2023 --- (Xinhua - 2023-10-27)

Pentagon Admits More Attacks Launched on US Bases --- (FARS - 2023-10-27)

At Least 110 Palestinians Martyred, Over 1,500 Arrested in West Bank Since Start of Gaza War --- (FARS - 2023-10-27)

Israeli forces come under two missile attacks in Eritrea, senior officer killed --- (PressTV - 2023-10-27)

UK's largest energy producer has warned that electricity prices "will have to rise by 70% --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-27)

Military exercises "Egtedar 1402" (Power 2023) of the land forces of the IRI army --- (IRNA - 2023-10-27)

Winston Churchil (1937): he does not recognize the rights of the original inhabitants of any land to exist. The superior and god chose race that has a greater right to these lands according to him. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-27)

Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman dehumanised Palestinian people live on TV --- (ZandV - 2023-10-27)

Slovakia has officially notified the EU leadership that it will no longer provide military assistance to Ukraine --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-27)

It’s not calm in Israel; the Al-Qassam brigade launched a missile attack on the central part and Tel Aviv. Some missiles reached their target. --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-27)

Video: Senator Accuses Biden Administration Of “Facilitating The Largest Child Trafficking Ring In American History” --- ( - 2023-10-27)

How NZ Government Policy Came to be Dominated by Advisers Who Sought to Legitimise Risky Biotech Experimentation --- (Hatchardreport - 2023-10-27)

The Ministry of Health Granted Vaccine Exemptions to Hundreds Among Its Key Staff (New Zealand) --- (Hatchardreport - 2023-10-27)

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, MD, one of the heroes of our movement, will be on trial May 23rd for "incitement of the masses" ..!!! --- (Informedchoice - 2023-10-27)

New Zealand is a Crime Scene: In one clinic, in one day 30 people were covid injected and all 30 have died --- (The Exposé - 2023-10-27)

Slovak Prime Minister Fico said that he informed the head of the European Commission that Slovakia will not provide military assistance to Ukraine --- (ZandV - 2023-10-26)

Siemens Energy Shares Crash 37% As Renewable Bust Sparks 'Green Panic' --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-26)

A joint IDF and US Special Forces team was ambushed in the Gaza Strip while tasked with locating hostages. The military was forced to return to Israeli territory with heavy losses. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-26)

German democracy is so democratic that the police will simply hit you in the face with a fist for expressing your views --- (ZandV - 2023-10-26)

Who Will Stop Gaza Holocaust? --- (FARS - 2023-10-26)

As Mitsubishi Exits China, Other Japanese Automakers Consider Following Suit --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-26)

The moment of expulsion of the representative of Israel from the summit in Addis Ababa --- (IRNA - 2023-10-26)

Robert Fitzo has officially become the head of the Slovak government --- (ZandV - 2023-10-26)

Israel-Palestine War: Is the US Preparing to Attack Iran? --- (Andrei Martyanov - 2023-10-26)

Macgregor: U.S. And Israeli Special Forces Went On A Scouting Mission To Gaza And Were "Shot To Pieces" --- (Realclearpolitics - 2023-10-25)

Mike Johnson Elected House Speaker --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-25)

But Türkiye doesn't owe you anything. Hamas is not a terrorist organization, it is a group of mujahideen who are fighting to protect their lands! Turkish President Erdogan --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-25)

Gaza Girl’s Desperate Plea: ‘This Is Genocide! Where Do We Go?’ --- (FARS - 2023-10-25)

HEARTBREAKING PHOTOS: Israel’s ‘War Against Gaza’s Children’ --- (FARS - 2023-10-25)

Former British Ambassador Craig Murray explains the moral hypocrisy of the West --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-25)

If any People still Exist who Believe the Official 9/11 Lie, locate and watch the Evidence in this video --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-25)

“Peace, War, and 9/11” --- (Unz - 2023-10-25)

Is a Palestinian Genocide in the making? --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-25)

Macgregor: U.S. And Israeli Special Forces Went On A Scouting Mission To Gaza And Were "Shot To Pieces" --- (Realclearpolitics - 2023-10-25)

The Iraqi resistance group in a statement declared US bases in Kuwait and the UAE to be its legitimate targets. --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-25)

The suffering of Gaza... ? --- (IRNA - 2023-10-25)

While mass demonstrations against the Zionist regime are taking place all over the world, the regime's accounts use images created with the help of artificial intelligence to give confidence to their residents. --- (IRNA - 2023-10-25)

Did Berbock and other Western scum talk about this humanity and kindness of the Israelis? Today's Israeli airstrike on a shopping center in the Gaza Strip. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-25)

Pentagon Belatedly Reveals Two Dozen US Personnel Were Wounded In Spate Of Drone Attacks In Iraq, Syria --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-25)

Hamas launches ‘most intense’ rocket attack against Israel since start of al-Aqsa Storm --- (PressTV - 2023-10-25)

China has developed an impossible material for the skin of hypersonic vehicles --- (Htech plus - 2023-10-24)

As the Israelis talk again of their readiness to launch a ground operation in Gaza, Lebanese Hezbollah has released footage of attacks on IDF surveillance equipment on the border. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Good chunk of US carrier groups have now moved into the Chinese DF-26 "carrier-killer" missile range from East Mediterranean to Guam. --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-24)

Putin's Valdai Speech: Multipolar Future Has Arrived and Russia is Here to Stay --- (Sputnikglobe - 2023-10-24)

Tel Aviv was subjected to the largest bombing since the beginning of the war (120 rockets) --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-24)

Footage from the Zovari UAV, which the Al-Qassam battalions first used to hit targets in the depths of Israel --- (IRNA - 2023-10-24)

Israel’s Biblical Psychopathy --- (Unz - 2023-10-24)

The Damage Israel Does --- (Philip Giraldi - 2023-10-24)

Arab media report on the start of a special operation by the Israeli army in the West Bank of the Jordan River in the city of Shechem (Palestinian Authority, this is not the Gaza Strip❗️) --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Huge San Fran Apartment Building Reportedly Loses 50% Of Value As CRE Market Tanks --- (Zero Hedge - 2023-10-24)

Israel A 'Nuclear Wildcard' On 'Dangerous Road To Armageddon': Macgregor
Israel A 'Nuclear Wildcard' On 'Dangerous Road To Armageddon': Macgregor --- (Zero Hedge / Tucker Carlson - 2023-10-24)

Les origines secrètes de la Première Guerre mondiale --- (Strategika - 2023-10-24)

Iranian Gov’t Spokesman Blasts West’s Silence on Israel’s Massacring of Palestinian Children --- (FARS - 2023-10-24)

Hamas used kamikaze drones to attack Israeli air bases. The damage from the impacts is currently unknown --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-24)

20 journalists killed by Israel since October 7 --- (Colonel Cassad - 2023-10-24)

In Kyiv they decided that it was possible to fight in the trenches with one arm or one leg. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Orban compared Hungary's EU membership to the country's time in the Warsaw Pact --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

The media are reporting explosions at the Al-Omar oil field in Syria, where American troops are stationed --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

About an hour ago, pro-Iranian groups in Syria and Iraq launched almost simultaneous drone attacks on three US military bases. The facilities at al-Tanf, al-Shaddadi and al-Omar were hit. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

Another stupid fake from Israel --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

More than 6 000 000 people have already signed up to join the militias to resist US and Israeli aggression in the Middle East. --- (ZandV - 2023-10-24)

A full scale Israeli ground offensive against the West Bank & Gaza has just begun --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-24)

American Hospitals Have Become Murder Stations --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-24)

What Newsweek Conveniently Failed to Mention About “Continuity of Government” --- (Whitney Webb - 2023-10-24)

One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union between Intelligence and Organised Crime that gave rise to Jeffrey Epstein --- (Whitney Webb - 2023-10-24)

Grace’s Dad Tells Heartbreaking Story of His Daughter’s Murder at Hospital --- (Dr Naomi Wolf - 2023-10-24)

The US Is Maximizing Poverty and Making Itself Poor at an Accelerating Pace --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-23)

Disappearing Palestine — an Entire Country Stolen --- (Paul Craig Roberts - 2023-10-23)

Video: Ukraine is winning ??? --- (The Right People - 2023-10-23)

As a bonus to the news about the T-90M update, a small video and some facts about the tank --- (Slavyangrad - 2023-10-23)

Israeli war journalism --- (Intelslava - 2023-10-23)

Iran's Air Defense Commander: Indigenous Drone Equipped with Heat-Seeking Missile with 8km-Range --- (FARS - 2023-10-23)

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